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  1. in-transit.... thanks for your comments, but incase you hadn't noticed, the theme seemed to be about people who have had a bad experience with 'Lifestyle conservatories' worthing. Maybe you missed the thread entitled 'really great conservatories and i have one' Thanks for rubbing our noses in it! enjoy your conservatory!!!!
  2. An insolvency letter..... that's about the most efficient piece of admin i've heard about them in ages! Maybe they weren't that bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the IPWFI insurance will kick in, but no doubt there's smaller than small print to lessen the blow to them. As for the guarantee, it's provided by them, not lifestyle, so you shouldn't have a problem. I have the phone number of a lifestyle installer if anyone needs it? (sub contractor- very helpful).
  3. Just heard the same news....... Relieved in one way, happy that Peter finally got his comeuppance, now the fun starts all over again with insurance claims!!!!! May have a toast to lifestyle tonight!!! Good riddance to such a shoddy company!!! Hope Peter has a happy christmas in the dole queue!!!!
  4. We too are awaiting the construction of a conservatory ordered in June 2008. The previous posts are oh so similar. No replys, fobbed off, appauling customer service, wrong / missing parts, cancelled dates. We too have pursued the legal route, and they are certainly in breach of contract. We have made 100's of phone calls to Lifestyle, (most of which are ignored). Nobody would ever make a decision or take responsibility for us. Everthing is sub-contarcted at every stage. so there's never anyone to turn to...... except watchdog, trading standards, chamber of commerce, check-a-trade, solicitors, fellow discruntled customers (to which there seem a few)? I wonder how 'Peter' would feel if he were a customer of his own!!!!!!!? Thououghly P!$$£d off i'm guessing!
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