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  1. Sorry you have had no answers yet. Can you not go to the bank and ask them to explain the charges? As I said previously, I have charges of £28 on my personal account but not on my business one (and believe me, every charge available to them is on there!). Are you sure it is a charge on your business account? Same with the guarantee charge - NatWest business accounts usually have Solo cards, which are not guarantee cards. Sorry I can't help on the legal stuff.
  2. Hi avocados. Not much help here I'm afraid but be patient. Someone will be along. I also have private and business accounts with NatWest and I recall seeing a charge of £28 somewhere, so I have just been on to the website and looked at the accounts. It doesn't appear on my business account, but it does appear on my private account as a charge. They list the other charges for what they are but not that one. Also, there is no mention of that particular charge in their schedule of fees and charges. Sorry, not much help but at least you have had a reply. Stick in there
  3. Thanks Godmother. Your support is really appreciated. The fight is by no means over yet. Every month that goes by puts me in a stronger position as the debts melt away. My next big task is to make a formal complaint about the amount of security they are holding. I have mentioned it and got just a fuzzy answer, so now I am going to write a formal complaint and if they refuse to reduce it, I'll pass it on to the FO.
  4. Sorry to butt in but I just have to say what a fantastic thread. I've been off the site for several months and thought I would catch up by taking in a few random threads on NW. Having read all the way through this one, I feel quite exhausted (and exhilarated) what a fantastic friend Andyorch is (and, of course, all the other friendly caggers who have supported you). I guess you have another week or so of waiting but sincerely hope the outcome is positive for you so that you can move on your lives.
  5. There is a big problem with the BNP in that their stated views are indeed fascist based and bigoted. However, if you look at their manifesto, there are several areas where the existing 'big' parties could pick up on but, being BNP manifesto statements, would be too frightened to take them up. I hope that tonights QT doesn't just revolve around racism and bigotry but extends to the wider issues of the economy and foreign policy. I will be watching and I do hope that NG gets a lot of egg on his face, but I fear that the debate will degenerate into a single issue. It is unfortunate that Labour can only put up Mr Straw as I don't believe he has the strength of character to really face up to NG.
  6. :) Hi Angel - thanks for still following. It's the inner strength that we all possess that keeps us going. It just takes some of us a little longer to find it. But with all the great people on this site, it does become easier. And you are right, it doesn't matter whether the problem is personal or business, it all boils down to the same thing and is just a matter of scale. UD - I thought the jury was still out on reclaiming unfair charges for businesses? Haven't been around for a while so I may have missed something.
  7. Knew you'd be there UD. Many thanks. I've promised myself at least half an hour on the site daily now, so you can all be prepared to be bored s***less. As you say, both the banks and government have actually done not a lot to help anyone through this downturn (except each other) and I think that their past performances have caused people to realise that they are pretty useless and have buttoned down and got on to helping themselves.
  8. Wow - has it really been that long since I updated this thread? Apologies to everyone who took an interest. First point - absolutely nothing has changed on the banking front. Failed to get anywhere with my proposals for easing the repayment burden on the debts; nothing positive from my MP, only vague utterances about writing to the Chancellor and many businesses being in the same situation; The outcome from the 'new animal' was laughable - call in an insolvency practitioner!!!!!; they have continued to hit us with rejected direct debit charges despite money being paid in regularly (I know, it is done by a Bot, but that is no excuse as far as I am concerned). Second point (and the good news) - We have reduced our debt burden by more than 50,000 since the last post; increased turnover by 8% and maintained the same profit margin so that we have increased our bottom line slightly; continued to meet our creditors in a satisfactory way (albeit a bit late sometimes). Again - huge thanks to all you great guys and gals for the support during the really difficult period. We are not out of the woods yet, but another 6 months should see us through.
  9. Go back to the main NatWest page (the one you accessed this thread from). Near the top of the page is a button 'new thread'. Click on that and away you go
  10. Do you belong to either the Forum of Private Business or the Forum of Small Businesses? (FPB, FSB). The membership fee provides for legal advice on matters such as this.
  11. Haven't been on the site for months (blush) sorry. But this has caught my eye as we also took a NatWest personal loan and were told pretty much the same thing. When we went for a top-up loan, I asked about the Advantage Gold option we had, as I didn't see any reason to continue it. We were told that we could opt out - and I did - verbally, but we are still on an Advantage Gold account. My fault, as I should have chased it up at the time. Having seen this, I will now and see what happens. Thanks for the pointer!
  12. Taxiprinters - Be Aware | printweek.com forums Just to let you know he is still at it! Sorry to anyone who has lost money to this crook
  13. If it wasn't so serious, it would be laughable wouldn't it. I have steadfastly refused to go through the so called 'security questions' when they telephone me and always tell them to write to me at my registered card address. This is putting the boot on the other foot. Do not send them anything - just tell them that you are willing to respond to anything directed to your registered card address, and oh, by the way, you (MBNA) are in default for not complying with a legal request for a SAR.
  14. There is a statutory requirement for an employer to provide terms of employment. I can't quote the source but someone will be able to. However, what you have to realise is - is it better to have a job of some sort or no job at all? Your employer may well be making a sensible decision based on the survival of the company - you will be better placed than I to make that assessment. If you read my other thread, you will realise that being an employer is not always about having a Merc parked outside and expensive holidays. The only way I could keep my business going was to put my employees onto a three day week with overtime when necessary. They accepted the decision because at least they were assured of a regular income, even if not as much as before. My drawings were also reduced by a considerable amount more, even though I have to put in more hours to make up the shortfall caused by reduced hours for the workforce. I would go for option 1 in the first place (safeguarding the job) and then go the investigative route after that. Good luck
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