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  1. Hi DX.

    Indeed you are correct,

    it just escalated into what it is now,

    and unknown to me somewhere within the small print I agreed to their t&c.


    I will contact coop immediately.


    Thank you

  2. Hi Bazooka


    Tbh there was a few companies that I had filled in details for, then over the proceeding days my phone and mails never stopped, I even had to report one company for offering me 3k but wanted I phone voucher code for £200. then the [problem] co got really nasty, even calling me with my own number ?


    Anyway since then various companies have tried taking amounts of monies ranging from £6.99. to £33.00.


    I just want to close the account and open another one but they say its not allowed?

  3. I am confused as to why the coop won't close my acc yet keep charging me......


    I was looking for a loan online few weeks ago,

    i seemed to complete various applications,

    then all of a sudden,

    companies started requesting monies from my acc,


    I notified the bank and they said they would put into dispute and look into various matters.


    It happened again and i asked why.


    They say that I need to resolve issues with companies,

    yet they all have different names to where I applied to, brokers etc.


    Can I demand the closure of account?


    If they don't allow me another account what banks are available for us


  4. Hi


    So the FCA confirmed that they are not registered etc, So I sent them a mail telling them so, hear is their reply.


    Thanks for your email.


    Internet is a free forum and any body can write anything about anyone and it was not our customer who put any review as it was just our competitor who want to spoil our reputation.


    We also put on our site about illegal use of our company name due to fraudster [causing problems] the people by taking the money using our name.


    We are registered under companies Act 1998 and regulated by FCA so how come we can [problem] the people,


    Hope it clear all your doubts .


    Look forward to hear from you soon.



    A Lady has just called me contradicting herself in many ways regards previous correspondence.

    She now says she does not need bank acc details but needs I TUNE vouchers to the value of £125.00. I have to activate them then call her with code details etc ?????

    Then she will deposit the money into my acc, Although she does not need the details.

    I can't believe that she/they are still attempting this.

  6. Hi


    I have just received this mail from them????? adamant aren't they.


    Thanks for your email.


    We did tried to call you but your phone is on answering machine.


    Please call us back on 02031290289 and speak to Michael and he will assist you further.


    Look forward to hear from you soon.

  7. They'll take anything you are silly enough to give them.


    The initial "deposit"

    The £25 admin fee.


    If you fall for that, then there will be an "unforeseen problem" and there will be extra fees.


    Once they know you are a 'gull' they'll pass / sell your details on so others can also try it on (you've won the lottery and just need to pay an admin fee to release your winnings, there is £15 million hidden away by a [now deceased] dictator, and even "The FBI" and/or "The UN" want to send you compensation for the previous times you've lost money to such.....)





    Hi Bazza5



  8. Hi Bazza5


    So basically they will take my deposit and anything else I may have?

    Where the hell do they hide/send the money, how do they withdraw the monies they [problem]? (Intrigued)

    Surely this is just a huge [problem] having read the link on hear.

    I am going to call the Governing bodie and report this

  9. Hi HB and Bazza5


    So they are not reg with the FCA?

    Why then would they trade ?

    Clone? so they just take info from another , make it look appealing then, 'trade' ?

    What can they get out of this ? apart from the deposit they want to take from my bank.( which they say they give me back with allotted loan)

    If they are not legitt, then why trade, where do they put the money they take from customers?


    They have been on the phone offering me more money 4 x as much ? but I have to make the deposit.


    To be honest I am thinking of contacting my bank and cancelling my account/calling into my branch, etc, I am just nervous that unscrupulous people have my details.

  10. UPDATE.




    Dear Customer,


    We are delighted to confirm that your loan application for a Unsecured Loan has been approved of 1000 pounds over 24 month with the APR of 10% with the monthly repayment of 47.81 pounds per month and you will be entitled to get this loan today.


    But we are trying to get hold of you many time but we are not able to get in touch with you as we have to put the money in your bank account so now we can able to sort the loan for you via email.


