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  1. Right after receiving the information requested it was all unfortunately above board. So she was advised to send the N1 form back with an offer of payment.... This morning judgement came to pay the full amount forthwith by default?!! This can't be right can it? What should the next procedure be?
  2. Thanks Pipster for your quick response, much appreciated.
  3. Have received a letter today from Restons, regarding CPR request, stating that they need a postal order of £1 for this information. I know that is true with a CCA but not a CPR, stalling tactic? Or more than likely my mother sent the wrong lettes to the wrong places Have worked out the days a defence have to be in by, fortunately there are still around 18 days, have told Mum to send CPR request TODAY to Restons. Is this the right advice? Also in their reply Restons appear to be fishing for a signature and going on about the letter she sent is in an 'internet' format.
  4. As I am not particularly local to my Mum, (180 miles away!) would anybody be able to pass on (by P.M.) the details for any consumer credit solicitors? I have tried googling and not come up with very much Does anyone know how much one would cost?
  5. Thaks for the advice everyone, the CPR letter went off on Saturday, special delivery, as has an SAR request to HFC, I know it probably won't get here in time but it will be interesting to see what's in there. I'm just quite intrigued by the fact that Mum seems adamant that she hasn't missed a payment since the re-writing of the credit agreement, so it looks like no default has occurred? Probably just Restons trying one of their "We'll sneak it through and hope we get a judgement in default" tactics.
  6. Having just spoken again to Mum after looking around a few of the threads on here, it appears that she hasn't even received any default notice from them since the new agreement has been implemented. This can't be right can it? :confused:
  7. HI there, just wonder if anyone has any comments on the POC?
  8. Just in the process of obtaining one, I spoke to my Mother today and she is positive that she hasn't defaulted on any payment since the agreement was modified. I have also scanned up a copy of the POC as asked and it looks rather vague.
  9. Just a quick something else, the original agreement my mother took out was in 2000-02(ish). When she got into financial trouble HFC re-wrote the agreement for her which is where the 05 date on the POC comes into play. As I have been led to believe by her, every payment on this re-written agreement has been met and honoured and she also has the statements from the DMP plan to say so. What I am asking is, doesn't the fact that the agreement was re-written in 2005 superceed the original and therefore no defaults have occurred on this agreement?
  10. The particulars of claim are:- The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the defendant under a contract dated on/or about the **/**/05, with the sum of 3***,**. Acc no. Date: Item: Default balance Post refri: nil. Total:
  11. Sorry to be a tad ignorant, but what's a holding defence?
  12. Hi all, just wanted to say thanks for the words of support, I have managed to to show my Mum this thread and she is feeling a whole lot better about things. Basically just a couple more questions here, could a charging order be obtained against her? She has joint name on the property with my father (who doesn't know about any of this) As I live quite a distance away from my Mum, I have asked my sister who lives with her to try and scan up the POC with the deleted personal info ASAP and as far as I am aware the CPR request has gone off today. IF and I know it's a big IF with this lot everything comes back as hunky dory on their part, what would the procedure be regarding the court and a defence, if there is no defence to be made? Thanks all.
  13. No probs. I now just need to get my Mom to actually listen to me and stop burying her head in the sand. I know that unless I actually take this action for her she won't end up defending and will let them ride roughshod over her, like chiltern appears to have been doing. When she phoned them yesterday morning their advice was, "just fill the forms in and send them back" :o
  14. Just checked, it is certainly an N1 form Will get the CPR request off tomorrrow along with a letter to Chiltern Thanks for the help, I know a lot of the time they don't actually expect anyone to defend, they'll get a surprise this time. Another quick question though, would Chilterns role in this directly influence any CCJ decision? If it can be proved that payment were being made but due to their incompetance not being passed on?
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