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  1. To start with, Hakedof, we looked into the 10 year guarantee and were told it had to be submitted by the company and as the company had folded they would not provide the gurantee. I suggest you give them a call too and check, but that was the feedback we received. Intransit, thanks for the advice and in fututre I am sure all of us who have had such a bad experience will be incredibly cautious and demanding -however, in our defence (!!???!!) we entered into a contract with a Ltd company which 'appeared' very professional, we ourselves did research on them before signing and could not find any negative feedback, just positive (you will notice the torrent of bad experiences are recent). When dealing with a Ltd company you expect certain things to be covered that you would not dealing with an individual tradesman... etc Also, in regards to alarms bells and doing something about it... a number of us had already had work done, and were aware of the conservatory delivery delay (from the manufacturer and nothing to do with Lifestyle - as per the letter we received) which 'legitmately' extened the waiting period. I can not speak for others but on top of a trillion phone calls, we sought advice from the OFT and followed their advice though that process is longwinded and has amounted to nout as the company has folded. We have not been notified officially that the company is insolvent (our conservatory is still incomplete). I contacted the insolvency service today and was told on their records the company is still active. It should take at the most 14 days from administrators coming in for it to show on their records. Does anyone else know anything? Thanks all for the posts. It has been helpful finding out information as the company themselves have been 'very poor' at communication. We probably still would not know they had gone into receivership if we hadn't read it here.
  2. Well hakedof, from the cryptic clues it looks like our builder is definitely the same. I can give you more details about what we are doing on the legal front though it probably would be best not to do on such a public forum for a few reasons (including staying cryptic....). We have officially heard nothing from Lifestyle since the last post even though we were officially told we would be contacted............. Reckon we may have finished conservatories by Christmas?
  3. We too have had a horrendous time with Lifestyle and reading hakedof's post have had very similar problems - especially the 'dissappearing' builder who also has some of our money but still needs to do our floor plus extras (MUST be the same guy?). Our conservatory was supposed to be ready for beginning of August 08 and it is still incomplete... We too have battled to get (our masses of) phone calls answered, almost never get calls back. We have sort legal advice and the company is in breach of contract... not the way you want to go really but then what choice is there... Re: positive comments about the company, I am glad it has worked out for some people and that kind of gives me hope (?!?!?) something may be resolved soon. I just can't believe a company woudl operate like this.
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