    Also we are a lender not a loan broker.


    Please email us your sort code and account number so that we can put the money in your account.


    Many thanks and we look forward to helping you achieve your financial success!


    Once again, thank you for your business. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


    Look forward for your email asap.





    Thanks for your email.


    We did tried to call you but your phone is on answering machine and now we can sort the loan for you via email.


    We would like to inform you that your loan application of 1000 pounds has been accepted over 24 month with the APR of 10% with the monthly repayment of 47.81 pounds per month.


    Also we are a lender not a loan broker.


    Please email us your sort code and account number so that we can put the money in your account.


    Please find the loan agreement attached.


    Please read the document and send us an email by confirming this text that you are happy and would like to proceed further.


    Look forward to hear from you soon.



    “To fulfill the financial needs of the customers”

    BRANCH OFFICE :- 7 Forest Avenue , North Chingford , London , E4 6AR

    Phone : (0203-129-0289)






    Date produced: 19/04/2017

    Valid Until: This Paper is valid only on the date produced.

    Must Commenced by: 30/04/2017


    It is agreed as follows:


    Excluded Liabilities” means Liabilities which are expressed to be and, in the opinion of the Insolvency Officer of the Borrower, do rank junior to the Subordinated Liabilities in any Insolvency of the Borrower;


    Capital Resources” has the meaning given it in the Financial Rules.


    Capital Resources Requirement” has the meaning given it in the Financial Rules.


    Financial Rules” means the rules of Capital resources of the prudential sourcebook for unsecured Loan Intermediaries.


    Insolvency” means and includes liquidation, winding up, bankruptcy, sequestration, administration or dissolution (whichever term may apply to the Borrower) or the equivalent in any other jurisdiction to which the Borrower may be subject.


    Insolvency Officer” means and includes any person duly appointed to administer and distribute assets of the Borrower in the course of the Borrower’s Insolvency;


    Liabilities” means all present and future sums, liabilities and obligations payable or owing by the Borrower (whether actual or contingent, jointly or severally or otherwise howsoever).


    Loan” means the indebtedness of the Borrower to the Lender referred to in as that indebtedness may be reduced from time to time by any repayment or prepayment permitted under this Agreement.


    Subordinated Liabilities” mean all Liabilities to the Lender in respect of the Loan and all interest payable thereon.





    About this illustration


    We are required by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) - the independent watchdog that regulates financial services - to provide you with this agreement.

    All firms selling unsecured are required to give you agreement like this one, which contain similar information presented in the same way.

    Ensure that you obtain other agreement if you want to compare this unsecured with unsecured from other lenders.



    Which service are we providing you with?

    We recommend, having assessed your needs, that you take out this unsecured.

    We are not recommending a particular unsecured for you. However, based on your answers to some questions, we are giving you information about this unsecured so that you can make your own choice.


    What you have told us?

    Amount of loan required: £1,000.

    Term of regulated unsecured contract 24 months.

    Repayment method Payments: Direct Debit Only.


    Description of this unsecured?

    Unsecured lender Forest Finance Private Lending.

    Unsecured product: Rate 10%

    Restrictions on this unsecured: No restrictions apply


    What you will need to pay each month Monthly payments?

    24 payments at a fixed rate of 10% £47.81

    This agreement is based on a loan amount of £1,000.

    This agreement assumes that the unsecured will start on 04/2017.

    In all total you are paying £1,147.44.


    Are you comfortable with the risks? What if interest rates go up?

    Your fixed rate ends on 04/2019 therefore any changes to the interest rate will not affect your payments until after this period. The monthly payments shown in this illustration could be considerably different if interest rates change. For example after the

    Fixed rate period which ends on 04/2019 then for one percentage variable rate, your monthly payment will increase.











    What fees must you pay?

    Fees Payable to Forest Finance Private Lending:-

    The fee is to cover the setting up, routine maintenance, and closing down of the unsecured account. The fee of £25 is refundable into your first month monthly payment and it is for funds transfer charges. You have to pay some extra charges as well which will be managed with your monthly installments.


