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  1. Received from BPA: "I have investigated your complaint with the operator and can advise as follows. The POPLA Code issued to you does appear to be correct. The operator has confirmed that a POPLA appeal has been lodged using the code XXXXXXXX. Parking Eye have advised that the charge is currently on hold until POPLA make a decision. Therefore, as the Code was not incorrect and you have managed to appeal to POPLA, I have closed the case. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention." I have now written to the BPA again to ask why POPLA rejected my appeal as out of date if the code was correct?
  2. I have now received an email from the BPA thanking me for bringing this matter to their attention and stating that they will be investigating.
  3. So.....POPLA have now replied to me after I sent them a copy of the rejection letter I received from PE containing a POPLA code that was 2 months out of date.They have said they have now received my appeal and will be sending it to PE,who will then send their evidence to them and me prior to the scheduled date of hearing. Should the whole thing not be cancelled due to PE not allowing me to appeal within 28 days of the PCN?
  4. Ok............so no surprise that today I received a rejection to my appeal to POPLA,based on the fact that I was outside the 28 day appeal period.In the meantime,I have written to the BPA regarding all of the details above,including copies of paperwork and dates,and they are investigating the issue.I am waiting for them to get back to me.I will keep you updated with what they come back with and any further action.
  5. 'tis done....lets see what develops.......watch this space.
  6. Interesting.... On checking the POPLA code it dates to 20/12/2013. This was sent to my wife in a rejection letter dated 21/11/2013.(even though I had informed them I was the one appealing) The second rejection letter,this time addressed to me,contained exactly the same code but was dated 19/02/2014..........so well out of the appeal date window.
  7. BPA replied to me and offered to question PE on my behalf.In the meantime,thought I would try the code on the POPLA site again and suddenly it has been accepted! Something very odd going on here.....
  8. Received another rejection of my appeal from PE today,along with another invalid POPLA code.Once again,I have written to the BPA and POPLA making them aware of this. I am beginning to think that this is some sort of merry-go-round.
  9. Got a reply from the BPA telling me to contact PE and request a new code.Wrote to them asking for a valid code or I would be considering the matter closed.So far,nothing has arrived.As for POPLA,not heard anything from them either.
  10. Parking Eye sent a PCN to my wife,the registered keeper of the vehicle.She sent it back explaining that I was the driver on the day in question and that I would be appealing.They then sent a rejection and POPLA code to her,along with a PCN to me.We tried to enter the POPLA code but it was rejected.I then contacted P.E. again,via their website and also by registered post,stating that I was the driver and again appealing the charges.All this was before Christmas.So far,no correspondence has been received.I have also tried to contact Richard Reeve,POPLA tribunals manager but the phone just rings and then goes dead.
  11. The programme was filmed at my storage space in Stoke Newington,the exact same place as Newline tried to swindle me out of £100.Looks to have been filmed fairly recently,by the look of the building work taking place,so I guess they are still in business Well done to the guys that took them to court,and the Sheriffs for making them cough up.
  12. Anyone know if this bunch of crooks is still operating? I haven't seen them lurking around since the new regulations were brought in.
  13. The camera is after the 30 sign about halfway up the next stretch of the A1,past the plumbing centre.
  14. O.K. I re-visited the road today and I found the 30 signs! The reason I missed them was because they are located immediately behind the traffic lights,which obscures them.The road in question is the A1,where it joins Archway road,here: http://maps.google.com/maps?client=safari&rls=en&oe=UTF-8&q=archway+road+london&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x48761a4b96fef203:0xe7d955de021f6af2,Archway+Rd,+London,+UK&sa=X&ei=OKrwUIzJCpOM0wX7hYDwCQ&ved=0CJIBELYD
  15. Both stretches of the road were within the city and both had street lighting.One stretch (a dual carriageway),the limit was 40 and signage was present,the next stretch(single carriageway),the limit was 30 and no signage was present.
  16. Got flashed by a camera doing 36 in a supposed 30 zone.I had been on a road where the speed limit was 40,but after a junction with traffic lights,the road had narrowed and had now become a 30 zone.There was no signage to indicate this change of speed,just a camera and a camera sign.I assumed I was below the limit,but got flashed and have received a PCN. Saw this on another site and wondered if it applied: There is no obligation for a 30 mph speed limit to be sign posted, except when you enter it from a section of road where the speed limit is not 30 mph. 30 mph is the national speed limit. The Courts will take the view that you should be driving on the basis that the limit is 30 mph. Accordingly, unless you can show that there was good reason to believe that the limit was not 30 mph (ie you had been in a higher speed limit area and there were no signs) there would not normally be grounds to dispute the allegation, simply because there were no "30 mph" signs.
  17. So this means the clampers do not have to remove the signage then?
  18. What is the law regarding signage?I notice that the old signage saying vehicles will be clamped is still in place at many sites.Should this not now be removed?
  19. OK,after 10 long months,I have finally had my money refunded.It took a lot of pressure on,and from,the landlord but at last it is all over.Justice has been done,although not in quite the way I would have wished.The landlord made Newline refund my money as a condition of renewing their contract to clamp on his property.It was simply a case of them weighing up the financial implications,not admitting they had acted wrongly. Still,it does now allow me to stop wasting my time with this nonsense.
  20. I am trying not to laugh,I really am! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-10993473
  21. I have and am guessing I will need to go down the small claims route.
  22. No,they are simply displayed on the door of the entrance to the building and at various sites within.
  23. Got clamped by Newline today.I rent a storage unit and they control the loading there.The rules are: 1.a valid permit must be displayed stating date,time of arrival/departure and vehicle reg or, 2.Loading for 30 mins is allowed as long as time of arrival is displayed and hazzard lights are left on. I fell into catagory 2. I arrived at 11.33am and placed a sign on my dashboard stating this.I made one journey to my unit without incident but on returning from the second I found that the clampers were just finishing up.They issued me with a ticket stating I had not displayed a permit and a clamping time of 11.41,8 minutes after I had arrived.They stated that I was only allowed 15 minutes and that the 11.33 time of arrival was false as the paper it was written on had some other notes on it that had been scribbled out.They stated that I had tampered with the paper and that I had been observed prior to 11.33,although I had not.After lenghthy phone calls to both the owner of the storage units and the clampers I was forced to pay £100 to have the clamp removed. I have sent a letter of appeal to the clampers for return of my £100 but my whole day has been wasted and I think this should also be compensated. What is my next move.Who can I sue?
  24. Well,it's a long time since my last post.I am pleased to say i have good news.After constant pressure on both the bailiffs and Camden business rates,the bailiffs have been forced to refund all charges relating to my account! It seems the bailiff in question has acted inappropriately and has been severely reprimanded.Rundle & Co. are also being called in by Camden council to explain their actions. Here's what happened; After months of emails and calls to both the council and the bailiffs,I finally received a reply from the bailiffs.Although they did not forward me the paperwork I had asked for,they did send me a letter stating that the bailiff had made his first visit to our shop at 19.27pm!He stated that paperwork had been left.He then stated that he had made his second visit 1 week later and had again found the shop closed(we have our opening times clearly displayed next to the door).He again said he had left paperwork.He then returned on the SAME DAY and this is when I had my first contact with Rundle & Co.To cut a long story short,he never visited the shop on the first two occaisions,he visited the residential door to the flats above.If he had visited the shop,he would have seen the opening times and the letter box.He knew all this when I spoke to him on the phone,yet chose to ignore it.He also,patronisingly,informed me that he was sympathetic to my situation and in my case he believed that I had not received any paperwork and that I should set up a direct debit because "he didn't want to see me again next year"! So there it is,persistence has paid off.
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