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  1. Omg never have I encountered such hassle from a DCA as this company! They have phoned me 19 times since Friday! I have kept a log of all the calls, They have sent me 5 text messages and 2 emails this is all in the space of 5 days! They called yesterday morning 3 times between 8am and 9am! They have also today sent me a doorstep collection notice! And all this hassle is for £9 That I owe Ebay in fees which I will be paying on Thursday but I do not want to pay this company as they are demanding £22?? How it has went from £9 to £22 I have no idea!! Yesterday Ebay sent me another reminder for the
  2. Hi Stigman, Nothings on my credit file regarding this, The debt was taking out around 2005 last payments I would say 2006 I also live in Scotland! I will send a letter off asking them the above! Thanks
  3. Hi folks Lowells have contacted me recently about a old la redout catalogue debt which I was positive IT was statute barred but they said otherwise so I requested a cca and the sent me a letter saying because it is an old account the original creditor has been unable to locate it and they were leaving it for now but may be back in touch if they find it!!, Then today They have sent me a letter saying they are not obliged to send me the original copy and they have sent me a copy of what mine would look like and saying I would have signed it at the time the credit agreement was taken out, It was
  4. Is it that how works, Ok thats a bit of a relief then! I will await and see if and what they send, Thanks
  5. It is me they are looking for cause I answered once and they asked for me, I told them writing only that was over a week ago and they haven't sent anything to me yet! Im just a bit concerned because normally when a dca phones me they only phone once or twice and send letters, But cabot seem consistant :/
  6. Hi I have been getting phone calls daily for the last 2 weeks from cabot yesterday they called me 5 times between the space of 4 hours! I have answered once and said writing only but they are continuing to call! I haven't had any letters from them so have no idea what it is concerning! I have checked both call credit and experian but can't see anything from cabot! I don't have a call blocking service on my mobile to block them So I just cut them off!! How can I find out what it is concerning without actually engaging in a conversation with them? W
  7. I'll just tell him to send the statute barred letter, I've dealt with Lowells myself but never had a letter from them like this one it did actually make me chuckle a bit with their great news lol, My brother doesn't pay council tax anyway as both him and his partner are full time students.
  8. My brother just showed me a letter he received today from Lowells i've had quite a few myself from them but nothing like this!!, At the top of the letter it says Great news! You may not have council tax or water rates to pay and then goes on to say you are possibly leaving us with no other option but to use the county court to recover the balance but you will pleased to know that during the months of Febuary and March there is no council tax or water rates to pay and therefor you will be better of by £150 this is the perfect time for you to get your lowell account in order. The debt is an
  9. Why do they need to provide a I&E??? They have no right to this, I have been asked for this from many dca's and I have simply told them No, I tell them what I am paying and it's never been more than a couple of pound if they are not happy tough, Not one of them has done anything about it. Apart from their usual threats!
  10. Yes positive of the dates, I'll get a letter sent out to them hope and hopefully that will be it.
  11. I received a knock at the door this morning by the postman it was a letter with my full name but no flat number just the street, So I took it and its from capquest saying they have purchased my account from sky card and I owe £2854.83 however they are authorised to accept a full and final payment of £1427.43 to settle my account and stop all collection activity which means no more phone calls (haven't had any), no more letters (only had this one I think) and stop visits from door stop collectors (not had this either they don't have my correct address anyway). I did have a sky card back i
  12. Hi i live in a block of flats and yesterday the postman knocked on the door and showed me 2 letters both in my name but to 2 different flat numbers neither of which was my flat just the stair number is correct! I took the letters and both say the same threatening a doorstep collection, Also the debt is an old next account which i disputed with the last dca chasing it and they admitted to me in writing they couldn't supply me with a cca which i requested, this was sometime back and i've heard nothing till now! How would i deal with this? I'm glad the postie knows me as i hate the thought of deb
  13. Yes i signed paperwork, I think i'll go to my mums on friday cause i really don't think i speak to the agent! Would i need to phone the main office? Do you think it would be ok for my mum to contact them for me? Cause i get upset really easily i suffer severe anxiety and when trying to explain myself i get in a bit of a state so it's not easy for me to speak to people thats why i'm really worried about the agent , My mum doesn't know how much i owe and will probably be quite upset to that i've been leaving myself with nothing!
  14. I just feel really bad and ashamed! The provident manager actually phoned me last week saying she was doing a promotion and offering all greenwoods customers a loan with them she offered me £300 saying she could bring it round the day after! I told her i would just leave it and she phoned again today! It's just a new greenwoods agent i've got and she was a bit huffy when i only offered £30 2 weeks ago! I can only imagine how she will react if i can't pay what i owe! It's the thought of her coming to my house , I really hate this but i honestly can't afford it and i know it's my own fault
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