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  1. Hello - I have a question: My landlord has twice made reference to having received information about my account at the local credit union. There was a mix-up with housing benefit payments, we wound up in arrears, but the council have finally sorted it out and put money in out account. Today we got a text message from the landlord saying 'I know benefit payment has been paid into your account, contact XXX and get it transferred to my account.' My landlord socializes with employees of this institution, and I would like to know if it is legal or illegal for our financial institution sharing information about when payments come in with my landlord. Can anybody offer any advice, links, statutes, please? Many thanks in advance for reading my story.
  2. Wow - can one do that? I've never heard of this so I will have to take a look - after I give the baby a bath:). Thank you so much for your help!
  3. Thank you very much for that! How exactly does the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts legislation work? Is it actually law an overrides unfair clauses in contracts like this? I don't know what you think but my instinct is not to trust a word their solicitor says or (more commonly in this instance) what they tell me their solicitor says. Their solicitor is their hired hand and so I tend to think that anything they say might be quite skewed and manipulative. I really would be interested to know exactly what they've told their solicitors.
  4. ...from an email between them forwarded to me: "We have been in further discussions with our solicitors and there is certainly no question of the tenant refusing access to the property. As discussed we will organise a suitable escort for you and will be prepared to take necessary legal action on the day. If the tenants remain in situ and we go to hearing on the 25th, for which we, you and our solicitors are already totally prepared, it is very important that the current state of the property be illustrated for the purpose of calculating compensation. As you know, we have photographs and video footage of the newly renovated and immaculate property - taken (and dated) the morning that XXXXXX moved the tenants into the property."
  5. Thanks guys for the comments and support. I can't say how helpful it's been just to have a place to tell my story. This situation feels to me very much like being covered with fire ants. Thanks again, folks.
  6. She sent a scan of the letter, which was addressed to me and my wife. The scan was almost too small and blurry to read, but I think I have it figured it out. It begins with everybody's names and addresses, then 'Dear So and So...' "RE: (your property) According to clause 2.13 of the Tenancy Agreement dated 15th August 2006 you have agreed with the Landlord "To permit the Landlord or her agents with or without workmen or others at all reasonable times during the tenancy to enter into and upon the Premises and examine the state and condition thereof." The Landlord's agent has given you adequate notice, and you are obliged to allow the Landlord's agent to conduct the inspection which is a contractual obligation. The tenants are notified for the purposes of the Landlord Tenant Act 1987 sections 47 and 48 that the name and address of the Landlord's agent is..... Yours Sincerely, XXXXXX (solicitor)" ... To me it seems this specifies nothing more than the law. It does not address our refusal to open the door. It does not address my refusal to allow photographs. Our contractual obligation was fulfilled by the inspection last weekend. I don't actually think my landlords and agent (a member of their family) have been totally forthright with their solicitors. And, as the law says, 'at all reasonable times,' which I say this is not.
  7. "Dear Mr ---------- Thank you for you email. May I suggest you take some advise re the drafting of these communications as decipherring any meaning or logic from your tirades has become quite time consuming and tedious. Please note that your permission to inspect 31 Robertson Rd has never been requested, nor required. Please find attached below a letter confirming the legality of the inspection provided by Bartletts Solicitors. A hard copy has been posted to you today. Unless you are able to provide a sound legal argument, in writing, from a contactable lawyer by close of business tomorrow, the inspection will go ahead. I look forward to seeing you at 1300 on Saturday. If you refuse to allow my entry you will be breaking the law. Kind regards -------" This is only one of many emails like this in tone. I an certain they intend to break in this weekend.
  8. Thanks for the replies, friends. My reasons for not wanting to let them in to take photos are: 1) They were just here last weekend and conducted a detailed inspection. 2) There is no necessity for them to photograph the home with all of our belongings still in it. 3) We are actually in the process of moving out at this time. 4) I have a 21 month old son in the house. 5) I have difficulty with my health because of anxiety and PTSD. 6) They are already evicting us. 7) They are already taking us to court. I can see nothing in the law that says I have to let them in for something I find unreasonable. The visit would serve no other purpose but to intimidate us. From the messages I received from them, I do believe they intend to force entry on Saturday. What can I do?
  9. Hi everybody, I am new to this wonderful forum and unfortunately have to go right to posting a question as I have a serious problem. My landlords served an eviction order on us some time ago, and the date we are supposed to move out is the 15th. We are being taken to court on the 25th. The background is that we had been in and out of arrears for several months prior to the notice. In August our hot water and central heating system broke down (the boiler) and the landlords took 22 days to repair it. During this time we learned that the last CORGI inspection expired two years before we moved in. There is more detail if needed but suffice it to say we got into conflict and were served with notice. Our landlords' agent turned up last with for a pre-arranged inspection of the house. She attempted to take photographs and I refused to allow her to do so. She and her associate went around the house taking detailed notes and spent 45 minutes to an hour on the property. She told me shed be back the following week to take picture, and I told her only if I decided to give her permission. Now they (the landlords and their agent) are still insisting I allow them into the property this week so they may take pictures, saying all they require to cover them legally is the 24 hour notice. My belief is that I am not obliged to allow them in to take photographs. I think it is an unreasonable request and that I can refuse to allow them in. I believe this for several reasons, including that they had a thorough inspection the weekend before, that it is unreasonable for them to come back again and take photographs while we are in the process of moving out and our home is in disarray and our nerves are on edge. I think it is reasonable to insist that they wait to take pictures until we have left the property, and that their insistence of taking photos of 'damage' while our house is a big mess is a form of harassment. Additionally, they are aware that I have a big problem with anxiety for which I must take daily medication. I just don't think it is fair or honest. We will turn the property over to them when we can in good shape and there is no pressing repair that needs to be done to give them an excuse to demand access. Is there anyone who could offer me some sound advice on this? I absolutely do not want to allow them into the property to take photos and do not intend to. I have warned them that they do not have my permission and they are still insisting on coming anyway. Can I lawfully keep them out? Can I ask the police for help if they try to use a key to get in when I refuse to allow entry? Do I have a case for harassment, all this taken with the CORGI certificate, the fact that they never paid for a broken window we had to pay for etc? Thank you in advance for you thoughts on the matter!
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