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  1. ey up! a friend rang me the other night to tell me he had looked up his pesonal info on 192.com and was agast at what was listed there. i have refered him to this site to obtain a sect 10 form and send it off to 192.com people finder site and get his data removed. Please keep telling your friends and family to check their data held and sold by this site.
  2. keep telling your friends and family to check their data on 192.com and get them to send off the s10 form and get their stuff removed.
  3. my data has gone too, but I will be keeping a weather eye on things all the same and of course ALERTING family and friends etc to their data stored and sold on by 192.com
  4. a plague on these cheapskate councils that sell on our data to shady so called businesses.
  5. good point count orlock! with regards to the consumers who have letters already drafted, ready to send to their MP's. if 192.com do not remove the data in the time frame, WHY wait! send them anyway because this outfit needs shutting down. we are lucky inasmuch as we have found the site and are doing something about it.what about the people who have never heard of the site and do not know that their data such as tel No. DOB. and mothers maiden name is their for all the [problematic] and lowlifes of society to see.can I remind you, if you find yourself on this site and are appalled, then please
  6. good on you Steven, keep up the pressure on them and don't forget to tell your friends and neighbours.
  7. All personall info was on screen for everyone to see, but now after all this ruckus the 192 aliens have battened down the hatches, hoping it will all blow over.and as someone on this forum said, it's important to take a screen shot of any useful or offending data/info.
  8. ey yup!Iv'e just had a peep at 192.com site and mine and friends details are all blanked out????????? cunning eh!has anybody else checked the site?Is this a sneaky beaky trick to head off any scrutinisation by the authorities, cos heaven knows iv'e written to plenty.
  9. well spotted Bill!I'm thinking of abandoning registering on the electoral roll.maybe then I can have some peace of mind and not be worrying that some four eyed spotty faced council accountant has not proffited from the sale of my data to cunning sites like 192.com etc.
  10. thanks kurvaface.does this 192.com topic need to be listed elswhere on this site so that it gets maximum exposure.owen
  11. very good lenny.keep passing it on.just going to bump this up.owen
  12. well done hillards, Iv'e posted mine off and really urge anyone new looking at this thread to check their details and information held on them by 192.com and do as we have done and send off demanding that they remove the said information pronto! after all I never gave them permission to use my info.links to the forms you will need to get this done are on this thread.owen
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