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  1. Hi Brig I made complaints re their data a few weeks ago and the can of worms have opened, such as accounts that were mostly inactive have came alive again with 'reduction offers' spose the complaint prompted them yet non of the dca, managers etc have contacted me re a response, only that of threatograms and reductions.
  2. Hi. I was reading somewhere here that when the wrong info is entered by a dca with the cra that this could be defamation and the perpetrator taking to task by way of suing them? now what if a dca enters info such as an alleged debt from a cc or similar without knowing the 'truth' say one dca purchases from another pond life, then assumes their info is correct?? food for thought or not ? Mr
  3. Ok so nice letters from them go like this. We have reduced your (alleged) debt by 50% so pay us now in full Pay us £30 per month till settled. Call us to make a payment plan HOWEVER IF YOU DO NONE OF THE ABOVE...WE WILL...send a doorstep type non existent commission based liar to your home. Arrest yr wages....... Obtain a ccj, ( even though the one above should be below this one) if you get my drift. We have checked various records and note that you can afford this repayment . Now bearing in mind this particular acct was put into dispute 4 yr ago, and there it shall remain until the request for paperwork is adhered to. so yet another Worry free night knowing that the fools are phishing and /or tr ying it on, because we all know that if they had 'anything' then I would have received a claim pack a long time ago, don't you agree ? Mr Calm at the mo.
  4. Hi Ren, Indeed they do. I thought something 'new' was about to happen considering my absence of recent months. Ta Mr
  5. Hi Ren....But it is outrageous that they participate within this type of harassed collection activity, Red lettered threatograms just don't float my boat, yet I am embarrassed for them
  6. Hi All. if an alleged debt was put into dispute a few year ago and the DCA at the time that were issuing threatograms petered off, then come back from under the big bad stone issuing this n that, then ignored WHY do they insist on re wording threatograms and get in house solicitors to act on their behalf? Their letters begin with... Your account has been escalated to the legal department.................. You have ignored previous attempts of offers to repay your debt, and we will now initiate court proceedings.................... FINAL MESSAGE FROM THE LEGAL TEAM.....................( red caps of course ) From Hamptons Legal...After several attempts blah blah, Red Debt have instructed us to collect the debt............ Now back in 2009 all of my alleged debts etc were put into dispute and I still get 5/8 calls a day from who ever, but never answer the phone ( got two numbers ) now the above culprits are all aware of the situation yet still pursue the Carousel Of Doom, WHY? all of the above companies have offered me one off payment plans too? so why do they still threaten court etc. Mr
  7. Cheers Eric and Rouge, gonna do an sar from the library Ta
  8. Hi MM. The card was taken out over five yr ago, we know nothing of ppi. card payments are up to date ( Balance under £500.00 ) we have never ever queried this card either. Ta
  9. Hi All Ok, been away from the system for a few month now but feel I need to get involved again to stave off the 'Hunters'. Missus received a default notice from Mint, re late payment. What annoys me is that she chooses to still pay this card? yet it never reduces? So like the other bits n bobs am gonna try to 'sort ' this for her. Questions are... 1. Are defaults accepted/legal? 2. Is section 78/ dsar, still applicable 3, what's best way to query the validation of the debt? Thanks in advance. Mr Hesitant but returning.
  10. Same crap different day, My mate sent a cca, then sar to Lloyds re his loan etc, over 3 month later and still no response? where now for him. I have another mate who wants to make a claim to tsb, ppi etc re his 3 loans, is it still the norm cca 1st then sar or straight to the sar outlining that he wishes to make a claim for ppi ? Mr unsure
  11. Ha Ha alisindebt I don't take these academics seriously at all and never have done. I just wanted a quickie update as I have been offline for a while, but I have the info I requested earlier due to my half hr jaunt around the forum. seems all is fine with my account 'in dispute ' from 2009. I will forward another reminder to them and sit tight again, Thank you Mr
  12. Hi All Why oh why does this happen ? chased these 3 yr ago then all went quiet now there back offering 75% reductions or similar reduced offers on accounts they still havenot produced cca for? have I missed something since I have been away? Mr strange things happen.
  13. Hi All Capquest recently made contact saying to get in touch as they have purchased the alleged debt from xxx although its been in dispute for 3 yr, they also suggest we send them £10.00 and they will give us the info they now have? Lowells. well this bunch are just as rude s they always have been, siting that they now own an alleged debt? no dpa for them either. Are dca's doing the rounds again? Mr
  14. Hi All My mates parent is getting hassled from Lloyds re her c card, she makes payments each month etc and is up to date, now TSB have asked her to take out a loan to pay of the cc, as they say it will be cheaper? she is 70 yr old. I thought you couldn't pay a debt with a debt??? Mr
  15. OK Tahoma.....I will just do my own worded letter, probs post here for comments or adjustments. Cheers
  16. Thanks for the speedy reply, to be honest I don't even want to issue a recorded letter as they have had long enough to resolve and they are aware of this, I would rather go straight for the claim through court? you mention ( how I worded the letter) will that have an effect as it will say Pay the freekin amount etc. ? Cheers
  17. Hi All Potted history here...... Back in Feb I agreed to do some work for somebody etc agreed a price blah blah. through no fault of my own it was a sobering 2 weeks as the company failed to supply correct parts etc. when I asked to be paid they huffed and puffed for 3 weeks. constant mails and calls from me went unanswered despite my request for meetings etc, they sent me texts saying this n that, in a nutshell I am still owed over £1800.00. to which they have made no contact with me in over two month and made no attempt to pay me, I think I need to send a nice letter recorded post, and give them ( how long ) to pay in full or give a reason why they haven't? (I don't know of any ) as customer is happy and paid the complete bill. If no answer in the timescale then as the title says...To Court or not to Court. Waddya recon guys?
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