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  1. Thank you! No, I don't believe they did... I guess it could be in the small-print somewhere
  2. Hi all! I was behind with payment to Southern Water & recently paid a first instalment online after receiving one of their red letters. Soon after I received a letter from Moorcroft (attached) stating I should not pay direct to SW anymore. My question is, should I continue to pay direct to Southern Water, or should i acknowledge Moorcroft & deal with them directly? Many thanks!
  3. UPDATE: Response received today via standard/first class post. The letter is from the collection agency dated 16/04/2016 and states that my "dispute/query has been noted and that all collection activity will cease while they make the necessary enquiries". Am I right in thinking that if my CCA request isn't honoured within 12 working days the debt becomes unenforceable? Thanks!
  4. Thank you! That's gone off this morning, I'll post their reply if I get one!
  5. I'm usually happy to ignore letters from debt collectors but this one seems to be more definitive in its terminology. Do you think I should I make the CCA request to Robinson Way? I've never contacted them before. TIA!
  6. Hello everybody I'm Larry, I'm a long time reader of CAG but haven't posted in a while. I'd like to start by saying a belated thank you to CAG and it's members for posts relating to NCP fees that I used, to full effect, a couple of years back with great success! My problem is credit cards; I've been a student for 5 years and worked up a lot of CC debt, I've paid off some but struggled with three others, namely Egg, Santander and Virgin/MBNA. They've all fallen into arrears and I have a hefty backlog of threatening letters. The update is that I've been writing to all companies u
  7. Thanks guys! Yes I have received 2 letters from The solicitors... so I'm hoping that's the end of it. If only more people knew how to deal with this sort of thing, these types of intimidating practices would surely fade out and be replaced with fairer, clearer systems.
  8. Hello all, I just wanted to upload all the letters I've had so far. In case anyone was interested in the progress, but also it would be great to get some more feedback and/or advice. I was told in the beginning that they would send 4-5 increasingly threatening letters before giving up and going away, well I've now received 5. I have not contacted them or sent anything (as advised), they are still sending to my previous address. I remain confident, as I was told to park where I parked and my photos of my bike contradict the original "violations". But it would sti
  9. Thanks pal I took the advice from members on here and just ignored all of their correspondence. They are sending the letters to my previous address, throughout the process I've considered posting the letters back marked simply 'no longer at this residence'... I guess it makes more sense to just ignore them. Hopefully they'll give up soon.
  10. I'm now on my 5th increasingly threatening letter ('Notice of intended legal action' from a solicitor). Just out of interest, if these threats were genuine, for example, would it go to court or would the bailiffs come straight round? What would the process be?
  11. Hi Guys, as predicted I received the first letter regarding this charge: Is this as you predicted? Has anyone had this before? Interestingly it was sent to my previous address and forwarded on to me.... I was told to not send them anything, but maybe it would be worth sending it back marked "no longer at this address"?
  12. Hi guys, thanks for your help so far.... Here is the scan of the ticket i was unfairly given: You sound very confident that I can ignore this/get away without paying.... I've never done this before, what's the process? What will happen next if I do choose to ignore it? Thanks a bunch!
  13. Hi As far as I can tell, it's a private NCP car park.... How can I find out for sure? What's a "private PPC "invoice""? Thanks thanks
  14. Hi everyone , I'm a little overwhelmed by all the advice available here.. .. There are so many suitable threads for this one, I thought I could post here and hopefully a very friendly admin could move it to the right place. I'd really appreciate any advice or suggestions on what I should do, I was going to appeal via the channels printed on the back of the ticket..... Here is my predicament: I got a parking fine yesterday, £50, in an NCP car park in Brighton, after parking my bike where the ncp attendant told me to park it! They stitched me up on: Viola
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