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  1. pretty sure u have to give postcode when buying a tv, but not jewellery?
  2. can anyone working for any company claim this? i had a job where company would supply a shirt, i had to supply everything else, i know am provided a whole suit (minus shoes), what would i be entitled to, if anything?
  3. u really need to re-explain this, its not clear exactly what happened to me? or i'm thick?
  4. is the agreement a blue form?
  5. at the bottom of the last page of the statement there will/should be a section saying 'charges for period **/**/**** to **/**/****' then 'charges will be debited on 01/**/****' no?
  6. ltsb tell you in two ways, at the bottom of your statement and on a letter if they are 'unplanned' od fees.
  7. not trying to be funny but why try to get out of something that you obviously owe, and signed for?
  8. whats the account called? does he receive monthly statements? do they have his correct address?
  9. call debit card services not sure of the number, but they will have more datail than the branch and will beable potentially to remove earmarks
  10. i did tell the dealer soon after receiving the car, but was fobbed off many times, and with getting married, starting a new job and christmas it hasn't really been at the top of my list, lol, so u think not worth it? or if i was to find out this was a common problem would that be better?
  11. well finally got a quote for the damage......£1216.00 any ideas of choice phrases i should use in my letter to the company witht the pipe sticking out of the ground.....?
  12. hey all, i have a 2006 (56)mazda 3 sport, but it exactly a year ago from the dealer, ex demo, 6 mths old, £12k. love it, a few days later i noticed that both the door sill trims/kick plates were loose, and in fact had completely come off. the clips hd broken. so, i let mazda know and the dealer said he would sort it..........4 weeks later went back, hadn't sorted it...........3 mths, not sorted................until yesterdaywhen it went for its service, i asked him again and he said he would look into it.......basically have told me, sorry mate, not covered under warranty £130.00 please!!!!!!!! question surely this is not "fit for purpose" but how can i prove i had not kicked them off getting in and out of the car? or does that not matter? any ideas? what letter should i send? thanx in advance:confused:
  13. http://www.postoffice.co.uk/portal/po/jump1?catId=19300207&mediaId=26800661
  14. some companies do travel money cards i believe...
  15. just a quick thought i had....if the oft win, and banks have to pay all charges back, full stop, no questions asked. would the banks be able to front this huge cost, or would some (smaller) banks end up with serious financial problems? and if so what kind of an impact would this have?
  16. better off ringing beneficial finance/hfc
  17. agin it is not the pavement the side the pipe is on is flat, the other side there is a kerb. just gonna send a letter and see...
  18. just to clear a few things up, the pipe is not on a pavement, the part you mention just seperates two car parks, one for the petrol station behind where the photo is viewing. the entrance is at the far end of the car park furthest away from the pipe. it was dusk at the time of the accident, (day after boxing day, therfore quite dark at arount 5pm-ish. was not going 'fast' at all, had actually stopped just short of said pipe, and when realised was closed pulled away and immidietely hit the pipe. it could not be seen over the end of my bonnet. the pipe did not bend in any way it is made from very thick metal, and is infact still facing towards the angle where i hit it, hence the amount of damage as it went through the grill into the rad.
  19. iss it worth using the legal protection in my insurance to fight the claim for me? or will they just use it as an excuse to file an accident and lose me my no claims?
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