    What happens if you do not want this unsecured any more?

    Early Repayment Charges.

    An early repayment charge applies if you want to repay the unsecured early. The charge is calculated using a loan amount of £1,000 is based in:

    3.5% of the original loan if the unsecured is repaid before 08/2017.

    2% of the original loan if the unsecured is repaid before 12/2017.

    Based on the original amount borrowed, cash examples of the early repayment charges that could apply.


    What happens if you move house?

    Your special rate unsecured product is portable. This means that if in the future you move property, you can carry the unsecured product forward to a new Pvt. Lending plc unsecured you take out on the new property. Further information regarding portability can be found in the section headed 'Early Repayment Charges' on our booklet 'Information about your unsecured' which we issue with unsecured offers.


    What happens if you want to make overpayments?

    These are restricted to 10% of the outstanding balance per year. You are free to make lump sum or regular overpayments to this unsecured at any time. For details of any early repayment charges that may apply please refer to Section 10. As a concession, in any one year you may repay up to 10% of the amount outstanding on your special rate product without having to pay an early repayment change. Pvt. Lending reserve

    the right to change or withdraw this concession. The daily interest method will apply and the interest charged takes account of any changes in the unsecured debt from day to day. If you pay more than the amount asked for as your monthly payment it will reduce the balance on your unsecured account. This will immediately reduce the amount of interest you have to pay because interest will be charged on the reduced balance.


    Additional Features


    Providing your unsecured is not in arrears you can make underpayments equal to the amount of any previous overpayments.










    The UK Unsecured Market

    With around 600 lenders and 12,000 intermediaries, and lending of upwards of 290bn last year via over 7,000 different unsecured products, the UK has one of the most diverse and complete Unsecured markets. In providing our detailed response to the questions posed by the Commission in the Green paper we have drawn on the experience of both designing and implementing regulation for this market. That process involved comprehensive cost benefit analysis and consultation with all of those involved in the lending industry and consumers, and included major programme of consumer testing.



    Consumer Protection

    There is a major social and human dimension to unsecured credit. For most consumers, unsecured are the most significant financial decisions they undertake. Unsecured markets are, however, likely to continue to operate through national distribution arrangements. Accordingly the policy emphasis should be on respecting existing national arrangements for consumer protection. Any reform would not only need to be fully informed by appropriate analysis and impact assessment, but must also be developed using full consumer testing.


    Payment holidays

    Providing your unsecured is no more than one month in arrears and your unsecured is at least three months old, you can request a payment holiday. Further information regarding other conditions applying to underpayments and Payment Holidays can be found in our booklet 'Information about your unsecured' which Pvt. Lending issue with unsecured offers.



    The Pvt. Lending will not charge you for a valuation of the property, but will arrange for a value to make an assessment for the Pvt. Lending. If you use the Reunsecured Service, the Pvt. Lending will pay the costs of the legal work done for the Pvt. Lending; however the Pvt. Lending will not cover any costs incurred for additional work carried out on your behalf. If you do not use the Reunsecured Service you will have to pay for the

    legal work done for the Pvt. Lending as well as any done for you.


    Contact details

    If you wish to discuss this unsecured illustration please contact: 02031290289.














    Name Of Customer


    Date Of Birth


    Employment Status


    Residential Status


    Post Code


    Home Telephone Number


    Mobile Telephone Number


    Email Address


    Loan Required


    No of years








  11. Name of the Claimant ? CABOT

    Date of issue – . Jan 31st


    What is the claim for –



    1. The Claim is for the balance of installments due and unpaid under an agreement dated 6/09/2007 under which Blue Motor Finance Ltd re Bluestone agreed to provide credit in relation to the purchase of goods payable by Installments (The Agreement) The agreement was assigned to the claimant

    PARTICULARS, 1 Amount due and unpaid £xxxxx.

