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    Egg loan - CCA - Help!

    A big please added to the above request for help! Any thoughts or opinions would be really appreciated and I am hoping to work out how to upload this darned 2 page CA tomorrow, I promise. Thanks again Js
  2. Hi nicatki. Wow. So many things you need help on and so many complications! I will try to address a couple of them but my priority advice would be to get yourself to the CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) fast. As far as dealing with creditors is concerned, if you get the CAB to step in and help you, the calls and stuff will stop. They are obliged to deal with the CAB once you ask them to help and they take your case on; and I'm sure they will if you explain all of this to them. Also as regards repossession hearings. Take heart. If you are trying to work your way out of it, cooperating and making payments, they probably won't get possession. It's possible that they may get a suspended possession order which means they can apply for possession if you don't make the agreed payments. And the courts are surprisingly supportive of people who are in trouble and trying as opposed to sticking their heads in the sand and trying to ignore serious financial problems. The CAB should be able to help make sure you don't get bullied or scared into commiting to payments you can't actually make which virtually guarantees you losing your house eventually. And you should try to get agreement to monthly payments. Knowing the banks, four or five payments is just more chance for one to get buggered up so think about that - even if you have to put the money weekly into a deposit account to make sure it doesn't get muddled with money for other purposes. The advisors will help you work thro the budget properly and make sure you know exactly what's coming in and going out and help get you agreements with the priority lenders to keep you in your home. Whatever you do in the meantime, DO NOT let anyone else bully you into paying someone else's debts again. (No baliff can enter your premises and seize goods if you don't let him in so don't be intimidated - tell them to show you ID, write their details down, tell them the debtor does not and never has lived with you and that you will call the police if they don't leave your property and continue to harrass you. It's tantamount to demanding money with menaces!) Talk to the CAB advisors about getting that back if you can and making complaints about their behaviour. I'm sorry you're having such a rough time of it but you appear to have options at this point so get the help you need and make sure if there are court hearings that you're there, prepared, with correspondence to show what you are doing and what you've offered, and show that you're getting help and seriously trying to sort yourself out and you will be surprised how helpful the judges can be. Mine denied the other side's requests for another hearing to review the payments agreed, gave then only a suspended possession order to allow me to sell (which was what I wanted to do) and told the bank's solicitor to go back and tell his client that HIS court was not run to suit the bank's credit control department and that they should take the offer of payment and leave me alone rather than continue to make my life a misery! He then wished me luck and sent me on my way. I wanted to cheer! What a hero! Keep smiling... and make that appointment with the CAB now! best Js
  3. I've got a problem with Egg dating back to 2005/6 which has just reared its ugly head again and I'm looking for some help. Loan dates back to 2004. Borrowed for myself and ex. Got into financial trouble around fairly cataclysmic separation from ex and closure of business in 2005. Tried to settle this back when house sold and they refused £16k on £20k o/s. Been paying £1 a month since then. About a year or so ago they threatened to 'review' the payments and I updated them on the fact that I've been ill and not working so no income. They sent me an agreement to the £1 payments again BUT with a review in just a few months. I sent a CCA request and they returned it. No review happened, suprise surprise. They wanted all sorts of information and history which I was told I was not obliged to provide so I ignored it. All went very very quiet. I took advice and was advised (perhaps wrongly I suspect now) to continue paying the £1 and let sleeping dogs lie. Then out of the blue a month ago I get a letter from a DCA (Moorcroft) acting on behalf of Egg, containing the usual threats and demanding immediate settlement of the full amount. Took some advice and sent them a CCA. Copied this to Egg expressing suprise as the agreed payments continue to be made; demanding compliance with their duty to provide the CA and full statement which I will need for my upcoming divorce settlement/negotiations. (The only thing I've had from them in between was a nonsensical statement with an opening balance of zero and my £1 payments.) And telling them that I was not obliged to provide them with anything further. They've now sent me a CA which looks okay EXCEPT that it's two separate pages - ie the signature is on second page and all the necessary stuff - amount of loan, interest rate, apr and payment details - are on the first. I will find out how and try to upload said CA. The letter is just 3 lines... further to your recent request, pleasure in enclosing a copy of your signed CA in accordance with your rights under the CCA and a copy of your t&Cs (which constitute another 3 pages - with interestingly something redacted/blacked out in the opening para - so I shall try to upload that too.) Hoping to find some advice on what on earth I do now. thanks everyone. Js
  4. Cool! Here we go then. And thanks again.
  5. Thanks CCM. I assume this means that you think this is a ruse to avoid providing or admitting they cannot provide the agreement? Excellent. I do have one small issue... and that is that the CCA letter was accidentally mailed by ordinary post. (I know! I know!) Sorry I should have mentioned it before. Clearly they had it tho as they sent it back and refer to it in their letter as my recent correspondence. I could just send it again properly this time and see what happens? Then move to this stage? Can I really just ignore their request for previous addresses?
  6. I have done that... the reply came as detailed above asking for further identifying details in order to comply. They've returned my original letter and the postal order. I'm wondering if I can stop payments til as they clearly can't comply or whether I am obliged to give them all this info to help them 'find' me as it were.
  7. Hi Creditcardmug, Thanks. I wondered if this might all affect me. I think the loan dates back to about 2004 but I can't be absolutely sure of dates. I've moved a couple of times and haven't got the original papers to hand. I don't think it's old enough to make a difference is it?
