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  1. I received a letter yesterday from the plasterer who was expecting to do my walls; he included the number of the electrician. Although I feel sorry for them if they are now out of work, I do not know if they are the people mentioned in some of the above messages. Obviously some of the workmen they used were OK, but it seems like a lot were not. Having had my conservatory put up 2 weeks ago and finding out the same day that Lifestyle had gone under, I didn't think I'd hear anymore so started sorting out a plasterer and electrician myself. I'm still waiting to see if the window that was the wrong size will get replaced!
  2. About the guarantee, hakeof...did you have a 'customer return form' from IPWFI? This has a return slip to be filled in on completion of the contract. I assume then that the quarantee will come straight from them. Ditto...how did you find out, birdiebird about them going into receivership? I think maybe I have had a bit of a lucky escape-the conservatory arrived on Thursday and the installers came yesterday and today to erect it. Only problem is that one of the front panels is 5cm too narrow. Sounds like I need to sort this out myself with the manufacturers. It's one of those tales you hear of and think it will never happen to you. I really feel for all those other customers out there who are still waiting and don't know what is going on.
  3. Surprise, surprise...our conservatory arrived at 9.00 this morning after threatening to 'take further action' 3 days ago and contacting trading standards. It did not come from the supposed suppliers either, although the materials used are the right ones. The delivery people were very pleasant and said that they had delivered to many irate Lifestyle customers. I am just waiting to see if the units are all there and the correct sizes now. It is a great relief that we seem have got what we have paid for, though I am not under any illusions that the nightmare is over.
  4. Thanks hakedof and martin for your comments. I just feel I want my money back now and I'll get someone else to finish it. I had already seen that they are registered with Worthing chamber of Commerce...it is a good idea to contact them.
  5. I found this site too late. I ordered from lifestyle in August, had base work done in Setember and have since had 3 dates for the delivery of the conservatory units...and am still waiting!!! Like 'Hakedof' it is very difficult to actually speak to anyone. Will I ever get my conservatory? Who knows?
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