    The Claimant, therefore claims the amount due and unpaid £xxxxx


    What is the value of the claim? £4700

    Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? hp for vehicle purchase


    When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? 06/09/2007

    Has the claim been issued by the original creditor

    or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Assigned to Cabot

    Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Cant remember

    Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Cant Remember

    Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Not that I remember

    Why did you cease payments? unsure poss 4 year ago.

    What was the date of your last payment? not sure

    Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? NO

    Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? Not a dmp but I did ask oc for reduced payments

    Please note that My Partner signed for this hp and all comms are addressed to her,

    but I am sorting this out, tbh she dont know about the court claim.



    Thank you


    Mr W

  12. Hi


    Sorry been a little ill. Now sure what information you want but here goes


    I was in DMP wih paypal had several pay day loans on replayment plans one was with wonga. Out of blue they emailed me and said due to changing system they would not be moving my loan over so was now 0

    i then read lots in papers about irresponsible lending by payday companies and they may have to pay back monies to customers


    I check on FOS database for irresponsible lending and read the cases. All the ones where compensation awarded they proved that they other loans at the time and that lender had not check credit file.

    I open account with noddle and got my credit file

    I then looked at all the payday loans when they were taken out and what was on credit file.


    The first payday loan i contacted was payday express as this was one of the last loans i had taken out and my credit file by this time was very poor. I listed all the debts i had at the time and the fact i had several other payday loans at the time some with defaults and stated this should have alerted to them. I informed them this was irresponsible lending. The DCA cane back and said they no longer wanted to pursue the debt.


    Next I emailed Quick quid I listed all debts and loans taken out with them. This took 7 emails each time they offered me a discount which i declined. I stated i would take to FOS they agreed to write off debt and give me 250 in compensation. My loan at that time was £980


    I then contacted lending stream - they again refused but did take off interest added for non payment. after many emails they agreed to write off interest on one loan At the time i had 4 with them over 6 months. I pointed out that one loan was taken out after defaulting with them .

    they refused to budge so i put in a complaint with FOS. They then agreed to write off all the interest only. I refused this at it went to adjudicator. Final decision was interest on all loans written off and £250 in compensation


    Hope this helps


    WOW, Well done, Very Inspiring.

  13. Post 22 is the way to go,


    You've been here enough years and had things explained enough times already mr worried


    You already know the score

    Hi DX. I am curious to know when 'they, the dca' decide its a Lemon. When they purchase the debt? Then all proyocol goes out the window. Spose i have answered my own question above.

  14. They know very well when a debt is enforceable or not. However, they have total disregard for regulation or guidance. ALl dca's do. THey j ust want the money, no matter how they get it.


    Why do you think they offer 50% or even 90% discounts. They know. They dont care. They want money.


    so after numerous threatograms and now Their in house Sol. they know it cant go to court?

  15. Will Cabots Know its a 'lemon' debt ? how do they know and when do they determine this, Say I was the Cabot boss and have just purchased a load of lemons which lowell sold me cos they cant collect on, or are unenforceable. When do I tell my staff...OK these are worth a try, lets see what we can get from these halfwits, whatever you get then you can have half the amount for commission. Is that how it all works ?


    If this is the case of a 'Lemon' then why do they offer a discount then advise you they have passed the 'lemon' to their solicitors, Mortimer Clarke whom I believe sit at the opposite desk.


    Looking forward to the answers to my question to help me understand this scenario.


    Thank you



  16. Good Morning Fellow CAG'ers


    Okay, Cabot sent my partner Another letter (Next Steps)


    Dear Miss X


    We have tried to contact you blah blah,

    We are now referring your account to Mortimer Clarke Solicitors. MCS will speak with you within the next 7 days and help you to arrange the best solution for You.........


    Are MCS Cabots in house lapdogs ?


    How do Cabot's bypass calling a mobile number yet get straight to the phones answering machine without the phone showing a missed call?



    I get up to 4 messages a day yet don't receive calls associated with their messages, which is always a recorded voice.



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