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  1. Received this pcn today for driving in a street during restricted hours.


    This is a fairly new restriction that I had no idea about.


    The only warning is on a sign above the bus lane on the main road that the restricted street is at a right angle to.


    As my focus was on the oncoming traffic and the junction itself, I didn't notice the new sign.


    As it is,I have never seen a restricted street displaying this kind of sign.


    Do I have any grounds for appeal?

    oldhill 1.jpg

    oldhill 2.jpg

    oldhill 3.jpg

    oldhill 4.jpg

  2. I have an issue with a drain that floods the area outside the front door of a property I rent.


    The drain is in a private road, owned by a local church.

    Every time there is a heavy storm, the drain overflows and creates a large puddle up to 4" deep outside my front door.

    As cars come down the road to attend the church, water is pushed over the door stop and floods into the basement.


    I spoke to Thames Water last year and they informed me that the ownership and responsibility laid with the church.

    I contacted the church but no action was taken so Thames Water agreed to send someone to try to deal with it.

    The upshot is that the drain is not blocked but is badly constructed, so is unable to cope with large volumes of water.


    Both myself and the Landlord have repeatedly contacted the church but nothing is being done to fix the problem.

    Is there any legal action that can be taken to force them to address the problem?

  3. it is not about parking, it is about the law.


    get your head around this and it all becomes easier.


    you have a licence to be there, they cant change that by their contract (or supposed contract)


    As far as the law goes it could be a neighbour dispute or a timeshare salesman, wont change what law applies.


    Now post up what they have sent you so we can see where they have gone wrong.


    Seeing their signage at the site will help us enormously as well.


    UKPC are greedy crooks so being polite wont help you,


    I suggest that you get all your ammunition gathered up and send them one very strong letter at the appropriate time but until then do not correspond with them or their muppet dca's.


    Keep us informed as to what you have received,

    this goes on for about 6 months before it gets to the stage where you are best reacting to them


    I have had no letters,just a PCN attached to the windscreen.

  4. This company has a particularly nasty reputation anyway.


    You say that you want to bring things to head. If that is right then the best thing to do would be to sit tight, do nothing and wait till they issue the claim against you. Then go to court over it putting a small counterclaim in for your costs incurred and getting a judgement. Although you probably wouldn't pick up the costs element, you would get the judgement and that would be helpful to wave around.


    If you had some kind of judgement against them then I think that you could usefully complain to their "controlling body" – probably the BPA and also make a direct complaint to DVLC that they have been releasing your personal data to this company that has obtained it improperly.


    You can also make a complaint to the ICO. However I don't think these complaints would attract any interest unless you had a judgement.


    The way to attack these people is to use the only language they know – and that is a court action. Let them begin it and it becomes easy for you. We'll be pleased to help


    Let's see if this happens again,I would love to haul them before the courts.

  5. I recently found a PCN attached to my windscreen from UKPC even though I was displaying a permit.


    The PCN stated that I was not displaying a valid permit,

    although the out of focus pictures taken by them,

    and displayed on their site,

    show the permit on my dashboard.


    I have appealed the PCN and asked that they stop harassing me,

    as this is the second time I have had a ticket whilst displaying a permit.


    What I find frustrating is that rather than cancel the first PCN,

    they simply waited 2 months for it to expire,

    and my guess is this one will probably go the same way.


    As this means I have to not only waste my time appealing these PCN's

    but also have to wait 2 months for a resolution,


    is there any way I can force them to issue a cancellation in a timely manner and to stop this happening repeatedly?


    As it stands,this series of events could go on infinitely and I have far better things to do with my time.

  6. Back in May,

    I received a parking charge to my windscreen from our old friends UKPC.

    I was parked in a loading bay at my storage space and was displaying a permit.



    On the charge notice it stated that I was not correctly parked within the marked bay, although no such markings exist.



    I appealed anonymously, via UKPC online appeals, just giving them the reference number and the car reg.

    My appeal was acknowledged.



    Here we are, almost 60 days later and I have had no reply.



    As we are now over the 56 day I am assuming they will not be pursuing this

    but I have also noticed that they have not been ticketing cars that have been parking in the same loading space without permits.


    Are UKPC still in business?

    If yes,I guess they have lost their contract with the landlords.

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