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  1. Hi I would phone them, the longer you leave it the bigger the bill, I did that, did not receive a bill, I left it, a bit too scared to find out the bill, 8 months later I had a bill for £956.32p, had to have it changed to a key meter to repay the debt. Lolly x
  2. Hi I was with npower at my old address from june 2006-sep 2007, they promised us a fixed price cheaper bills etc. Before this I was with BG using 1100 units per quarter, however npower has my usage down for 4652 per quarter thats 19000 units a year. I was paying them £35 monthly dd, when I received a bill for £928 so we rang them and they wanted £114 a month off us, which we couldnt afford, we had a pre-payment meter installed end of May 2007, a month later we received a letter saying they were not receiving payment on the meter so they sent a new key, then we had a letter again
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