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  1. So, I have had correspondence back stating that they cannot supply me with the requested docs...
  2. Them being able to supply the info...then I surely get to send them a letter asking them to close the account etc
  3. Lovely. I shall sit tight then I guess...but don't they have a time limit?
  4. Maybe I'm being dim but I don't understand your second sentence. Sorry. So what's the crack now? I just send them a letter telling them to go "do one"?
  5. So. What feels like good news is the 2 letters I've received over the last few days... I requested the finance agreement on the 9th September...isnt it a month for them to reply? What's the next step? Thanks all!!! Xxx Robinson way 2.pdf Robinson way 1.pdf
  6. All results from a messy divorce. in all honesty, I couldn't say one way or another what the crack is as it's been 10 years, nothing is shown on my credit history for any of my debts. I think I may have been paying £1 a month to the account until a year ago when I changed banks and it appears it may have gone amiss. Somehow, I get the feeling that they won't be able to provide any docs as there's nothing listed on my credit file? I may be wrong of course,
  7. so, I'm to dispute the debt in order to get them to send me proof of all the details?
  8. Try that 1568037620425_1568037506862_Scan_2019_09_09_13_45_26_796.pdf
  9. I have attached the letter. Stupidly I'm now late with this
  10. i genuinely don't know if i have received that... however, today, have received a letter from robinson way... "just pay 60% of your ourstanding balance"
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