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  1. Hi Advise from the fos has been not to cash there £250 check as they advised its a closed account but still waiting for the fos to provide the forms. John
  2. Hi My farther had already had 2 successful claims on the ppi at first they refused the ppi complaint but then when i took it to the fos they upheld the ppi complaint and advised lloyds TSB to refund around £400 which was the amount paid in ppi plus interest minus the 2 successful claims. John
  3. Hi The interest refund was calculated at £6,282 and was agreed in march 2011 and ended up getting credited on December 2011. the loan was for £25,000 including the ppi the £10,709 is what is left after payments and the refund of the interest. The letter in February to confirm the payment and advise the account was closed would have been when the balance was £10,709. john
  4. Can anyone give me some advice on this, there letter with the check for £250 has arrived today
  5. Hi Yes after there "good will gesture" credit to the account back in December the balance they say would be owed is correct but once they had credited the refund the letter saying no more payment was required letter was issued.
  6. Update from Lloyds TSB today, I got a phone call from there customer care who have told me they are sending a letter out today and should receive this tomorrow or Monday, The letter will state the letter that was issued on the Th of February was sent in error and to disregard it and i must contact there consumer debt recovery soon to setup payment arrangement I have not signed any nonacceptance forms but have been told with the letter that they are going to issue there will be a payment of £250 for the distress and upset caused. Can anyone give me some help on this issue
  7. Yes the loan is on the credit reference file with the balance iqor are asking for
  8. They say the letter has been issued in "error" the balance that was still on the account must be paid
  9. Hey Will keep it short, I complained about the mis-selling of the loan, Got a refund of the interest credit back to the loan account in January 2012, and agreement a payment plan. Got the letter from Consumer debt recovery confirming the payment and that the account was closed. The payment book that was meant to have been issued never arrived, See Picture one of the letter 2 days ago got a phone call and today this arrived Lloyds TSB say the first letter was sent in error and told me to bin it (as if i will do that) but say i still need to pay the balance requested by Iqore. I have made a complaint with LLoyds TSB Leeds for the consumer debt recovery complaints just looking for advice on what i should be doing if anything Any advice ?
  10. If it went that far i had to submit a BCOBS claim would there be a member here who could help me file the form ? Thanks
  11. Hi I do feel a £500 compensation payment would be fair to split between both my mother and farther as the extra stress and un-needed upset has made there medical conditions worse over the short term. Would you agree that would be a reasonable amount to claim for ? Thanks
  12. Hey Thanks for the advice, Is there a template / draft that i could edit for the Letter before action ? as when it comes to the letter writing I get very confused with that to put and the correct terms to use. Thanks !
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