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  1. "I AM AND STILL REMAIN CEO OF SWIFT" John boys reply to an email once
  2. I wonder if hes at Barclays with his old friend Tony, rummer has it hes loo attendant in a well known supermarket he is fully trained at this by now he has been up **** deep lately with other paperwork wonder if he will come on and use a stuttering laptop below the bed again BYE BYE JOHNNY, BYE BYE JOHNNY BE GOOD
  3. 100% Spot SPOT ON to be correct ,,, a great sum up of the sub prime [problem] yep webser brought all the tricks from Lehmans via Preferred, even the outdated computer system or systems lol as the case may be,,,
  4. Hi Spot where is John Boy webster now hes keeping a low profile, sparkle and co have no time to comment on this site now I see? Just spoke to the lads ifrom Belfast they are having a ball as usual, In fact they were watching the wee white ball over here and called down for a visit yesterday. We were laughing at all the craic that used to be on this with Sparkie and the guy below the bed with the stuttering laptop.. got a warning again from them to say noubt on this though, but had to have a wee peek today after they left lol oh Sparkie is glowing bigger and brighter by the way, the mans a star. and your right from what I hear they will have no one to put up any sort of fight between now and next Jan. and guess whos causing the most trouble... good old Sparkie lol ..
  5. http://www.do-business.net/Indexer/Company/Rent-A-Hand-Ltd any chance of someone popping around to rent a hand to see if Amanda is still about there No one has yet made sence of why this wee company is in with the big guys cant say what we found out otherwise big brother will bar me like sparkie
  6. sorry dont use this much am only able to access it via ipod at work and its not easy I am mostly out of the country email me anyone on
  7. http://www.accountancyage.com/aa/analysis/1938190/video-taxman-makes-arrests-offshore-evasion have a look at this the tax man had been contacted by a bright spark and they want all the stuff we have on our friends, this will take a while to put in order but they will without doubt act on all the information we are putting together. it will take them a while but I would not want to be a swiftie at the minute
  8. 1…APR% interest is not a requirement to be stated on unregulated Credit Agreements nor High Nett worth agreements 2…The nominal % rate of interest is not the same as APR% interest…..The APR can be worked out from the nominal rate if you wish to do so. When borrowers borrow money from Swift Advances plc, their Broker never corresponds or negotiates the " Deal" DIRECT with Swift Advances plc....It is all done via "Swift Advances" who were an unlicensed trading name of Swift Advances plc. In truth and fact " Swift Advances" were another intermediary between the borrower and Swift Advances plc, who have categorically stated that they do not deal direct with the public.....they do ( or did it) via "Swift Advances" ..........."Swift Advances" are therefore an intermediate broker. Unlicensed trading name/style being used to conduct Consumer Credit and Credit related business......result....Criminal Offence, Section 39 (2) of the Consumer Credit Act.......and a Misrepresentation of fact. If you have a First Mortgage it is Swift Advances that contact them during the antecedent negotiations, let your First Mortgage holder know that they conducted business with an unlicensed trading style , you will find they will not be "happy chappies" .....they could be drawn into the "mellee" so to speak
  9. wassnt me this time I seem to be able to get cross wires or a short circuit I see sparks every now and again lol it only takes one to start a forest fire. and you know what happens they the poor wee birdies fly off to another nest
  10. The electrician has just come off the phone with someone in the press who is going to locate the article/ story where, in an interview with Mr John Webster, it states quite clearly publicly and is recorded as saying “ Even though most of their agreements are unregulated "Swift’s" interest rate is calculated as an APR to assist the borrowers in knowing their interest rate (or words very similar to this). But in Court proceedings and letters to borrowers (“Swift Advances” letter heads remember ….unlicensed trading style) they say their interest rate is not an APR as unregulated agreements are not covered by the CCA Regulations. Conflicting Misrepresentation of facts then again what new........
  11. lol yep every day is a swift day lol read this, I am just off the phone to the godfather himself What the law says Protocol 1, Article 1: Protection of property Every natural or legal person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of his possessions. No one shall be deprived of his possessions except in the public interest and subject to the conditions provided for by law and by the general principles of international law. The preceding provisions shall not, however, in any way impair the right of the State to enforce such laws as it deems necessary to control the use of property in accordance with the general interest or to secure payment of taxes or other contributions or penalties. Example cases Howard v United Kingdom (1985) An authority sought to compulsorily acquire a house for housing redevelopment. The European Commission of Human Rights held that the question in such cases was whether the public authority had struck a fair balance between the rights of the individual property owners and the rights of the community, in any expropriation of property. A significant factor in any such balance will be the availability of compensation reflecting the value of the property expropriated. (Case summary provided by the British Institute of Human Rights)
  12. the money keeps them in wages after all it takes them years of paperwork and red tape messing about before they do anything, then its only a slap on the wrist. look up KPMG`S records in America, they got a slap on the wrist, and guess whos books they do ?? meanwhile good honest people have lost their homes to say the least others have lost their lives
  13. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/ORPHANED+..%26+NEARLY+HOMELESS%3B+Loan+firm+in+threat+to+sell+sisters'...-a0177662676 remember what these buzzards have done to hundreds of decent people over a few pounds. IF YOU TAKE ANY LOAN FROM THEM NO MATTER HOW LITTLE. IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR HOUSE. if you get into dept that is. and it wont be hard to do this as they keep upping the payments every few months
  14. http://www.compliancy-services.co.uk/news/article/585/swift-investigated-by-fsa Mortgage lender The Swift Group is being investigated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), it has been revealed. The firm, which is the parent company of Swift Advances, said in its annual accounts for the year ending March 31st 2010 that the FSA announced its intention to investigate in July last year over its handling of customers in arrears, reports mortgagestrategy.co.uk. Furthermore, it has identified an anomaly in its mortgage administration system over the calculation of the amount due by some customers for early settlement of their mortgage. This, it said, has led to customer detriment, likely to lead to large costs for the group. "As a result of the above the directors currently estimate that the group is likely to incur £9.4 million of costs, comprising £1.4 million in respect of costs already incurred and £8 million in respect of further costs that could be incurred, relating to legal and professional costs, a potential fine and costs implementing any redress programme," said the accounts report. It follows the recent news that the FSA has more than doubled the amount of fines it has handed out in 2010, compared to last year. Posted by Tony Miller
  15. http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/fsa-probe-into-arrears-handling-could-leave-swift-with-%C2%A394m-bill/1024287.article Swift Advances is also being investigated by the Office of Fair Trading. I remember singing this song with sparkie not so long ago lol well the words were different but johnny ended up heading for the hills in it also lol
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