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  1. hi i have a loan from greenwood going back to 2002 still paying it was passed to ck edrupt and asked for copies of credit agreements which they sent back in 2009 i phoned them today to ask for a settlement figure which they gave me but they said i had 3 agreements with them they only gave me copies for 2 i have asked for the other agreement but they said cos its an old debt they might not have a copy to send me can they still make me pay as they are all bundled together into one payment thanks glen
  2. hi i have today recieved a letter from aktiv capital stating i owe 1500 from barclays and can settle for £750.00 they say the debt was from 1997 with the last payment being made in 2001 i made the mistake of telephoning them and they say a recorded telephone call made in 2004 which they still have a copy of makes the 6 year rule void as the call in 2004 makes the claim viable are they correct thanks
  3. ok thanks will write a letter recorded asking for the agreement
  4. thanks for that i will phone them and see what they say
  5. would i then write a letter to put the account in dispute or what should i say thanks
  6. but if they cannot send me a copy of original signed agreement can i then contest the debt under the credit act 1974
  7. hi is it possible to ask for the credit agreement even though i have paid a lot of the debt off it was a provident account and was collected at the door and entered into books which they kept i have asked for copies of the books but they have not got them i just have to now pay nearly a thousand pounds
  8. just a quick update regarding dlc they have today stopped all proceedings on the account and are not persueing the alleged £1400 i am so pleased and owe a big thank you too all of you who have helped with advice if anyone wants me to email them what i exactly put in the letter they can contact me at [email protected] however dlc did say in the letter that this dispute will stay on my credit file unless the full ammount is paid in full but if it is not proven in the first place then it should be removed by law thats my thinking will let you all know on any update once again thanks
  9. i have asked about proof of an alledged payment from 2007 but they have not provided this is there a time limit regarding this or can they take as long as they wish also asked for copy of the contract signed
  10. i have just recieved the letter from dlc part of hillesden securities ltd saying outstanding balance £1400 research shows you still live at this address contact us immediately on 08707454409 failure to respond may result in further action which could increase debt and if we dont hear from you in 7 days we may visit the address.when i spoke to them on phone i said send letter recorded delivery as then its proof of arrival also send proof of ammount paid in 2007 of £10.00 and they not sent that either my question is should i ignore this letter or write back stating section 5 limitation act thank
  11. well at least they are well known they are suppose to be sending out all the details but said the agreement copy might take some time to get i will wait and see what comes out in post and let everybody know what it says thanks to all
  12. the original number that was left when i did 1471 was 01280707291 then operator came on line and said 01280846666
  13. me personally would not pay i did phone them and a lady said to me most people panic and just pay something it is my partner who might have paid the £10.00 but cant think back to it or recall it so we are hoping when i spoke on the phone he was asking all kinds of questions how much i earn and are you on any benefits they are very persistant i have wrote a letter to them denying all and mentioned section 5 limitation act and also found one on harrasment under section 40 paragraph 1 of the administration act of justice 1970 dont know if that will help but who knows
  14. hi the company is D.L.C. and their phone number is 01208 846666 i think all the number of 6s in phone number says it all EVIL
  15. thanks so as long as they cant prove the debtor made the payment then they cant touch us as its been more than 6 years
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