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  1. Ok thank you I will certainly do that. I've received another threatening letter from the second DCA today which is amusing! Do I just keep writing to them about this and ignoring all their threats? I just want them to take the partial payment like the other cards and let there be an end to this rather than all this to-ing and fro-ing.......if they don't comply is that the end of the matter or should I contact my credit cards directly instead now? Thank you you've been most helpful/
  2. I have outstnading credit card debts for Mint/RBS and Crap one which are now with the above DCAs....well one with with Moorcroft and am now getting harassing and threatening calls from another DCA it seems to have been passed on to. I've had help from a solicitor in the family and have continually written to them all since last summer offering a partial settlement - these were ignored and the threats continued. I then CCA'd them - since then more threats and now since cca'ing Moorcroft they have passed the debt on to someone else! So the question is....what do I do now? CCA again
  3. Ok a brief introduction on my debt problems - had four credit cards, not able to work due to health problems so obviously couldn't pay them off and have got into trouble. My in laws have offered to help with paying them - my father in law is a solicitor so deals with this stuff all the time - we wrote to them all saying that we couldn't pay the full balance but have offered almost half. MBNA accepted my offer and the rest have all been passed onto debt collectors (Fredrikson, Bryan Carter, Lowell etc) I've constantly written to them offering a partial settlement and never hear anything
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