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  1. A month or so ago I posted a thread about Excel failing to turn up in court for a case. This thread has been removed - any reason why?
  2. This is a ticket from a private company, which is worthless anyway. It is not governed by any law, so the details of the "ticket" itself are irrelevant. Put it in a draw and ignore any letters.
  3. Only if they got a court judgement and you didn't pay. Without a court judgement, they have no more power than me writing to you out of the blue saying that you owe me £100. Would you pay that?
  4. The "ticket" is nothing of the sort. Read the stickies on private parking. Don't pay, and ignore whatever letters they send you - however threatening.
  5. Dear VCS I note your use of a template letter, which is found on internet forums such as the Private Parking Companies Forum. I must inform you that no precedent can be set in a Small Claims Case, and your assertion that this is the case constitutes a fraudulent misrepresentation of a material fact. Should you be foolish enough to issue a court claim, I shall await a Judges appraisal of these statements - as well as your paperwork purporting to be of an official nature - with great earnest.
  6. This is really quite amusing. What you have received is a template letter which has been circulated by an acquaintance of ours in PPC circles. It's identical to ones we have already seen from such companies as Excel, and has been concocted to enable PPCs to stretch out the trail of bogroll they send a little bit longer before they give up and move on. Do a search of this forum with some of the text from it and you will see it's come up before. Absolutely nothing to worry about. In any case, VCS are never going to take you to court. Continue to ignore.
  7. Your 17 year old daughter can't be liable for any contractual debt. The case is a complete and utter non-starter for UKPC. If they ever did go to court, revealing she is under 18 would stop them in their tracks.
  8. You are missing my point. The fact is that NO PRIVATE COMPANY whether McDonalds or anyone else has the right to "fine" anybody. The whole private ticketing scheme was simply designed as a money-making [problem] which relies on people believing that tickets issued are official. As soon as the parking company know that their fake tickets have been rumbled, they will back down.
  9. Rob - we are not questioning the time limit in the car park, rather the fact that a Private company is in no way entitled to issue fines.
  10. That's a new approach! I actually started coming on the forums because I got a Parkforce ticket about a year ago. Ignored them ever since and not heard a word!
  11. The best thing you can possibly do is tell as many people as possible not to pay. Then you're hurting them in the pocket - that's the only hurting that really counts!
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