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  1. I'm sure there was more than 13 last time or was i seeing double, and Jules leave the poor kitty alone:eek:
  2. Bring your washing and we'll get the hotel to shove it in lol
  3. I'll have you all know I wasn't sleeping, contrary to what the doctored evidence shows:eek:
  4. After a sudden rush of blood to the head sol WILL be going and no more arguments:grin: Told you sol
  5. Wiping the smile off their face when getting your refunds PRICELESS:D
  6. Well you cant leave me out;) , I promise to stay awake this time tho lol
  7. Well still nothing from messers B O & S not even a demanding phone call, but just got thid from moorcroft Now against the usual advise I have seen on cag regarding phone calls to DCA's I rang them. I offered the fact that this is in dispute and BO&S had clearly not complied with a CCA request and had they bought this alledged debt to which the very nice lady replied "no we have been instructed to collect" After mentioning the CCA request she asked me "is that what you want because I will make a note on the screen and we will get it" so I told her yes and a request will be sent by myself, recorded, first thing tommorrow, then she stated " We WILL get the CCA agreement, no problem we always get them":rolleyes: So duly sent yesterday. so wait and see time. What I would like to know is: How many DCA's can this be passed around to ( and the £1 each time) or am I approaching this the wrong way???? If the first one cant produce then the second one probably wont but where does it stop!!!
  8. Thankyou pmhcfc. I've scanned the copy sent to me, hope this comes out, obvious details have been blanked, nothing on reverse or other papers just this single one. and reading through recent posts on http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/36665-cabot-again-urgent-help.html still makes me think it is only the application, but, when you get that niggling doubt at the back of your mind its enough to drive you nuts
  9. Hi, were to start,hmmm. I have recovered my bank charges from Halifax and in the process have started on my C/C, whilst I must say that it was in default, due to lack of money at the time, then it passed to Blair Oliver & Scott. I have Cca’d Bos on the 20th December by recorded delivery and received a copy of supposed agreement inside the calender month deadline, enclosed was a slip which states, handwritten, “copy of application as requested” so on further examination of said “application” I notice that it appears to be just that, an application, no terms and conditions , no credit limit or APR, just “Credit Card Application” on the top but also under that Credit Agreement Regulated By The Consumer Credit Act 1974. Is this a copy of a properly executed agreement or not???????? If not what course of action if any should I take. I have read many of the threads and subscribed to quite a few too and read so much my head hurts( especially tbern123 enthralling saga) but need to be clear in my mind that it is NOT an agreement . Thanks in advance for any info on this
  10. Have a look in here for more info County Court Fees but just checking on fees/exemption and it states Your gross annual income is less than £15460 and you and your partner receive Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit between you. HM Revenue & Customs send you an award notice that shows your annual income. This is your gross annual income. If it is more than £15,460, the court may suggest that you apply for remission. If you receive Working Tax Credit, the award notice will show if you receive a 'disability element' or 'severe disability element' So you may not be far away as this amount differs from the earlier amount, have you got your last P60
  11. The fee you will have to pay to the court will depend on the amount you are claiming, including interest. You will have to pay a court fee unless: you or your partner receive Income Support; you or your partner receive Pension Credit guarantee credit; you receive Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance; your gross annual income is £15,050 or less, and you receive Working Tax Credit with a ‘disability element’ or ‘severe disability element’; your gross annual income is £15,050 or less and you and your partner receive Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit between you; If you show that the payment of a court fee would involve undue hardship to you, the Court Manager may reduce the fee or “remit” (say you do not have to pay) the fee. I would presume the cut off is the £15,000 as above so if you are below this you should be ok hope this helps.
  12. Data Protection Complaints – Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) but they will take as long, i wouldstart court action for non compliance as found here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html
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