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  1. Hi Martin Thanks for your reply , Who do I ask for the notice of assignment from ? I'll check out my credit file and see if AIC are mentioned on there.. What could they do If i do not agree to settle with them can they take me to court even if I never signed an agreement with them to take out the bank account ? / overdraft . Is the liability totally transferable to whom ever LOYDS want to pass it to? Would it help to send a CCA to AIC - forgive me for repeating this question this area confuses me somewhat ! Best wishes & Thnaks Missy
  2. Hiya I have just found out from LLOYDS that they have sold my debt to AIC. When I spoke to AIC they told me that LLOYDS STILL OWN the debt ! I would like to make a full and final settlement with them, They have offered me a price and WILL NOT move on it. They said due to my age and the fact I own a property that is the offer. They are not negociating at all... I could afford to settle with them around 3500 but they will not move from 5700. Is there any thing that I can do to get them to move at all? Do they legally need to admit to owning the debt and the fact they have brought it from LLOYDS ? Would a CCA help - I've read alot about it but not sure if this is a good situation for it? Many Thanks
  3. knowing that if the debt is unenforceable will give me better negociation. can i apply for a cca ? twice did in jan ... need to find all of them ?
  4. hi thanks for your words of encouragement. i did ask for a CCA back in december and now i want to ask again via these agents ? is that allowed to ask twice ? I'll scan the egg one i have it does not make sense to me atall... if i put it up here can someone read it for me ? thanks missy
  5. Hi All My debt Halifax - £6,200 MBNA - £10k gone up with charges to £11k - THEY HAVE GONE SLIENT ?! afte they tried to get me to pay them 3k paritital settlement ! I did not . I am so pleased as I hear they would of sold on the rest of the debt ! Co op - £6k Egg - £6k Lloyds - £10k Settled Wescot - £10 Full and finally settled at £2,300!!! ;) A friend - £6k my parents paid her back I have been in debt for about 6-9 months now and my story in a nut shell is that I got into a bad busniess partnership and until we can sell the asset that we've brought my money is tied up. My Parents have knidly helped me a bit settle my debt with my friend. I have managed to negociate a few full and final settlements. Now I am looking at in particular 3 of my lenders and this CCA and SAR consumer credit Act 1974 issue to see if I have a case . Egg MBNA Co op These have all been years ago so I hope I may have a case - Does anyone know if and how this works ?? Will it affect my Credit Score Long term ? On some of the debt is with debt collection agencies .., and one of them FREDRICKSON - BRYAN CARTER - EGG are saying they will raise a CCJ .... If I do this CCA and SAR do they LEGALLY have to put a stop of the CCJ ? Y DOES ANYONE HAVE A SUCCESS STORY WHERE THEY HAVE WIPED OUT DEBT COMPLETLY WITH THE Consumer credit act ?? My Halifax Loan has gone to apex now and they are offering me a full and final settlement on the loan... I have a Mortgage with Halifax . I know its a DIFFERENT dept . However I am worried will this AFFECT me with my mortage with them in the futuree ... Do they Dept talk to each other ??? Also the company that want me to pay them £200 per creditor to SEE if the CCA is unemforceable ... I hear I can do it myself . I dont know how - is it simple ?! do i need help. ARE THEY JUST ANOTHER CON LIKE THE IVA - IP set up ? DONT GET AN IVA ANYONE I THINK IT IS VERY BAD> BETTER TO SORT OUT AND NEGOICATE YOURSELF IT MAY TAKE ALOT OF TIME AND EFFORT BUT YOU WILL BE FREE FOREVER> WITH AN IVA YOU ARE NOT AND IT GOES ON FOR AS LONG AS THEY CAN KEEP GETTING MONEY OUT OF YOU ! Happy Thursday Missy
  6. Byran Carter are saying they are going to put a CCJ against my name for an EGG loan we are also disucssunig a settlment on the account They are saying that if I apy £200 now it will hold the application for the CCJ!!! I dont want a CCJ ATALL. I am in disuccions about an unenforceable CCA as the egg laon was in 2005 does this hold or affect the CCJ ? Are they totally seprate issues ?! I cant afford to pay the 3500 settlement right now that they are offering me I may beable to over the nect 2-3 months... but i dont know if I can hold out !? Can anyone shed some light on what is best for me to do next ?!
