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  1. Thanks i will try the Yorkshire Bank, if i can find one close to me. On another note, is it possible to open up 2 accounts with the same bank? As in i have a basic account with Coop and since i was unable to open a savings account, i was thinking of opening another basic account.
  2. Thanks for that. I briefly went through that link and it was very helpful. I'm not looking to take out a credit card yet. I would like to maybe towards the end of next year so i can start to build up my credit rating.
  3. Thanks again. Yep i can transfer money from my account. I guess i could open up another basic account, but i would have liked another account with the same bank. Also previously i did try to open a basic account with barclays, who denied me. Now i am discharged does that increase my chances of applying for basic accounts and high rate credit cards to build credit? Thanks
  4. Thanks. This may sound silly but what is a credit union and what do they do? If there isn't one near me, anything else i can do? Thanks
  5. Hi, I declared myself bankrupt in Oct 09. I was actually discharged around 4 or so months ago. I have a basic bank account with Coop. I tried to open a savings account, so i can start to put money away for the future. But when i applied for one it came back unsuccessful. I wanted to know how long will it be before i can open a savings account? I would be happy to have a savings account even with no interest. Thanks
  6. Thanks phat256, that was very helpful. Oh i spoke to HSBC and they said that i could keep the account as long as it was a basic account and it will not be closed down.
  7. I was declared BR last week. I got a call from the OR yesterday. She asked me about my 2 bank accounts (Halifax current and HSBC basic). She asked if i was planning to keep them. I informed her that i was to close the Halifax and keep the HSBC. Can i close the account myself or do i have to rely on the OR to inform the bank? My actual OR interview is set for a week on Fri on the phone. Now my child benefit was paid into my Halifax today (Didn't know until a few mins ago, even though it was meant to be paid into my HSBC acc). Now i did something silly, cos my Halifax was to be closed i
  8. Thank you all again for your help. Thank you Dodgy_Geezer, that has cleared things up. I have no assets and had unsecured debts of 4 credit cards.
  9. First of all thank you to everyone who has helped me over the last few weeks, with answering my questions, helping me to complete my BR form and for general help like in this thread. Well i got to the court before 9am, to find out that it wasn't open until 10am, doh! When the counter opened i had to write my name down along with 4 other people and they called us up. This didn't take too long, as they just went through the forms and had us sign the affidavit. After this i had to wait like 30 mins to see the judge. They had all 5 people who were filing for BR go into the court room. Th
  10. Hmmmmmmm i see. I waas advised by my local CAB, that i just have to get there for 9am and i should be out before midday. I was advised with my local County Court, i do not need to make an appointment.
  11. Oh do i have to take anything else apart from the forms? As i was only advised to take the forms. I did read that i have to send all my cards cut up to the OR, but i am assuming that is later on?
  12. Hello, I am off to court tomorrow to delare myself BR. I just needed for someone to confirm to me, how many copies of the BR forms, once i have filled them in do i take with me? I was advised by the CAB that i have to take 2 copies. But after filling the forms in online at http://www.insolvencydirect.gov.uk, it states that i have to take 3 copies. Can someone please clear this up asap, cos i have printed 2 copies and if i need a 3rd i will need to do this asap. Kind Regards
  13. Thanks for your help toddle2u. Nah that is no prob diamondgirl. Hope that you get well soon!
  14. Thanks peeps for your help. Luckily i do not have any premium bonds. I did have £200 worth of shares, which i have sold and will use to pay the £360 court fee. Well i am just waiting for my job seekers letter confirming it, cos if i take this to the court when paying the £360, i do not have to pay the £150, as advised by CAB. I need help with the following as that is all i need to answer to complete the forms. Now in 6.3, which is income, it asks to state any other income including state benefits and tax credits. If i receive child tax credits do i state it in this part? F
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