  8. Well, I've had a reply from Egg but it's not my credit agreement as requested! They have returned my letter and the postal order with a letter that says they are unable to locate me on their systems! They want the following: Full name and any previous - altho I gave them my name Any products and account / card nos - I gave them their reference Current address - um...? That'll be the one on the letter. Previous addresses - fair enough I suppose but how did they find me? Email addresses, current and previous - which I'm not inclined to provide frankly This strikes me as very odd because how did they write to me and give me a 'debt management plan' less than 8 weeks ago and collect payments from me for two years? Any thoughts anyone? Thanks J'sgirl
  9. Nice to know I'm not alone then - altho I don't mean to wish this stuff on anyone! I cannot believe the decision they made frankly to stick with a £1 a month payment when they could have had such a large percentage of the debt paid off in one go. I think they're either mad or stupid and told them it was likely to be the best offer they would get from me and that getting back on my feet was going to take a long time but they weren't interested. Then I got sick and ended up having two operations over the period of a year and unable to work so... I was right altho it's small consolation in the end. Does anyone know whether that would be listened to if this finally did end up in court? I know the court could only award what I have and I don't have anything more to offer them at the moment or much prospect of earning what I used to but still, it seems unfair that they have been able to saddle me with this longterm rather than take a perfectly good offer and better than a lot of my creditors settled for. Letter ready to go - will keep you posted on what happens there. thanks Jsgirl
  10. No I haven't done anything yet. Last spoke to them in Feb 07 when I finally gave up trying to get them to take the cash. And no, I and the CAB, got them to freeze the account. I don't think there are any charges on it at all. I'm just worried what will happen when the four months are up. Thanks for the reply again.
  11. Thanks PGH7447 Maybe you're right - an affronted letter explaining their mistake again and tell em to push off and see what happens. I guess I will have to put up with the calls from their debt collectors til they decide what to do tho huh? We shall see.
  12. Hi, another newbie seeking some advice. A while back, sickness, the loss of my business and a separation from a partner who hadn't worked for 15 years, brought the financial card house down around my ears and I went thro the whole horrible business of suspended possession order (represented myself and had a wonderful judge), selling the house and negotiating with all the creditors. I paid off the mortgages in full and set about agreeing reduced settlements with credit card companies. I achieved this with all of them. Got back fees and in the vast majority of cases got full and final settlements without the six year record. My ex and I had to restart with pretty much nothing but that's life I guess. There is one thorn in my side and that's Egg. I had an unsecured loan from them and I spent about 9 months offering them a cash settlement of up t £17k for a £20k debt and they refused. I wrote, I emailed, I phoned and no-one would take the moneyy. They would rather have a £1 a month payment it seems so that's what they got and have gone on getting for the last 18 months with no word from them... not a peep! Since then I have restarted life, found a new partner and moved to a new home but I've been sick and not able to work. He's supported me but I've also used a lot of the money to help me get back on my feet having finally decided that I had to and they were not going to take it no matter what I did or said. NOW, they get in touch! I've spoken to them again and they've agreed that as I'm not working I can go on paying the £1 a month to be reviewed at Christmas (nice eh?)... but their letter has arrived headed Your Debt Management Plan and says they will accept £1 a month for the next four months. But then goes on to say that if they are to accept reduced payments they have no alternative but to register the arrears that will accrue as I will no longer be complying with the T&cs of the agreement and I will receive a default notice when the account falls into arrears and have 28 days to clear the arrears. If I can't that will go on my credit file (which is a waste of time anyhow for a few more years) and then they may use the courts or debt recovery agents if I fail to adhere to the agreed offer of repayment. I'm not sure if this is all about the £1 payment or some huge amount they will spring on me at Christmas. Any thoughts or ideas or suggestions anyone? Sadly for me, the ex's name, as he had no work, no income and no bank account was on none of this. None of the cards or loans were joint. Just the mortgages which were settled in full so he's apparently clear and free but his income is tiny so it's probably pointless thinking about it. I am trying to get back to work now... working on setting up another business of my own... so at the moment I have no way of making any lump sum payments or even very much larger regular payments. Seems almost like they've waited just long enough to be sure I can't even make an offer before they've decided to come after me again. I wanted so badly to clear everything and start afresh and these guys are not letting me apparently. Seems such a waste to have used virtually all the house money to pay off huge debts and then have to file for bankruptcy for one that dug its heels in. And I'm worried about my new partner, our new address (rented in his name of course) and all that sort of thing. I'd appreciate any advice people can give at all. thanks Jsgirl.
  13. Mmm hmm... that's my thought. They haven't even commented on whether they acknowledge they received this info back in Jan tho. They are simply saying that now they know we moved in Mar, the three months started then so cough up another three months. Don't you just love these people?
  14. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie who's been reading the site on and off for a bit and is now hoping for a bit of help herself. I have a legal / contracts question about cancellation of a gym membership. My partner and I have cancelled our gym membership (I shall keep schtumm on who it was with for the moment) but surprise, surprise, we've had problems. They lost our form and letter proving relocation which they asked for to allow us a 3 month cancellation period rather than staying for the full 12 months as there was no gym in the group close enough to our new home. All this was originally supplied in Jan and we paid up til March when we moved to our new address. They were given our new contact details but then continued to write to our old one demanding payment for membership. We eventually got a letter passed on to us in Aug from a debt collection agency. We presented the case in writing but don't have a copy of the form unfortunately as we daftly filled out and gave back the original. (Stupid I know!) Anyway, they have now accepted that we cancelled and reduced the demand from £700 to £400 but they are saying that cancellation is from when we moved not when we cancelled because we continued to use the gym in the notice period!!! Surely this cannot be right? That has to be an unfair term? They have it all ways... you can cancel at three months notice... but no matter when you do it, notice only starts from the time you cannot use the gym so they get more money??? Any thoughts? Mine are to get legal advice and tell em to sling their hooks at this point but the mind boggles at what some of these companies think they can do. Should I be demanding all sorts of copies of stuff and giving them the run around whilst I work out what to do? Thanks for any help or advice anyone can give. Jsgirl
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