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  1. Tesco cant help they sold on the debt to ist credit then Intrum Justitia, name changed to Intrum UK . I need the restriction to be removed so I can complete my sale of my property,
  2. @Ethel Street Hello and Thank you for your reply. By the lack of support from solicitor I feel as I am the only person to be in this situation.. Land reg couldn't assist. I spoke to county court admin.Clerk. I have to complete form N244 put my case to a judge with all my evidence and then he can make a decision. This could be up to six weeks. and expensive approx. £360.00?
  3. This restriction totally on my own and as I am home owner. Original debt was Tesco Finance then Ist Credit took it over then Intrum Justicia. Land registry stated as a result of this application the following entry has been made in the charges register of the above title number. 21 June 2005 equitable charge created by an terim order of the telford county court dated 18 May 2005 in favour of Tesco Personal Finance Ltd. Note Copy Filed
  4. Hello Andy yes I did mean restriction charging order . My solicitor just got back stating she not a litagatir and not very helpful. !!
  5. Hello I have a second charge on my mortgage/ land registry. I have been paying approximately 15 years Intrum Justicia. 2017 the payments started to bounce back from the account of IJ. tried many communications to them no reply. Trying to sell my property cant exchange contracts re this company as I need a settlement figure. I checked companies House they are now Intrum UK2 LTD. I contacted them they have no record of my account or any payments. My solicitor has also written numerous times with no reply. Its like I don't exist. Desparate to continue my sale of property but this seems to be a huge stumbling block. How can I proceed How can I get this removed from my deeds . Please any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello I have Iva. I offered full and final payment have beenpaying for 3.5years. Been declined. As have equity in property and they want and additional years payment even though when I took out Iva I was told would be for th five years. I feel something is not fair here.
  7. Hello Silverfox I was advised by the debt management company this was what we needed. IVA.i haven't heard of DMP OR DRO..I am aware if my earning change to notify them. I am on a private pension and disability allowance. But every month we have to use a credit card to tie us over. If I can return to work earnings will not be a huge amount.I Have been in I a sixteen months..another three and half years to go..
  8. Hello I have an IVA jointly with my partner. Due health reasons I got into financial problems. I was medically retired from my job. The only option seemed to get an IVA.. THE AMOUNT £330 a month and finding hard been twenty months. . I have now been discharged from hospital and want to start working again. My question is does effect my IVA. IF I GET EMPLOYMENT any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. IVA planned and now apparently creditors have reviewed the offer payment and want to increase it as they think budget was understated. Is this normal ,if I decline increase will the IVA fail to go ahead.need a quick reply if possible thank you
  10. Hello had years of debt following me and now thinking of an iva. i do have a house and wondering how I stand if I start an IVA what if i need to sell my property and move for health reasons....
  11. Firstly apologies to Dougal it's been so long to get back in touch. Some how this thread never got to.me..
  12. Check everything and then check again with E&L they seem to change the goal posts as and when they like.please speak with insurance ombudsman,they are are brilliant and very supportive and also aware of E&L practices. Good luck at least your dogs recovered or recovering well.
  13. ....yes this is clause they keep in the small print.they are the pits..I am sorry to hear of plight..check with your vet.maybe he gave your dog a health check prior to operation? I wouldn't recommend E&L to my worst enemy. Speak to the insurance ombudsman as well this always helps
  14. Hello Leggy thank you I will definitely do that as they are just the most dispicable and obnoxious company.Sad the only reason I renewed the policy as the said they would cover my dogs other leg other wise I would never have renewed it with them. Kind regards Delta1956
  15. Hello I too am having a nightmare with this comapnay they really need to be scrutinised with a fine tooth comb as there tactics and customer care/support is diabolicle. FSA is going to hear from on monday.
  16. Hello,I know this thread is is a few years old but I am am having a real battle with E&L. Last year my dog damaged her left knee .I only hand bronze cover so I was out of pocket big time as they only covered her £500.00p per injury. I had to get her last three years medical report ..It took them 3months to pay this amount minus£150.admin.I had to stay with them when the renewal came up as no other pet insurances wouldnt cover her right back leg.So I upgraded to Gold cover and was told on the phone her right leg would be insured. Now her right knee on her back leg has now got cruciate problem. E&L are now weasling out as they say they sent a letter of exclusion out in november 2011. I never received it but have received many other letters etc and if I had I would not have continued with E&L as they are the worst pet insurer's I have ever come across and I have had dogs for fourty years. My dog need's the treatment and its totally disgusting that I have to have this additional stress of trying to get surgery for her and fight them to pay for it.If any one can help how to get this dispicable company to acknowlede what was agreed on the phone also on the policy I received does not refer or mention any exclusion to her knee ®. Please please
  17. Hello Brig Your right no CCA supplied. I will Now send this letter in dispute. Thanks again Delta xx
  18. Hi Brig I checked the wording on in the dispute letter. First paragraph is relating to me asking them for a cca. Should I delete this part as I didnt request this info. Only I said I did not acknowledge this debt. Kind regards Delta
  19. Hello Brig Just received a couple of letters from 1st Cred. Re my complaint about excess harassment by mobile telephone and land line. Its a final response letter. Also first credit purchased this debt in July2011 and are the legal owners. They have put my account on hold to investigate and to get additional information from BoS. I did have a call blocker on my mobile and had stacks of calls from them but sadly I sync it with my computer and all was erased. Do I still need to get a copy letter from the site CAG 12+2 as they faailed to supply the CCA again. Or should I just wait to hear from them after their investigations. They also supplied relevant information about complaints and booklet to the ombudsman. Kind regards Delta
  20. Hi Brig I hope all goes well with the family.Congrats to for the new arrival. Thanks again for the info. I will find out as much as I can will keep you posted. I feel really comforted to know I have someone in my corner. Best regards Delta
  21. Hi Brig Glad your back. I really did appreiciate your advice. I wanted to update you. It was a BoS credit card. Ist Credit are the second DCA. The first was Westcot who I originally asked for CCA. Then never heard anything for at least a couple of years if not more and then Ist credit have been hounding me letter and telephone calls from about june this year.( I Posted a letter off to them this week informing them of their behaviour and asked to stop these phone calls etc which you advised me to do). I finally got this letter stating they were now advising BoS requesting the CCA to be sent to me asap. With additional info about Deed of assignment, I would incur a fee of £10.00.00p. I have now looked up what that entails and I will not be doing that and I then have to contact 1st Credit when I get this information back from BoS. Look forward to hearing from you Kind regards Delta
  22. I have been dealing with DCA and now they are talking about deed of assignment. This paragraph was included in a letter which I received from them informing me my request for a copy of the agreement is now being referred back to the original credit card client BoS. They are arranging a document to be sent to me and then I am advised to contact the dca. Firstly I never asked for a CCA and have only informed that this debt was returned by another DCA as the relevant form was not supplied. This all getting confusing and trying to write about makes it even more so. Brigadier gave me some advice and I cant contact him any more. He was extremely helpful. Thanks Delta1956
  23. I find it difficult searching and finding threads on here.will do and get back asap.Thanks.
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