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  1. Not fine, ticket for parking in the carpark. £2 or whatever its was. Never paid a PCN yet, thanks to this site. Didn't take a photo of it. Silly of me in hindsight. They're such blood suckers I shouldve.
  2. Didn't receive anything else except the second, increased fine when I requested the original PCN. Although, this did give me the ticket details. I'd parked there the week before and paid. This was a follow up appointment with an optician and the machine had a black sack over it. The fact, I didn't get a parking ticket to stay there, reminded me of this. Thanks for all the help, I'll just keep ignoring them then.
  3. I posted a letter to them requesting more details. I have received this back and also another debt collection letter. Do I need to be replying to the DR company? pcn euro parking_compressed.pdf
  4. Thanks for the info. I have drafted a letter requesting more info and will send recorded delivery. Also, seem to have picked up another and have been sent another request for £145 for a separate 'offence' from Horizon. I have copied and pasted the other letter to them too. Should I be sending anything to DR+? or just wait for the parking firms to ignore me first? Thanks for the help all and apologies for the wrong format in the original upload.
  5. I have recently moved and seemed to have forgot to change the address with the DVLA. I now have my license in my new address and have got this in the post today. I've been a member here for years and had a few run ins with these types of firm, the difference is, they were always for tickets in my own space. Also, I had the original ticket sent and followed along the route of cease and desist letters. This is in a private car park and honestly, I can't remember much about it. I can't remember if the machine was broken, I overstayed or I just didn't get one. Any advice would be greatly received. thanks 2020-01-22 DR+ PCN letter.pdf
  6. I got a ticket today. A Sunday at 11.58am. It was a single yellow line in Greenwich, London. Any advice on what the sign is all about please? Since, it didnt mention a weekend, I parked there and this is how i find myself here.
  7. The one thing that would bother me is if someone parks in the space and leaves me stranded. This happens anyway, we are supposed to take photos and send them to the parking company. I cant imagine anything worse than helping the idiots do their feeding. I have drafted this to send to the management company. Is this ok? Good morning, I have spoken on the phone to someone yesterday requesting a second parking permit. After your refusal, I'm now sending the request in writing. My lease entitles me ' quiet enjoyment ' of MY property. I'm asking politely for something very simple, something I have always had before. I have also applied via webmail directly to Horizon. I will also send it via normal email.
  8. I'm not rich, nevertheless..... I'm on the phone now. I will post details of what a solicitor says and the ballpark costs for anyone reading this further down the line. Thanks for the reply. It's an absolute nonsense of a rule!
  9. Horizon are incoming at my flat. I have been informed that only one permit will be issued to my space. I give my space to a girl I know, while I'm at work for free. I'm not in it and it's never been an issue. I have phoned the management company who hgave informed me that the block management team have voted on this. ( We have a development residents association, which have voted this ) I'm not on it nor ever wish to be. I know that by parking my own car in the space, they would have to ticket me and go through the process of chasing me on multiple tickets. Ive never paid one before, thanks to this fine forum. I just cant deal with the grief of it all. It stresses me out and it's a lot of messing around for something I gain nothing from except a favour for a mate. It does make her life much easier and cheaper and I'd like to carry on. I own the flat. I have owned the flat for 12 years. I was there before the current management company and multiple parking companies. Is there a straight forward legal issue with someone telling me what I can do with something I own a lease on and will until I'm long dead? Apologies if this is in the wrong place.
  10. As a footnote. I have received no further letters or requests for payment. Thanks all. Really helpful again.
  11. hahahaha! I just cant deal with the aggravation. I did think that to begin with. The last time with UKPC. I used to look forward to a letter and dive back on here and reply asap. I actually enjoyed it but it really isnt worth the amount of letters you have to write. Thanks everyone for your advice again.
  12. Thanks for that Silverfox. Have read it and basically says that they need to provide a pre estimate of loss to the land holder. This would be my management company i figure. Who can not lose anything by me parking in my own space. It says court action is possible but I think all the terms have to be met first. So far by asking what i have in my appeal, they aren't meeting their end of the bargain. Still ,court worries me slightly but last time it was nearly £500 and no court so we have a way to go. hopefully they see reason before it gets ridiculous.
  13. @silverfox1961 Pretty much my whole appeal letter. sent registered. Signed Registered Keeper. To whom it may concern, Invoice number: Pxxxxxx As the registered keeper of the vehicle index EUxx xxx, I wish to invoke your appeals process due to the fact that I am not liable to pay the amount invoiced or any other amount to you. It is my own space and therefore wish for you to provide me with a pre-estimate of loss. I'm giving you this information to save you the effort of continuing this. Please cancel this charge immediately or issue me with a valid and correctly issued POPLA code. Signed Registered Keeper.
  14. I have contacted a committee member, who says that no one can over ride the ticket. I havent contacted the management company directly though. I will do that today. ( or shall i not now? ) The letter I sent them is pasted in the original message. Actually twice. I took the bit out about ' they cant and wont win '. My wife says it sounds like a challenge, which it was but I did it without. I have a flat in gated complex. We pay a service charge monthly. We also pay a half yearly ground rent on the flat and the space. Which, I think are billed as separate items. It's my space on the lease, signed 10 years ago. The owner of the land gets the ground rent, paid through another company. We have a management company that deals with upkeep etc and the ANPR firm are employed by them. Should they provide me with an appeals code as requested? I didn't mention the driver, it was me but equally could have been my wife. We have joint insurance. I'm a bit confused. I'll hold fire on contacting the block management company until tomorrow. See what shows up here. I've done it all before, so I know it ends up being a long drawn out thing, that eventually goes away. I just don't want to miss a step anywhere and hurt my cause if it does go to court. The new law they mentioned is the only real concern. I haven't really looked into. Anything that mentions a law can be countered by ' neither confirms or denies ' my solicitor told me about something once. Laws are rarely specific. I may be wrong, I'm definitely no legal eagle.
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