  7. I have a credit card with MBNA owing 11k now.. was 10k but charges etc... we negocaited a F&final settlement of 3000k and they asked me to pay then £276 end of march and the blaance end of april. I then recived a letter on the 24th of April asking for the payment by 27th April I called them to say that I could not make it by then , I had as planned to send it for 30th April. During that phone call they said .. oh we've made an internal error dont send any money your account handler will call you. Nothing for a week - i keep calling. Finally I got chased saying they need payment of £260 today and then the balance will be due next month ! I thought well i better get this in writting at that stage we were talknig over email and letter and phone... finally after another round of simular games they have said the offer is now not VALID?! I want to see if I can do an unenforcable CCA with them as I took out the Credit card prior to 2007 april however as we have negociated this verbally and written proof will it be PROOF that i am ADMITTING I OWE THEM THIS MONEY ?!?!? Happy thursday ....Missy
  8. Hi credit card Slave I think that it sounds interesting to try this process... however a few worrys that I have and dont have an anser for at the moment are a. Is it really this simple b. can the credit card company or loan company enforce apone us anythnig IF we DONT have a valid claim c. Do we have any idea of how this affects our credit rating long term ? d. why is it so cheap - IS it a CON or IS it THAT EASY !?!? If anyone has had or Knows of a sucess case with CCA's and SRV against a credit card and what comes after that i would be most greatful for some more information MISSY wearing sheepskin boots and a scraf enjoying Englands Summer ! :-|
  9. Hi all Re the IVa world from the research that I did It seems that it is very much a legal tie in and it benifits the credit card companies first. Maybe its worth looking over the orignal IVa papers to see if they state the amounts including this 5k that your talking of. If it doesnt I think it is worth claming it back for sure - I think it sounds like it depends on what you have signed in this case? best of luck
  10. great news re halifax mortgage well done ! btw - I had agreed a full and final with MBNA and they they messed me around... I recorded all the calls - however someone mentioned that if you verbally agree a full and final then you can not do this CCA thing and wrtie off the debt via a unenforcemable CCA ? CAN WE REALLY WRITE OFF THE DEBT DUE TO THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 messed up rules ???? FAntasticx! Missy
  11. Hi All Been reading threads with great interest !!! I have debt with the following prior to April 6th 2007 co -op mbna egg I have been in negociations trying to get a 20-25% full and final settlement. We are close to 30-40% right now and i have recently read in the newspapers about theese companys that for £200 per credit card or loan will check if your credit agreements are unenforceable. Like you write in this thread and a few others there are 6 points or so that if they are not in the agreement then this apprently can not be enforced right ? I have a few questions regarding this 1. I did CCA a few months back before I knew about all this CCAct 1974 CAN I CCA them again ? - IS it TOO late to act on the CCA's from earlier in the year? 2. If I can prove that these are not enforceable and LETS say I dont pay them a penny.... HOW DOES THAT AFFECT MY CREDIT RATING NOW FOR the next 6 years ? and then LONGER TERM ? 3. Does the CAG have proof that people are wining cases like this and getting off debt ? 4. Will Debt Mangmentment and the Credit card companies continue to chase me for years to come ??? Does anyone have any sucess stories theycan share... Is it worth using one of these companies .. .the man i spoke to yesturday said its £200 and when they recive my CCa if it is enforceable they will give me all my money back . A FULL REFUND. Is this a con ? Or are they that confident ? Misssy Cash
  12. Hi My situation has moved on alot, thnaks to all your help for geting to here. I am working on negotiating the settlements myself and i have managed to get one with MBNA and WESCOT I have made the following agreements MBNA £11k SETTLED AT £3000 I have paid £276 over the phone with a debit card {bit worried is that okay?} they seem professional about the whole thing they sent me an email which states this is in full and final settlement £2700 odd balance I need to send them within 30 days They are sending a hard copy letter with hand signeture I recorded this conversation Do I need to make any further paperwork before paying them the total Do I need to wirte to anyone about this not affect my credit file in the long run ? Shall I conifrm that they will not re sell this debt on in years to come etc... WESCOT £10k LLOYDS BANK £2300 SETTLEMENT I have a letter stating that this is a full and final settlement. Do I need acknowledgement from LLOYDS bank that this is full and final for them too ? CAN I find out in writing that the debt was sold to wescot for recovery ? IS there any other paperwork I need before releasing monies ? Does it matter how I pay them CHQ etc ? Is one proof better than the other ? I am having issues with EGG - FREDRICKSONS they will not really negotiate with me they want £4600 on a £7700 approx 60% and I really want to get them lower. They said that they will pass this to Carter & co there solicitors , I'm trying to negotiate with them but they will not have it. they have not been sold the debt they are working on behalf of EGG . Would it be better to wait a few more months till I negotiate Will they raise a CCJ, this all started in Oct 2008 so its been about 6 months since I stopped paying .. is it too soon for them to come below 50% mark settlement? HALIFAX I owe them £6300 I have a mortgage with them and I want to settle on the loan but they will not negotiate a inch and they keep adding charges so my £5k is now £6.3k and rising ? WILL THEY EVER NEGOTIATE OR IS IT BETTER I START TO PAY THEM OFF I COULD MAKE A £100 a month token payment till I get some work so at least the charges stop rising ? I DON'T WANT TO PUT MY MORTGAGE AT RISK OR BLACK MARKED ? thanks for all your help and support and just to say that I really appreciate all the support I have had from THE CAG as without all of you I would not have got this far, thanks again MISSY x
  13. hi i am trying to negociate with halfiax over a loan i have it was £5,500 now with charges it gone to £6,200! in 3 months of not paying. I wrote to them asking if they would accept a £5 token payment and they never replied now they are chasing me . A family member has kindly offered to settle the account for me - based on a negociated settlement. halfiax WILL NOT MOVE A METER ! they said they DO NOT NEGOCiATE SETTLEMENTS? does any one know if this is a fact or if they are just pulling my leg hard ?!
  14. hi i am trying to negociate with halfiax over a loan i have it was £5,500 now with charges it gone to £6,200! in 3 months of not paying. I wrote to them asking if they would accept a £5 token payment and they never replied now they are chasing me . A family member has kindly offered to settle the account for me - based on a negociated settlement. halfiax WILL NOT MOVE A METER ! they said they DO NOT NEGOCiATE SETTLEMENTS? does any one know if this is a fact or if they are just pulling my leg hard ?!
  15. -----------------------------------------------------------------------hi, Ive written a new thread today which relates to alot of what you speak about here.... i'd love to know do you need to wait till court notice comes to get 25% settlements or near to ...? If you let your credit file run these moths to the court hearing does your credit file look worse and worse.... Will the credit file EVER been clean ? will someone ALWAYS see you had problems ? Missy cash
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