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  1. They have had over £200.00. in charges at £15.00 per charge. as I type I am on the phone (0845) for the last 36 mins, to a person who keeps putting me on hold to 'clarify' . I explained the change in circumstances etc, and that we would manage the account better in the forthcoming weeks and going forward, they did not give a jot, and repeated that Cashminder has regulations and conditions so that we cant have an overdraft and any dd not paid will carry the £15.00. charge. so that's it then folks, seems I am scuppered with these charges etc.
  2. Yes Cash minder is a basic account, they have not authorized od. they block payments if insufficient funds and then charge me £15 per item.
  3. We have a joint cash-minder acc and banking has been sporadic over last few month re change of jobs etc. missus becoming unemployed. Co-op wrote saying you don't have an overdraft etc and if your current account conducts itself without sufficient funds then we will close account. Then they fine me £15.00 per item So do I react and explain again and outline the circumstances behind the running of acc. or do I ask them why yhey threaten me then take £15.00 a pop? Mr
  4. Morning To CAG 'Committal Action' CT Going back 3 year, with a few visits from Rossies men in black, Rossies handed it back due to unable to collect etc. Now the committal letter has arrived. although it is my intention to make an arrangement plan, has anybody defended this intended action ? went to prison? and for how long? did the debt still stand after sentence ? Surely once I/we attend court then the judge would see that I/we have not refused to pay debt but merely Cant, at the moment. Thank you in advance
  5. Within the next week I hope to be in possession of requested DSAR's, once I have organized the info and what I want to reclaim etc,,,,is it best to request this 'nicely' or go straight for an LBA ? Thank you
  6. And that my friend is what I am trying to find out, however I believe that there was sufficient to pay of mortgage and secured loan circa 55k.
  7. Hi hesanmp Postal Orders where cashed. I am claiming back charges,debt advisor visits and anything else I can from the info contained within the sar, there was no shortfall, however we have had no comms on the sale outcome whatsoever. I also want to scrutinize futures secured loan docs and claim from them too.
  8. Sent last ditch letter by mail, lets see the outcome of this attempt Dear Customer, Thank you for your e-mail. Your request has been received and will be forwarded to the relevant department. You will receive a reply to your query either by e-mail, telephone or letter. In the meantime, if you require any further assistance, please contact us on 0845 609 9610*, visit our website at http://www.n-ram.co.uk or alternatively write to us at the following address: NRAM PO Box 625 Durham DH1 9JJ
  9. Hi Caro. I know the golden rule re the phone but I am sick of waiting and being fobbed off etc, being a member on here has afforded me the knowledge to think 'outside the box' but to no avail so contrary to the Golden Rule, I will phone them today and then its an LBA by Fri pm. Cheers
  10. Hi All I have alleged c card debts, etc, I have an opportunity to 'go in' with a friend re work etc, this includes Insurance work, and we will need to rent a property/unit to work from. It will be joint or I can do this alone, all under my name, I will need machinery etc circa 5k. What if any may be the problems of this ? I cant really see any as the alleged cc stuff is either in dispute or at 'sleeping doge' stage. In a nutshell can 'they' hassle the new venture for old/aged debts ? Could they pursue a 'business partner' for my cc stuff? Would it be better forming a Ltd Co, however would I /we get a bank acct ? Based on my history then what do you think ?
  11. YES, both companies did, thats the problem, and I have no paperwork, I am going to call them but need a better number than their normal numbers. I will try to resolve today then if not then an LBA by Friday pm. What numbers and addy you comms with ?
  12. Hi, I sent sar to Nram in Newcastle and future head office
  13. Hi hesanmp I done everything by the book, etc etc, over a yr ago, they just fob me off, so am thinking straight to court, but I have nothing to claim if you get my drift, Mortgage was with Nram and secured loan with Future Mortgages. Have you a decent telephone number ? I can call today for both companies and explain one last time my intentions, I have got a few hrs spare today to get some bits resolved /dealt with etc. Ta
  14. We had our home repo'd over 2 yr ago and I asked the question to Nram re refunds etc as I did with Future mortgages, none of them have answered my many calls and letters, one call resulted in them telling/advising me to complain to the ombudsman, I sar'd them both and had no response, cant be arsed with them really so was thinking to go straight to court as you are, however I need the paperwork to calculate my requests etc. Have you any contact numbers for them opposed to the norm ?
  15. Easy way out that, refer to ombudsman, get yr court letter in the post, cheeky buggers.
  16. hi, it was for you, who else? and I came across an earlier thread you have which answers my questions, Ta
  17. Hi, Just out of curiosity, how can you do a lba, if you haven't got the relevant info? ie, dsar. how did you calculate your exel spreadsheet? I also need to resolve issues with my lender but thought an lba would be 'jumping the gun' so to speak ?
  18. Random letter received few days ago... According to our records. it is now time to review your current financial circumstances again (again ? ) They even enclosed an A&E cheeky buggers. This particular credit card was put into dispute 5 yr ago etc. Is this doing the rounds again ???
  19. Hi, The allegation was bourne from my Van being parked roadside and the police knocking on my door to advise me I was not insured, although it wasent insured it was parked on my drive with two foot sticking onto footpath, cut a long story short my solicitor said we could make a defence for accentuating/hardship circumstances to allow me to keep licence as 3 points would have give me 12 then banned, so of solicitor went into the distance and a yr later I get the notification that collectica are chasing me...
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