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  1. My mate got a ticket from a high st store, are these enforceable. or shall he just pay. ?
  2. Happy New Year. Thank you for your replies. Do I sign and put x's through signature ?
  3. Hi DX. Re the SAR, anyone in particular, or just from the Library.
  4. Cheers DX. Its been a while so not up to date etc with happenings. I dont have the statements either.
  5. Hi all Lloyds TSB have sent me a letter outlining that I had PPI with a loan, enclosed is a Questionnaire. Is this normal activity from them ? or are they phishing ? TIA Mr Worried
  6. Is it worth getting a t&c review of my account from a solicitor or will the DSAR be just as good. I heard a solicitor will do a review of account for £150.00.
  7. Hi, did you have a cashminder acc? if so. what bank did you change too.
  8. will check credit file later, card is just a small debt less £200, which I defaulted on there is £140 added?
  9. Thanks for that CitizenB, although they will just add more pressure even on the disputed stuff that they have not communicated about for a long time now.
  10. I have freds hounding with calls re a debt 16mth old, its less than £200.00. and I want to pay this, however I noticed they are part of Lowell so it could get messy? considering Lowells have other bits, albiet SB, but if I settle this one then no doubt they will see this as their red light to come for more ??
  11. Hi Silly One for one and all for all I'm afraid.
  12. So after 5 yr of this alleged debt being put into dispute I received a letter from BPO asking that I pay £140 of the £900 and they will wipe my slate clean. well I had better quickly pay eh!....Not.
  13. Hi All I am aware there are discussions re Continuous Payment Authority but what are the rules/definition. I cancelled a gym membership and the bank has paid it, they say its a CPA, I need to tell them why they must cancel, but what do I say, ? Mr
  14. Hi, That is what I thought, so why do they force the charge knowing that it can be reclaimed ? suppose a cca request then.
  15. Hi Mint Card.....Late Payment Fee? can they be reclaimed, this particular card has never been cca'd or similar. Thank you
  16. yes I will do, as just cleaning files etc and came across a CO which Lloyds got on me in 2009.circa 6k. cant remember what the debt was for, probs never even cca'd them as this was early days of my woes etc.
  17. The company's that got a ccj then a charging order applied through that ccj, then the house was repo'd and CO paid, can I claim back charges etc.
  18. I was thinking that too, but how can you reclaim something you lost/giveaway. through BR ?
  19. Can you reclaim bank charges/ppi if you have been BR. ? some claim co called a mate yesterday saying he could claim ? Thank you
  20. I have had approx 12 returned due to insufficient funds, and three letters advising that they may close acc, yes all were dd's, however I have cancelled all dd's from today till i sort my finances which have only went pearshaped since missus lost her job 6 month ago.
  21. Hi Bankfodder....No not at all, I despise the recent conversation I have just had with them, but I dont want to rock the boat incase they close the account then I will be up the creek so to speak. are there any other banks I can try for basic account ?
  22. longshot. As coop customer services said they cant be reclaimed such as the conditions of cashminder acc ?
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