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  1. It seems to have got gradually worse but is now more important than ever due to our jobs. It may have been this bad previously but in my mind it has decreased in quality....
  2. would this not go against my letter stating only to deal in writing wih me and that I have already given them a choice of solve the prblem or end the contract? if this is the only option the so be it..... what say you?
  3. I am a foser carer and must have constant access to my mobile phone in order to talk to social workers, school, child services, fostering agency etc... it's just not good enough. so now that my letter has been ignored, what's the next letter?
  4. Hi, been a while since I have been on here but here goes... I have A T-mobile account, with two phones on the same contract. I have no signal in my property, around my property it is patchy and unuseable. I have contacted them through twitter and was told I couldn't have a signal booster as they don't guarantee signal. I wrote them a letter stating that they could either cancel my contract or send me a signal booster. They have ignored my 14 day reply time frame. what next? thanks in advance.
  5. No, took out a loan in joint when together to pay her debts, needed me on there due to the amount of credit she already had. Have now split up. Sorry for confusion
  6. basically a loan taken out in joint names due to my credit history to bail out the soon to be ex wife, but she has now decided she isnt going to pay anymore, and I cant afford it on my own. I knew it wasn't signed cos I didn't sign it.
  7. basically a loan taken out to refinance some debts on their advice, however money paid off debts but I still had my signed copy. so they've sent me a cca copy with no sigs. would this letter not be applicable?... Dear Sir/Madam You have failed to respond to my legal request to supply me a true copy of the original Consumer Credit Agreement for the above account. On **DATE** I made a formal request for a true signed agreement for the alleged account under consumer credit Act 1974 s77/8. This was signed for as delivered on the **DATE** You have failed to comply with my request, and as such you entered into default on **DATE**. The document that you are obliged to send me is a true copy of the executed agreement. If the executed agreement contained any reference to any other document, you are also obliged to send me a copy of that document. In addition a full statement of this account should have been sent to me detailing all debits and credits to the account. Furthermore, you are aware that the Consumer Credit Act allows 12 working days for a request for a true copy of a credit agreement to be carried out before you/your client enters into default of said request. This time limit has expired. As you are no doubt aware sections 77/78 state: If the creditor fails to comply with Subsection (1) (a) He is not entitled, while the default continues, to enforce the agreement. Therefore this account has become unenforceable at law. You have 14 days from receiving this letter to contact me with your intentions to resolve this matter. I look forward to hearing from you in writing. Yours faithfully
  8. that is pretty much the story so far. so even though I never signed the paperwork, it will still stand? is there a second letter I need to send to them?
  9. Hi, I recently requested a copy of my loan CCA from Lloyds as I had a feeling that they dont have it:smile:. So I received a letter back from them saying, "We have received your request and here is a copy of your cca blah blah blah, Dont go through any claims management companies blah blah blah..." Im sure you know thje letter. Anyway, sure enough they sent a copy of my CCA for my £25000 loan, however, the CCA had no signatures.... as I knew it would.8-) so, my question, does this mean it's unenforceable as I am hoping...?
  10. this may or may not be news to you but Lloyds BG have halted all PPI sales as of today until further notice. loans, cc's, mortgage, business etc.
  11. to be honest you wil probably have the same situ with all banks as cheque books are seen as a form of credit. out of interest why so important you have a cheque book? hardly anyone uses them anymore...
  12. yes, lloyds introduced the classic account to their 'no credit facilities' customers probably about a year ago now, when they introduced their 'ultra' debit card. it's like the 'cash account' but you dont have the restriction of only lloyds tsb cashpoints, trust me on this, they always say 3 months and we'll review it, its an easy way of getting out of an awkward conversation. I am very much in the know with this particular situ... go back and ask for your 'risk band'
  13. if you cant have a cheque book now, then you won't have one for a long time. ask them for your risk band...if its 97,98, or 99, forget it for well over 12 months, anything else should be fine. they refresh their decision towards the end of each month, usually around the 20th, 1st day of the change is a saturday. so this month would be the 21st etc...
  14. saved? or exploited you? dont the government do hardship loans that are like interet free or something? (i may be talking out of my bottom)
  15. will be coming a student soon (at the age of 26) and so saw a link to this company advertising as money stundents were 'entitled to' soon realised it was a loan company, but surely the wording of this is wrong/illegal etc... Toothfairy finance thankfully i have a perfect credit score so have no need to go to this sort of comapany, but can see alot of students gettting sucked into their '0%'
  16. divide your 2% by 12 which gives you approx 0.17% so that is correct. its 2% per year. not per mth:)
  17. right i spoke to cons dir again and they advised me same as you guys on here. was advised to gointo shop and request replacement and if they did not comply to send a letter then if no joy to contact them back... ANY TEMPLATES FOR ME TO SEND?
  18. any advances on this information? im going to cpw tomorrow....
  19. well spoke to cons direct today and hey disagree...... they said it was ok that she was given a refurn phone, and has no right to demand a new one.
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