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  1. had gamma ray surgery 3 weeks ago (brain mets) has anyone had this and if so how long before symptoms started getting better. mine are weakness in my arm and leg on the right side,also should come off steroids this week will that help. really frusteated as cant walk far and really boared with being off sick.
  2. if its really late going home then the owner will probably get rid of it so just feed it and hope it goes wild. because its no good for racing now, alternativley if you can catch it phone the rpra again for the owners tel number.
  3. everything is racist, or sexist its getting very boring. so he said bongo bongon land an unfortunte phrase but it dosent make him racist
  4. well if you nhave written evidence of cacelling take her to court but if you dont and it is a case of she said i said by phone i wouldnt bother.
  5. Does she spend 30mins at each house or does she just bill them for the time she actually spends there?
  6. when i worked for an la they said we had to take time at christmas no big deal its 2 days and as most las seem to be overstaffed i wouldnt make too much fuss about it . i do know how much leave las give and combined with flexi timr its amazing that anyone is ever in work lol, seriously dont make a lot of fuss or get the union involved.
  7. just to say occasionally a peraon who is employed needs access to cash and has a poor credit rating for one reason or another and cant get an ordinary one, dont know if i can suggest this but a reputable pawnbroker may be able to help not a loan shop
  8. oh well sorry just thought it was a bit odd
  9. when i nhad immediate dentures the impression was taken then i went for extractions and dentures atv the same time
  10. I am not saying it doesent hurt but all I am saying is there are different interpretations of urgent
  11. This seems more a matter of being told what to do rather than a genuine desire to buy a gift. tbh why would you want to? most people are actually uncomfortable receiving gifts at work, if you feel that strongly buy everyone a cake or buy them a drink at lunchtime . I actually think gift buying has got out of hand and your employer is right to put a cap on it. and does every last little thing have to be written into a policy? what happened to common sense?
  12. write to them one last time stating that you do not want to be contacted again, the troublre is you aare on a database and I doubt the people who phone you have the authority to remove yor details
  13. got to say an urgent as in really needs to be done now life threatening condition is done right away, it is a matter of perspective, just coz it hurts dosent mean it is urgent
  14. No I think it is quite normal. if she dosent want them to call at home meet them in a local hotel
  15. payday tomorrow showing today as uncleared.with hsbc
  16. We4 would all like a job we want/trained for if you want ton go self employed do so.and stop judging everyone else, just because y6ou are in a bar dosent make you an alcoholic, and as for shoes not even going there.
  17. if you start out with the idea of losing it and you get a days fun out of it why not, we all need to have a laugh/entertainment sometimes, well done:-)
  18. You have to show your card at the time it is in the regs
  19. Get it cut if you want to keep the job, some places set a store by images rightly or wrongly
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