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  1. I had a random review in octoberish which did throw up a small overpayment.
  2. Only wage rise was last March, which I declared,only my hub works, I'm disabled Ty for replies much appreciated x
  3. It was 5 years ago, messages still on here from my account. Ty
  4. HI, yes they know he lives with me and its a council IUC so no they dont pay him, I have had a thought though, hubby had a pay rise last march, nothing major and i let them know in writing, now my review was I think in October, and i had an overpayment for 120 for HB and about same for CTB, cannot for the life of me find an award notice for after that change of circs, but thats such a small overpaymet?? Ive been here before, it nearly killed me, would never put myself in those circs again for a few quid!!!
  5. it says to do with undeclared income, have scrutinised my statement and only thing is my son has his ESA going into my account and a PPI payment from Lloyds for just under 4k, regarding my son on my last review i actually marked my statement where his money was going in, any of these a possibility?
  6. Hi, gotta go for an IUC on tues, now our claim is joint in both mine and hubbys name, and entirely above board!! only get a pittance, anyway, only Ive gotta go,would that indicate thats its something to do with only my income? thx
  7. I'm not judging, just stating the facts as I see them, I'm in no position to judge but yeah it sticks in my craw when I get prosecuted for owing £3k when there are figures like 30k plus being mentioned geez
  8. I'm sure you'll be fine, apparently you are allowed to steal off tax credits and face no consequences other than repayment
  9. Hi, I'm no expert but I've been where you are, 10 weeks isn't very long and i doubt you would have run up a £2k overpayment, this is the amount they prosecute on. I wouldn't have thought the tax credits issue would have gone against you if you weren't prosecuted? Try not to worry to much and others with more expertise will answer you shortly I'm sure x
  10. why would you say he lives with you he dosen't? if someone said to me my great aunt fanny lives with you because her dad said so I wouldn't confirm it when it's clearly not true! sorry just my opinion but i think you think you've dropped him in it and are looking for a way out!
  11. is it just 7 weeks your being investigated for? if so a definite no! wouldn't have run up much of an overpayment I would have thought, or is it longer?
  12. Hi.cant offer much advice but can offer support. been where you are and am a fellow anxiety sufferer. First of all stop panicking, very few ppl go to prison so put that out of your mind for now. Can u not apply for legal aid? The experts will be along to advise i'm sure, just hang in there xxx
  13. well from a common sense point of view, you buying yr own house would mean you dont have to claim HB any more right?? so would be saving council ££££ BUt what makes sense to mean probably won't to them lol I have no idea but someone will be along who does I'm sure lol
  14. Hi, The investigators can,t say you are going to prison!!! just trying to intimidate i expect, any idea of the amount of overpayment? they tend to prosecute on amounts over £2000...anyway I'm not an expert but there are some on here who will answer soon I'm sure xx the 12 months is not right either i dont think...mine took 18months to come to court.
  15. glad it seems to have gone ok, let us know what they decide xxx
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