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  1. Hi have the paper work saying that unless HSBC sends an allocation questionaire then the case will be struck off. This letter that HSBC have asked me to sign to say that I live at my new address does not make sense. They say they dont have my address details yet they have my new address printed on this letter. Is this letter an allocation questionaire?
  2. In July 2008 I involved a debt elimination company to help me deal with my debt. They wrote to HSBC requesting documents and contracts and gave HSBC 40 days to respond. HSBC never did. In Novmeber I recieved a small claims court form from C.L Finance and Howard Cohan Solicitors who said they were acting on behalf of HSBC. My company put a defence on my behalf stating that HSBC and its associates had broken the consumer agreement act as they did not produce any documents with regards to the outstanding credit. I then recieved a letter from their solicitors and the court that the case had been t
  3. My wife and I are first time buyers and because of costs on the increase to say we are struggling is an understatement. The problem we have with GE Money Home Lending is that they cannot get things right. For example in April 08 they tried to withdraw money from our bank account for the monthly instalment on our mortgage. The problem was it was the wrong day and there they managed to over draw us with our back. As a result, we received a bank charge of £38. When I challenged GE Money Home Lending, at first they were not willing to accept responsibility for their error but instead were going to
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