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  1. just an update our child was discharged from CAMHS without diagnosis or explanation and still has no diagnosis she still continues to experience problems social services was happy with our parenting in the end and signed us off their books all I can say us that kids with special needs get a raw deal and the parents get fingers pointed at them for all the effort and unenecesary fighting they have to do...good luck any if you that need statements or diagnosis for your child...you'll need it with this farce of a system
  2. Depending where you want things to end up I would weigh up if it's even worth involving anybody but the school , and that's if you feel the school would support what you suspect, when we asked for "help" lol...local SS felt they couldn't do anything to support us, so Camhs decided to go outside our town to SS as I think they mat have had the same response if they went to our local SS. They have even said about the age gap between Mu wife and myself, which is 9 years incidentally, lots of irrelevant information to make a loving family look like perverts or villains. They explained so
  3. Well Camhs was a mistake, they told lies, made stuff up even, SS CP came out, did core assessment, report was sent to us almost a month late from completion, lots of lies, and I mean big fat lies with no evidence to back anything up. They even be suggestive implying that my wife is a baby machine, and basically label the kids by bullying health professionals to diagnose them with a disorder that they dint have...also saying they think my wife is pregnant with our fifth child...all of this is absolute rubbish, my wife has had implants in her arm for over two years...we have no intention of
  4. Just an update, we did continue to be cooperative with CAMHS I think they suspect some kind of abuse because social services are visiting us today, if they try to blame her condition, which has been gone undiagnosed for near on 6 years on my wife or myself, I will have lost all faith in the health services and professionals...I have nothing to be afraid of I know, neither has my wife...but for some reason I can't but help feeling very intimidated by the visit, and am concerned that any lack of eye contact, or fidgeting when I feel upset, or distressed may look like an guilty body language...I
  5. Thanks for the comments, I have read Bookworms post and relate to alot of what was said, I went to the GP today to explain I myself, am having alot of difficulty dealing with where we are right now with B, and the breakdown in communications with CAMHS. My GP is going to see if he could speed up the appointment with the Aspergers specialist, to see if I could get a diagnosis sooner, and I also explained that my views, and interpretation seems to get in the way, and hinder the progress with CAMHS as i think it does. I seem to take things quite personally, and have difficulty getting m
  6. This is quite a long story but I'll keep it as short as I can, and fill in any details if requested...to put it simply I am at the end of my tether...and will refer to children as A being the eldest at 10 yr s, and male, B being 8yrs female, C being 6 yr s and male, and D being 20 months and male if he needs to be referred to. At the age of 3 yr s B had an unexplained febrile convulsion, several in fact, one of which lasted more than 15 minutes, everything was checked out and was fine, an unexplained virus was apparently the cause of a rapid temperature, we were concerned, but
  7. I've held off for a bit with the letter, i have read your pm and have sent you one also, there is details of what the trader emailed back to me through ebays emails system too. Basically he just said he didn't realise that those problems existed apart from what he told me (the steering wheel) thats all Best regards Rod
  8. the water seemed to have stopped since the rear sunroof fix, i'm more concerned at this stage with the hole in the boot space, and the cost of repair, obviously i have met him half way by getting the rear sunroof repaired, what i would like is for him to contribute to getting the hole fixed in the rear floor. I can't weld or i probably would have done it myself, but obviously this needs attention before it rots anymore of the floor. I would be grateful of any help heliosuk please do send me details, and points to seal to stop this being an ongoing problem
  9. ok will do, but i don't want the guy saying that i contacted him and that i was ok about the problems or anything, i would rather send the letter, as then i have all proof of correspondence. thankyou for your prompt reply Rod
  10. I have drafted this letter ready to send tomorrow to the guy, does this letter sound ok, and does it need any amending? Thanks for the advice so far, i'm very grateful Rod
  11. Hi i bought a car on the 18th of January, from a trade seller advertising on ebay's classified ads. The seller is about 70 miles away from me, so as i didn't want the car to go i put a deposit on it, and judging by the description thought i had a great deal. When i got somebody to take me to view the vehicle (brother in law), i looked around it, and it seemed fine, tidy and in good condition, as i talked to the seller he mentioned that the only thing wrong with it was there was a bit of a gouge in the steering where the previous owner had one of those disabled wheels on it, which i a
  12. I called a DCA because the other DCA could not come up with a CCA so was passed to west midland debt collection, on the phone after answering some security questions, i asked them what right they had to collect money from me when the previous DCA could not come up with a CCA, they said that they had, i replied that it wasn't a CCA it was simply an application for credit, she tried to convince me that it was a CCA. When she couldn't get anywhere she asked if i would hold to ask someone something, i was on hold for about 5 minutes, she then came back on the phone and started asking me sytem
  13. My daughter has some behaviour problems, and learning disabilities, and has been on school action plus for a couple of years now, in the last two terms the behavioural team have been giving my daughter some support, which has made some improvements. the last time we had a meeting to discuss progress, the behavioural team mentioned that her needs are long term in their opinion, and that she would benefit from an statement, and that they think that there would be enough evidence for this when she gets assessed. I wrote a letter (the second one in 18 months) to reqeust that she has an a
  14. I used this calculator Javascript APR Calculator - Equal instalments and it came up with this intrest rate 32.9 can somebody check this for me to be sure many thanks
  15. Hi I am new to the forum, i have been reading it for months but this is my first post. I recently sent a CCA request to red castle DCA and i was sent this by choice, and red castle i was wondering if it was enforceable or not, i have had some success with sending CCA requests with quite a few not being able to produce the copy, i have attatched the one i got from choice it's identical to the red castle one even the original letter. sorry i have no scanner so had to take a photo as much advice as possible would be great Thanks http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m49/evil
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