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  1. I contacted the Lloyds TSB (Andover) hardship team and then opened a case but asked me for proof of hardship which I faxed over 2 documents 1 showing that my mortgage lender was allowing me 7 days to pay my arrears or they will apply for an eviction warrant and one from my lenders solicitors showing the same information. Lloyds TSB agreed to refund £1933.00 to help with my hardship but they were not going to credit the money back to my Lloyds tsb account but issue a cheque direct to my mortgage company. I am currently dealing with the council with the Mortgage rescue scheme and have had to sign a type of contract that says I will not make any further payments an d will not contacted the lender in any way. I informed Lloyds tsb of this and they told me either you allow us to issue the check of £1933.00 to your lender or you do not receive a refund. My arrears are nearly £10,000 and they want to make a payment of £1,933.00. I telephoned the lady who is dealing with my case out the council and her advice was to keep the money in my bank account until she has sorted something with the lender or we have to move out of the house. Yesterday I received a letter telling the cheque has been issued but when I contacted the Press director to inform them I will expose this to the press they somehow recalled the cheque but still not willing to pay the refund into my current account. Can anybody give me some advice it’s rather urgent as they told me they will phone back this mooring. Thanks John
  2. Hi They have agreeded to remove the default within 28 days but i have still been declined credit or even a bank account because of there errors Regards John
  3. Hi Can sombody give me some advice please. I had a shop direct account which when i came off work i could not afford the payments and i ended up agreeing to a IBC ( Intrest Bearing Account) which is ment to help people in my situation. They sent me a new credit agreement for the account which i signed and returned in december. The credit agreement was revived then lost in there office. The account which i was in debt with i was still getting phone calls from NDR (Nationwide Debt Recovery) asking the the money i owed. i explined that this account was closed and a IBC was been setup. I found out about a week ago that the new account had never been setup as the paperwork was lost in there office. I have been declined for a current account because of the data they put there on the account which should i been closed. they have also added a defult which they have agreed to remove (within 28 days) but i feel i should be compensated in some way by them. Do i have a case to ask for compenstation. Thanks John
  4. Hi I am looking for a template letter requesting a copy of a signed credit agreement for a bank account overdraft and one also for a shopdirect catalog account. If sombody could please share a template for me that would be great. Regards John
  5. Hi I had the problem with paypal holing over £200 of my money withotu a good reason. i used the post address for the director on the website below and it was all sorted within 48 hours PayPal Problems United Kingdom Regards john
  6. Hi all, I opended my bank account in march 2008 at my branch to have my incapasity benift paid into as i am unable to work due to illness. I had 2 direct debits returned as my benifit was late going in due to a bank holiday. Lloyds TSB charged me £170 for going overdrawn because i was unable to pay the £70 they wanted for the returned direct debits. I phoned in to explain my case and they passed my account to the famous "Lloyds TSB Collections" who set me a tempory overdraft of £400 to cover the next 2 months worth of fees and intrest. I asked the colletions to canle all the direct debits so not to incase the debt. They did not follow my request and direct debits went out and this has happended about 3 times and the over draft has growen from £170 overdrawn to £2420 with all the intrest and charges because the account kept going over its limit because they did not cancle the direct debits like i requested. What would you guys here suggest Regards John
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