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  1. Sorry don't mean to thread steal but if Lowell admit there is no agreement, what happens to the "marks" they are putting on ones credit file ?
  2. I have had dealing with the snotty fu*ckers at moorecroft in the past they tend to back down if you ask to discuss it face to face at there office
  3. Hi They have added around £350 of charges, they have passed it to moorecroft debt recovery who are not been very helpful at the moment.
  4. I belive i took it out online in 2008, when i askef for a credit agreement i got a document i have never seen before
  5. Hi My account went to Moorecoft and i ignored me, next it went to Robinson way then they sent me this I have blanked out personal data but this letter tells me on the account with that reference number and account number there is nil due, Would that be correct ?
  6. Hey My farther was less than £200 over his agreed overdraft limit and got a letter to go to the local branch to talk with a member of staff (back in 2003), he went and explained his issues and asked for a small increase in the overdraft just to help things along, they told him a loan would work out cheaper in the long run. He first agreed to take £5000 but then they tell him its going to be cheaper if you take £10,000 but in the end they ended up selling him a £20,000 loan along with the ppi. On the ppi he was not given the facts eg : that it would expire when he was 65, but to get the "special" loan rate my mother who was not working had to take out there credit card as part of the deal with a starting credit limit of £5000. I have complained to lloyds tsb and they are calling me to discuss my complaint any ideas what i can argue ?
  7. I do belive they get some kind of mole / ferret traning to creep about like they do
  8. Hi I was never told i was making one single payment to the mortgage company, Just was told when i remortgage they will deduct £1680 from the remortgage money and a few weeks later got a welcome letter. Thanks
  9. Hi It was a lump sum one off at the start of the remortgage Thanks
  10. Hi I have only one sheet from the solicitors that set up the remortgage thats is a statment of how the remortgage money was dispursted and 1 from adminicle welcoming me as a customer. Thanks
  11. Hi The amount paid was £1680 on 15th june 2006, i make that 5 years with a total of £2352 as a refund can sombody check that for me before i ask for that on a letter Thanks
  12. Hi After reading all of the agreement i believe i have found something else with the agreement, I have always been told with any type of credit agreement that by law you have a minimum of 14 days in order to cancel it but on this lloyds tsb (look at the uploaded image) that it says its a non Cancellable loan.
  13. Hi I am going to claim my PPI back on a Lloyd's tsb loan after reading on this website i feel it has been mis-sold to me, I paid £4359.69 added on to the loan. The loan was taken out in October 2003, Can anybody help me calculate the intrest that would need to be added to that sum ? Thanks
  14. Hi Yes i have looked at them still alittle unsure of how to put my letter together to them as on one of the stickies more than one point of mis-selling applies to my case, Thanks
  15. Thanks for all your advice If i hear anything other than what i have been advised will update you
  16. Hi I have decided to claim the mis-selling of ppi on my old mortgage account. I will be sending my first letter on 21/02/2011, Can sombody link me to the letter template Thanks
  17. Hi Yes, UKCPS the car park management company. I am unsure how they got my farthers home address. Will they pass this to any type of debt collector ? how long will they try to get me to pay thismore. On the back of the ticket it says about courts ect still ignor them ?
  18. Hey I am writing here on behalf of my father who has many different health conditions. My farther late last year had a full right knee replacement and uses disabled parking bays because he is still unable to bend his knee fully yet and needs to open the car door fully, this can not be done in a standard car bay at this car park. We did spend 10 - 15 minutes before parking trying to find a parking attendant to explain our point but was unable to locate one. When we arrived back at the car after about 20 / 25 minutes we have been given a ticket for £60, We wrote to this company explaining the issues who have wrote back and told us that we must now pay £100 because 14 days has passed, Can anybody help me with these people ?
  19. Hi I spoke with a member of staff in the CEO office who has told me that because the accounts were refinanced then have been sold to a debt collector that they can not refund any charges or change any balance and would not look to issue me the refund in any other means such as cheque. Thanks
  20. Hey, I had 4 shop direct accounts which I was charged a total of £608 until they were all refinanced back in 2009, the refinanced accounts have been told and shop direct advise me they no longer have any type of control over these sold accounts. Shop direct are refuseing to refund the total of £608 in charges on the accounts prior to the refinance. Each time I complaint the same Edited gets assigned the complaint and is only looking at the circumstances back in 2008 and not the circumstances I am in today. Edited has told me that she will not do any refund until all 4 accounts (refinanced ones that have been sold) are fully paid up which I cannot do at the moment.
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