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  1. Hi All Collectica involved with unpaid court fine of mine I spoke to B re paying then couldnt etc, he now has given me till today to pay as his 'bosses' are hassling him to empty my house, previously he has been informed that the home is private rent and furnished, I told him to levy my vehicle and I pay an affordable amount, he says NO, he also advised that a levy carries an additional charge etc. However the fine was done and dusted without my knowledge over a year ago, no comms were entered into between my solicitor and I, so I havent even had the chance to defend myself, Can I get this set aside on the basis mentioned above ? Ta
  2. Hi All Me and my Partner had a joint mortgage with NR, do we need to do seperate DSAR ? Ta In advance
  3. Hi All Bit of help needed for a mate. he owes a company circa £1100 for approx 3 month accumulative supplies of food for his shop. The company sent a debt collector (Regional Collection Services) who say they have account copies and authority letter are acting on behalf of the supplier and subject to Late payment of commercial debts act etc, they have added a charge of over £500.00. The collector is abusive in his activities and threatens to remove goods ? My mate is worried at the title of this company ie. debt collector , qualified Bailiff and authorised HCEO. What is his best option here? bearing in mind that he is paying the full amount to the supplier on Friday, even though they say pay the collector? Mr
  4. Hi, He knows were they live and went to confront them over the bill, they laughed at him etc, he gonna have to cut his losses and move on from this.
  5. It was a private rent, basically my mate collected rent etc, and when they stopped paying it got messy and then he got no payment for 6 month circa 3k. now a company called ccsc from surrey are hassling him for the electric bill which remains unpaid by the tenant,
  6. Hi, there was a lot of towing and frowing with tenant re eviction etc, a big big mess, deposit was not sufficient to pay damage etc. really need to know who is liable for outstanding bills.
  7. Hi. Cut a bad story short,,,Tenant never paid rent for 6 month then left property overnight leaving a trail of destruction for my mate to resolve, now my mate has collection agy chasing him for unpaid gas and electric? they say he is responsible? Who is right and who must pay ? Thank you
  8. thank you dx I want all the docs re charges ppi etc, gonna send cca too. Cheers
  9. Hi All, hope your well. I have a hp agreement with Blue Motor and 2 yr ago I stopped paying etc re no work blah blah, Blue offered no assistance and so I ignored them, I now have a letter from Bluestone credit management advising me that five rivers purchased the hp agreement from Blue Motor and they appointed Bluestone as asset managers ????? Question is amongst all this confusion is......Who do I speak to? what do I ask for? cca or dsar? They ring 5 times per day etc, need to request they stop calling etc. Mr
  10. ....In a nutshell at the moment in time I/she dosent know but I will update best I can here later. thanks everyone.
  11. Hi renegade....I will go through paperwork etc tonight and get more info re your question.
  12. I don't know re ppi or charges etc as I never got any info from this acc. spose I let sleeping dogs etc
  13. Hi lee 1..POC......The claim is for ££££££££ in respect of monies owing by the defendant on a credit agreement held by defendant with TSB. 2..A default notice was served upon defendant and not complied with 3...By virtue of sale between TSB and the claimant the claim vested in the claimant who has a genuine commercial interest. defendant has been notified of assignment by letter. 4..Contact Drydens Faifax Solicitors. That's it
  14. Received Bulk centre claim form today re old tsb acct, general stuff though, ie, various dca been trying it on for a few year now ( since 2009) when I 1st joined. So in a nutshell whats the best way forward even tho I probs know what your gonna say. I never received the initial request for the section 78 back in 2009. Best way to respond please, this is for my partner who now is climbing the wall.. Mr
  15. I spoke to council about this and they said deal with rossies and that paying them confuses things and I am still liable for rossies costs etc, they also said, re the unlawfull levy that its nothing to do with them?
  16. Hi DX. They wont do a payment plan now and I cant afford it in a lump sum, just spoke to council they say bogg off speak with rossies?
  17. they came 2 weeks ago re poll tax but never knocked on the door however he did post the info etc at 7.05am I called him immediately and agreed to meet up to sort a payment plan when he was back in the area, 10 days later and no further comms from him I return home to find an envelope on the doormat with the following enclosed... Bank paying in slips A form for. .request to pay by instalments ( which is why I wanted and was prepared for the meeting with him) Notice Of Distress. ..with the amount, inc his 1st visit £24.50. And a Levy fee for £65.00 against a random car from the street to which I have nothing to do with. Now 2 weeks ago I was prepared to Meet up and agree a payment plan etc, bit because of this paperwork and lack of comms want to complain/take to task re his actions, and especially the Levy? So whats my best plan of action? can I get the council to take this back re his behaviour? Ta Mr Not even worried yet confused by the B's actions.
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