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  1. Today I have received this letter from welcome- can anyone advise the next step ie: should i ring them and speak to them about repaying this balance. The house has been sold but with a shortfall. There is no money left to pay off welcome and the loan has been taken off the property now. The leter reads... Further to the notice of default revently issued, the agreement has noe been terminated and action to enforce our right to recover the goods and/or full payment of the outstanding balance can commence. The balance of ....... has now become due and payable. We have received no paym
  2. many thanks for that. I will get this done over the weekend and get it sent off. I will let you all know what happens. Thanks again.
  3. They have already sent me a "Statement" from when the account was opened. Is this the same thing ? Or do I still need to send the other letter. Thanks again
  4. Thanks for the link. Wht will this do for me by sending this. Thanks again.
  5. I dont know how to do that. i dont have a scanner. I dont have a document called a statement of price ?
  6. The agreement does have our signatures on.
  7. The statement arrived today. The original loan was for £21,631.15 We have paid £8,575.06 We still owe £22538.09 MORE THAN WE BORROWED !!!!! I would like to know if any one knows if we can stop paying this UNTIL the house is sold then get it transfered as a personal loan. The property has been reposessed by the mortgage company. There will be a shortfall when the house is sold, so will it become a personal loan Please help !!!
  8. I have today received a letter from Welcome Finance with an agreement. They say our statement of account will arrive separatley. I have looked at the agreement and it says NIL for Mortgage Indemnity Fee
  9. Do I have to send the letter to their head office as the branch we were dealing with has closed. Im not sure who or where they are who is contacting me. Also it is the first charge that started proceedings.
  10. Thank you very much for the very helpfull information. I shall be sending the letter first thing on Monday morning. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again
  11. I suppose we did have an agreement but cant find it now. Could i get a copy from anywhere ? Not sure about MIF. They will be calling again Monday.
  12. Hi Thanks for your reply. When they ring me they say they are Welcome Finance. Im not sure about PPI but I know they have put charges on for none and late payments. The woman was shouting at me on Friday and demanding payment. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi Can any one help with information. We took out a secured loan with welcome finance ( bad idea ) we had our house repossessed last year as work got very bad. The house is up for sale but when it is sold there will not be enough to pay welcome off. I have been told this loan will become a personal loan. What I want to know is can I stop paying welcome untill the house is sold. We are paying a reduced amount to them at the moment but finding it very hard. They keep hasstling us for more money. Any information will help.
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