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  1. Oh well looks like its time to make an offer!Thanks everybody for your very usefull information.The thing that frustrates me more than anything is it has taken me over two and a half years to get hold of a copy of the agreement! Why could Egg not have done this in the first place it would have saved so much time and hassle.Thanks again
  2. Not quite sure what i'm looking for??Any help appreciated
  3. Yes it had my sinature on it.I don't remember doing but it was nearly 12 years ago.
  4. Anybody able to tell where i stand with these? Are they enforceable??I have also received another letter from carters offering me a last chance to settle out of court they have also included a consent order.I have attached both below..http://i390.photobucket.com/albums/oo347/nilrs/letters/bcsett1.jpg ..http://i390.photobucket.com/albums/oo347/nilrs/letters/bcsett2.jpg .They have given me sevn days to reply so if any of you can help or advise please do.Thanks in advance
  5. This is the second page . http://i390.photobucket.com/albums/oo347/nilrs/letters/agreement2.jpg
  6. I have now received copies of the agrrement from carters.http://i390.photobucket.com/albums/oo347/nilrs/letters/agreement1.jpg
  7. I have now received copies of the agrrement from carters.links below:http://i390.photobucket.com/albums/oo347/nilrs/letters/agreement1.jpghttp://i390.photobucket.com/albums/oo347/nilrs/letters/agreement2.jpgAnybody able to tell where i stand with these? Are they enforceable??I have also received another letter for carters offering me a last chance to settle out of court they have also included a consent order.I have attached both below.http://i390.photobucket.com/albums/oo347/nilrs/letters/bcsett1.jpghttp://i390.photobucket.com/albums/oo347/nilrs/letters/bcsett2.jpgThey have given me sevn days
  8. I have now received 2 letters. one from the court the other from Bryan Carters. Bryan reads: Thank you for you letter dated the 5th of April the contents have been noted. We confirm the statements and the default notice information has been sent to you but our client is still trying to obtain the copy of the agreement for you from Egg Banking Plc. We do require a further 14 day extension in order to obtain this document. We look forward to hearing from you in due course. Yours sincerely BC Court reads: I acknowledge receipt of your defence. A copy is being s
  9. Account was opened in 1999. I spoke to the court and told them that carters wanted the extension and asked them what happens with regards to the case. They informed me that only carters could put it on hold and I should speak to them about it. Is there any template letters on here I could use to send to carters explaining that they have not sent the requested documents?
  10. I know it sounds like a stupid question but what will my defence be based on? Do I need to let carters know that I will be defending? Never been in this situation and it's a bit worrying. Thanks
  11. Hi I have received a reply for Bryan Carters it reads We refer to the above matter. Please find enclosed copies of : Notice of default screen print Default notice template statements These documents relate to your account which clarifies your liability in this matter. Please forward your payment proposals to our offices within the next ten days, failing which we will pursue through the court for the full outstading balance plus further costs. The default notice they have sent me has no details on it. (no figures, no name or address or account number etc etc. It
  12. I have received a letter today from Bryan Carter. It reads: Thank you for your recent letter the contents has been noted. We confirm we have requested the necessary documentation from our client and hope to revert to you shortly. We do require a further 28 day extension in order to obtain and file these documents. We look forward to hearing from you in due course. Yours sincerely BRYAN CARTER Can anybody please advise me what i do next. Do I have to let the court know that they require the extension or will they do that? Sorry but this is all new gro
  13. They sent a copy of their terms and coditions leaflet the one they send everybody when ever they change the terms and conditions. There was no copy of the agreement sent. I did send Aktiv a cca request but I never heard back from them. But this is my word against theirs as I can not find the recorded post slip. Do you mean a a def notice from Aktiv ? I did receive one from egg back in 2009. How Can I check if the notice of assignment is in order? Not quite sure what I am looking for. Looking at it it does not have my name on it neither does it have my account number on. It starts dear
  14. I did get a notice of assignment from Egg in April 2010 saying they had sold the account to Aktiv Kapital. I did not get a reply from the CCA request and unfortuneately i can't find the recorded post slip so i have no proof of sending it. I don't beleive i ever got a default notice from them and i've have never made any payment to AKtiv Kapital. I've now acknowledged the claim and i am defending it. Would it be worth sending both cpr's?? Any help from anybody would really be appreciated as this is all new ground to me and it's a little be scarey to say the least!! Thanks
  15. Here is what they sent me. http://i390.photobucket.com/albums/oo347/nilrs/NewDocument3-page1edit-1.jpg
  16. They are claiming for the full amount. I'm sure there is charges on the account not quite sure about ppi. I will check that later when I return home. I received it on Saturday and I have not acknowledged it yet.
  17. Hi I have received a claim form from Northampton court issued by Bryan Carter solicitors. This on behalf of Aktiv captital for a Egg credit card agreement of mine that they have purchased. What i really need to know is where to go next?? I did originally send a CCA request to Egg via a debt collection agency and got the standard terms and conditions rubbish. Due to this the account entered a default back in May 2009. Then another DC company started. The CCA request was then sent again and the standard rubbish. The account entered default again in July 2009. All went very quiet until lat
  18. i got out of my car onto a small piece of land which he has put small slate type stones on,his driveway is on the other side of his house, i have read somewhere that if i have access at all times on my deeds, or perhaps if he tries to secure it to my garage then i can tell him to remove that, i am not trying to be awkward or difficult, i would not care if there was a small piece just to let us get in or out, its just that i have 3 children and a beetle with very long doors dh parks his car on the other side, plus it will make it very very difficult for us to get our cars on and off the drive,
  19. hi not sure where to put this but i really need some advice/help, we have a double driveway with garage on the end which goes out to line his back garden so he has a small 1m line down our driveway which then ends at the edge of our garage, now my next door neighbour has started drilling holes (presumably fence/railings) now one of the problems we have is if he puts these up it will make it vitually impossible for us to get out of the passenger side of one of our cars, the neighbour has not come round to explain/ask, i moved my car he did not say thankyou or even stop drilling. we were no
  20. Hi All been very quiet since July and today a letter dropped through my door. From a company called Apex Credit Management Services. Letter Reads as follows: Our client has requested we contact you to arrange payment of the full outstanding balance. We have made enquiries and sources have shown that you are resident at the address on this letter. Our clients have advised that previous attempts to contact you via other agencies have been unsuccessful and this os potentially your last opportunity to arrange payment before further action will be considered. Our staf
  21. hi i am really angry now, we had the statutory delivered this morning, as soon as it was delivered my husband (nigel) phoned the number on the demand as to who was dealing with it, anyway, my husband explained that he was angry re: guy who came on saturday, then we have a letter dated day before he comes saying there will be no further action unless told to by hfc, then today we get the statutory, and another letter from weightmans saying exactly the same as above but with the pound postal order,, the guy at weightmans then goes on to say that the demand was a warning and that they were
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