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  1. here is an email address for anybody trying to contact CFO. collections@cfolending.com I have received replies from this email. I too had money taken form my bank account from a card which I had never given to CFO. However they have recognised the payments they have taken and adjusted my balance accordingly. I have made them a full and final settlement offer and they have agreed to accept it. They have also given me their bank details to make the payment.
  2. Does anybody have the email address for the FSO and OFT please.
  3. Good evening all. I need help please.On 6 March 2012 I was stupid enough to borrow £400 from CFO. My repayment date was 16th each month.I requested a rollover and agreed to pay interest of £156 on 16 March 2012. Mid morning on 16th I received a text to say my payment had been unsucessful. As I was new to these company's I rang them around 6pm same day and made a payment over the phone for £156.00.When I received my bank statement 2 x £156 had been taken from my account on 16 March 2012. I rang the company up asking for a refund. They refused sayiung the additional payment would be used to redu
  4. I have a repayment plan. with QQ over 12 month paying by direct debit. With direct debit you have direct debit guarantee. this means they cannot change the amount they take from your bank without giving you 10 working days notice. If they do take more than the agreed amount then the bank must stop the payment and claim it back from the company and put it back in your bank account. You then write to the company telling them they have not adhered to the DD guarantee.
  5. My daughter is a single mum with 5 children 6 and under. She is on income support, child tax credits, child benefit housing and council tax benefit. The other day she received a letter from the |DHSS to say in April she will see a cut in her housing benefit as the weekly benefit income is to be capped at £500.00 per week to single parents with children. I have just gone on line to read all about the new changes. She is entitled to local housing allowance based on a 4 bed house (rents from a private landlord). The maximum local housing rate in our area for a 4 bed is £160.00 per week. Her ren
  6. I was going to ignore them at first but think I will send a letter reiterating what was said in 2009. Unless they produce a signed copy of a credit agreement then any outstanding debt is unenforceable. I suspect they are trying to get me to contact them so they do not go over the statute of limitations without contact. What do you guys think. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi Everyone. I am in work writing this so figures and dates are not exact.I have not been on her for a couple of years as I have not heard a single thing from Cabot. Last week I received a telephone call from them. I refused to confirm my details and told them all correspondence should be in writing. I have since received a letter asking me to contact them. In 2009 when they wrote to me saying they had not been able to obtain a copy of the credit agreement the balance on their letter was just over £700 I think. The balance on the letter last week is over £1200. No breakdown whatsoever explain
  8. do I still have to pay the outstanding fine and if so can I ask the council for time to pay without having to pay the bailiffs. I dont want to be paying additional bailiffs fees
  9. I have just rang the council again and they told me the the bailiffs have been asked to collect outstanding debt where the warrant has expired. No new warrant has been issued. The original was issued on 26/09/07 and expired on 26/09/08. I was told the original debt of £95.00 is still outstanding and the only way the account will be brought back from the bailiffs is if I pay the £95.00. What is my next course of action please? I have told the council I have taken legal advise on this and to be honest and fair to the person I spoke to she was reading from an email that has been sent to all staf
  10. I asked and the answer I got was the baliffs tried to collect in 2008 so I assume sometime between 07 & 08. I have got to call back today to speak to the team leader
  11. they also told me they are now passing all PCN from 2006 onwards to baliffs. God know how many they have. So anybody out there who has any with liverpool city council be on your guard
  12. Ok, I rang council yestersay, the say I contacted them in Feb 2007 after I recieved what they called the Charging Order, they also said the have on file a bailiff tried to contact me in 2008. Well obviously do not recall any of this. Where do I stand here. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  13. Hi Can anybody please help. Over 5 years ago, yes thats right over 5 years ago, I received a parking ticket from liverpool council. I clearly remember receiving it. It was coming up to christmas and the car park charged an hourly rate or a daily rate. As it was only £5 for the daily rate I paid this up front. (pay and display). Right, daily to me means 24hours or up to. well on return to my car which was at around 19.40pm there was a parking ticket. I remember ringing the council about this and they told me their day rate expires at 7pm. Whilst I did not know this at the time, the next time I
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