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  1. Oh, dear looks like NCP have issued this ! What are the chances of being taken to court on this one???
  2. Day 1 of getting a ticket. Each time I recieve a warning letter to pay I wil post here.
  3. Hi everyone. Just a quick update: The DVLA has sent me a letter advising that it will be changing, and updating its forms and implementing new procedures. Wonder why that is. I am hoping to have some good news about the DVLA for you some time in 2011, maybe sooner. Until then, have a great Christmas & New Year.
  4. UPDATE: 13/07/10 Just to keep you boys and girls up to date. Had a long meeting on Saturday with the MP. PHSO form is now being investigated. Keep watching this space We have 260 complaints now. please make your complaint known here All complaints are being kept on this page.
  5. Hi Watchdog is being used as a holding pen for complaints only. MP's are involved. Thanks for the advice anyway..
  6. Hi everyone: As promissed, My story has not only gone in one publication, it has to my surprise gone into 2 newspapers. I have attached the online edition for you to have a read. West Sussex News This Is Sussex Please can i ask you all to keep posting your complaints about the DVLA: Send Your DVLA Complaints Here I have a lot of work to do. please can I ask you to keep posting your complaints. My mission as you know is to change the way the DVLA run.
  7. Hi everyone. Just a quick update! Just to let you know, I have been told my story will be coming out tomorrow in another publication (Wednesday 30/06/10) in the paper. As soon as this is confirmed I will send a link. My PHSO form has gone off. Next stage is I have a few meetings. If you want to complain about the DVLA, could I ask you to post your DVLA complaint here please:
  8. Hi UPDATE: Its been an interesting morning, on my mission to expose the DVLA for fining people unlawfully. I am now getting feedback from news papers. My story will be published next week. I will in due course provide you the link and details nearer the time. It does not stop at just one paper, we are talking many. All that I ask, that you post your official DVLA complaints on the Watchdog Site. Its easy to control and easy to read. There is a route we are taking and we are clear what we want to achieve. Cheers
  9. UPDATE: 21/06/10 I have finished compleating my PHSO form. This will be sent of this week. The form below is ONLY to be used if all else has failed with regards to the DVLA. It needs to be signed by your MP. Please also remember to post your Official DVLA Complaints Here. I have been told, Watchdog may follow this up. So, really important that we post our complaints. Please ask your friends, people that you work with, to post their complaints. PHSO DVLA Complaint Form.pdf
  10. Rudy691 Ask your self this question! Did you send your V5 off to the DVLA as requested by law? If you did, then how can you be guilty. The DVLA are nothing to worry about, they are like Rogue Clampers. You need to make sure you are clear 100% in your head dates/times when you sent of the form.
  11. Rudy691 relax mate: read this and do the last bit To take the legal arguments a step further: 1. The Universal Postal Union (of which Britain is a signatory) makes it clear that, in the UK, post becomes the property of the recipient at the moment it is committed to the Royal Mail. 2. The Interpretation Act 1997 s7 makes it clear that a document sent by first-class post is deemed served. If the sender has proof of posting (or a witness), the DVLA's letter of acknowledgement is a mere distraction. if you got no proof of sending the V5, you can swear an affidavit that t
  12. Hi Rudy Just need you to provide me with solid dates please. Its very important that you know your times, dates and facts. Courts need to make sure you are sure. You hesitate you lose.. On Friday August 21st 2009 you sold your car - is this correct? On Sunday August 23rd you sent your V5 off - is that correct? On Friday August 7th you moved out of your house - is that correct? So, it seems the new keeper informed the DVLA that he/she is now the new owner from September 1st 2009, however according to the DVLA you was still showing registered to this vehicle because they did n
  13. Hi Don’t feel intimidated by the DVLA, it is well known that their system is falling down and does not work. If you sent the V5 and you follow the advice you will win. When you do win make sure you post your claim number Need to ask you some questions: What date did you sell your car? what date did you send of your V5? what date did you move to new house? You dont need proof of posting! I Have a freedom of Information Request I made to the DVLA trying to find out if they lose mail. DVLA confirmed that items do go missing. I am happy to send this to you for your defe
  14. FOI (Freedom of information request) are a great tool. I have sent over to many to mention. This is costing them money. More then £80 for my illegal SORN fine. Remember every time to write to them include links that shows they have messed up. Dont just send it to one department send it to many. Send it BCC to individual email addresses to staff, staff will just want to click on the links to have a look. Human Nature. Yes its a game we are starting to win. Your post did make me laugh! Remember they are not the government, they are a private company working as an agency. ...................
  15. Avante, you have to laugh! Ok UPDATE everyone Things are still happening. However I need you to post your complaints here please on the official Watchdog Programme. It's evidence for later on. I have been going through paper by paper to get them to write about the DVLA. It looks good. Reasom why its taking a long time, the papers are waiting for a response from the DVLA before they can publish anything. This is what we are requesting the DVLA implement to make the SORN fairer: Official Complaint Process – must be independent Official Appeals Process - must
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