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  1. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone can give me any advise. I received a letter from TSB stating i could claim for mis-sold ppi on an old loan. I filled out all the information and sent it back. I then received a letter saying they had received it and was looking into my complaint. Today i received a letter stating they are not paying out. Reason are 1)The credit Agreement require additional consent in the form of a click to confirm box to confirm that you wanted ppi policy to be added to your loan It therefore be concluded that you did knowingly consent
  2. Hi Ida, I have always paid by DD, but they have cancelled it. I don't want to give them an excuse to say i have missed a month, so i will pay on-line this month. I just can't believe that they are demanding half the balance at once. I think its because i own my own home (mortgaged). The girl said as much when i spoke to her. They knew the balance last year and accepted £50 per month, so why come so heavy handed now?, but i have the fighting spirit in me now, and i will do anything i can to protect my home. Lets hope i can keep this spirit up.
  3. Hi Ida and Rory, Thanks for your replies. I am feeling a lot better today and in the fighting mood. I cannot believe the lies that these people tell you in order to scare you. First they tell me the council has instructed further action, but when talking to the council, they say they have'nt. They deny talking to the council who was phoning on my behalf, but have told them i had cancelled my DD, when in fact it was them, (so they must have talked to them)I am going to pay on-line, so that they can't say i have missed a payment. I got a letter today, saying that they won't accept a hi
  4. Hi Folks, I'm back again. I received a letter from Scott & Co yesterday morning, threatening me with sequestration. I was worried sick, so i phoned them, and they want half of the debt (2500) up front then they would arrange a plan with me. I told them i did'nt have that amount of money, but she was adamant that was they wanted. I phoned the local council to see if they could help, but although the woman was nice on the phone, and phoned Scott & Co for me, she said it was up to them how they recover the money. She said the letter i had received from them, was not instructed by
  5. Hi Ida, Thanks for your reply. I'll send off the i&e form over the weekend. This time i'll keep a copy. I'll also get the DD changed to a standing order as well. I never thought of that. I did wonder if they were on the "chance" here. It is a year ago since i had any dealings with them, so they must be reviewing their cases and thinking this is the time to get payments upped!. Thanks again
  6. Hi Folks, I am back again a year on. I eventually came to an agreement with Scott & Co to pay £50 per month towards my arrears and paid by DD. I am also paying my current years council tax by DD. I received a letter this morning from Scott & Co stating that outstanding balance is £4989.83 and that the £50 is not making any inroads to the debt. They have enclosed a new i&e form for me to fill in with the view to increasing my payment. It aslo states that if i do not respond, they will cancel my DD and further action will be taken. I do realise that the debt will take fore
  7. Hi Elsa, I'm glad to know that someone else is up early on a Sunday morning lol. I have been reading the posts suggested by havinastella, and they make for good reading. My cca letter will be sent directly to Littlewoods tomorrow. I'm not disputing the fact that i have an account with them, its the second account they say i have, that i'm disputing. Plus the fact i have 2 DCA's chasing me, and the amounts are different as well. Do i have to cca the DCA's as well as Littlewoods? All Littlewoods sent to Debt Managers was a spreadsheet with 3 years transactions on it, and to be hon
  8. Thanks Elsa, I forgot i was leaving on Friday, and i don't want him going to my neighbours asking where i am. I'm normally quite a strong person, but this carry on with littlewoods has left me completely baffled. I can't understand why there is 2 DCA's on the case with 2 different amounts and accounts!. If i leave it to go to court, then surely the sherrif would see what a mess this is. Thanks for the support, this gives me the boost to see this through. Anne
  9. Thanks guys for your responses. I will take great delight in telling him to bog off, then firmly shutting the door. You have given me the backbone to do this. Anne ps. Have just remembered that i won't be here on Friday, i'm off to visit my son for the weekend. I hope he does'nt go to my neighbours doors.
  10. Thanks David for your reply. Thats what I'll do.............tell him its in dispute and take no c**p from him lol. Anne
  11. Thanks guys for your replies. All Littlewoods sent was a statement for the past 3 years, with my original account number. There is no mention on there for the £6 sandals i bought (in a sale). The alleged second account would have been the £6 sandals and the rest would be charges. It also says i defaulted on the 16/02/09 and the balance £206.72 was sold. I don't understand why i have 2 DCA's harrassing me. In total they allege i owe in the region of £650!!. There is no way on earth i am owe that. I will send off the letters on Monday and wait for the 12+2 days to pass. I am willing t
  12. Hi Folks I wonder if anyone could tell me what to do here. I had an account with Littlewoods from 2006'ish, and paid regularly. Out of the blue about a year ago, i recieved a statement with another account number on it, saying i was owe then £206. I checked to see if my name was on the statement and it was. I phoned Littlewoods, and got a nasty woman, who told me it was my second account!. I told her i did'nt have a second account, why would I when i have one already. It turned out it was for a pair of sandals i had ordered, and instead of adding them to my account, a new one was ma
  13. Thanks Ida for your reply, I have printed off the time to pay form. Meanwhile i have made another i&e and this time i have written out everything i owe each month, so fingers crossed. (including sky!) This is a great site and it makes you feel that you are not the only one going through this.....Thanks again
  14. Hi and thanks for your replies. I will send off another i & e form today. I must admit i did get confused when making out the other one. When i spoke to the young girl on the phone yesterday, and i told her that i could'nt afford the £65, she had a look at my form and said " i see you have sky tv". She deemed that a luxury. Its only the basic package. I am worried that they will arrest my wages, as they said it would be £145 they would take off. Do you think i could e-mail in the i & e form to them, or am i better sending it by post? I would also include the letter that ida gav
  15. Hi, I regularly read this board and so would like some advice to my dilemma. I have outstanding council tax arrears, which was due to me still receiving a discount for my son who was in an apprenticeship. I honestly forgot to inform them of his completion of this. There was no mention of anything until out of the blue last year, i got a letter from the council asking about when he completed his apprenticeship. The result is i am owe them thousands in back dated tax. I am at my wits end. I got a letter from Scott and Co, 2 weeks ago, threatening wages arrestment. I phoned them up, and
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