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  1. Thanks Fkofilee I don't actually want any credit so no need really. Just wondered about it Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the link. Was actually reading this last week. Lot of work gone into that. Even after reading it I'm still not clear on my low record. I pay everything on time and have no other issues so will just keep an eye on it. Thanks again
  3. Hi all Just a few months ago I credit checked myself in Experian and had a credit score that was pretty close to the highest possible. Great I thought. This month Equifax score me at 324 (poor) with Experian scoring me 892 (good) I have credit and all serviced well, Not lots of credit accounts. All historical accounts paid up to date or paid off early so settled. On electoral role for last 12 months in newly bough house and 5 years on previous address. No issues with other people connected with at other properties. Positive factors in my score = 7, negative factor = 1 (took out a loan few month ago) I have looked through my accounts and am baffled as to why my score can change so quickly and what the cause would be. Do these scores just go up and down and I shouldn't worry too much? Thanks
  4. Thanks to you both. There is no early repayment rebate on this. Oh well
  5. Hi I have a personal loan with Natwest all paid up to date and fine. Had the loan for around 13 months and have asked for an early settlement figure thinking I would get a rebate on the interest. They tell me not so. The early settleemnt figure has come and states no rebate under S95 of consumer credit act 1974 or under the agreement. Does this sound right? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the in depth reply. Yes I agree that in the event a case against the company did not stack up, or as you say, could look to take a long period to resolve then we would consider our next action. We are aware that taking action could well lead to extra stress for my wife and to be honest I'm not sure I would want her to face that. Sometimes life is unfair and a clean break can be the better route.
  7. Thanks We have emailed the union Rep to clarify the company change of mind in last HR meeting. Have asked also that he update the union solicitor on this and asked if we fulfilled the steps needed before taking action against the company
  8. Think the two years is in March. I looked at this as a possible case of constructive dismissal.
  9. Thanks King Recordings no as phones not allowed into the office (company policy) and although my wife made notes of the times the Italian was talking in a sexually explicit way while my wife was talking to customers (the customers heard and commented) the company call recording system was not working.. every time !!
  10. Hi Thanks for the reply. She has been working for the company just short of 2 years
  11. Thanks for the quick reply Becky Is there a required format for the SARS request?
  12. Hi I have posted a thread about my wives issues at work (link below) I wonder if we can make a SARS request to her employer? Would this show any paperwork from HR, Supervisors etc in relation to an ongoing employment issue? Thanks http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?473083-Bullying-amp-Racism-at-Work-(Major-Airline)(10-Viewing)-nbsp
  13. Bit of a long one but I wonder if you guys can help me out a little please. I'm writing on behalf of my wife. NB: My wife is Spanish and works in a call center for a major airline here in the UK with people from other countries. In Nov 2015 an incident happened at work in which she was racially abused and intimidated by an Italian male co worker. A meeting took place with my wife and HR and she trusted them to resolve. She asked that they be moved away from each other. The company supervisors immediately sat the man right behind my wife which made her feel under pressure and then further intimidation and bullying began from this man. The intimidation was not always directed to her face but it would include shouting negative comments right behind here about her home country and talking about sex. Maybe 6 months later and after my wife spoke to her supervisors several times and emailed explaining her issues and asking for the situation to be resolved she became ill. Next, Her Dr, Company occupational health and now counselor have written reports to the company stating that my wives illness is a direct result of the issues at work. Company HR and Supervisors have promised on several occasions to move the man to another area and then done nothing. This has had an additional negative effect on my wives stress. She is on medication. My wife is working with the union official and union solicitor to resolve this and the solicitor has advised (rightly I think) that a process must be followed before further action against the company. We have documented everything in case we needed to take further action. We have copies of emails, incidents etc. In my wives last meeting with company HR it was agreed that the man would be moved permanently to another area of the business and as they have promised and changed their minds several times my wife asked for this in writing. The company agreed. Within 24 hours the company took back this offer and told my wife the man would probably be back in her group. This has added to her stress levels and she panics. This has all taken a little over 12 months now and we feel the company should be pressured into resolving the matter. My wife is now off work sick on SSP and worried about going back into the same situation. Should we continue with the union or maybe seek outside legal help which could be expensive. Any view would be good please Thanks
  14. This may sound daft, but do I just call my credit card co and say I want to start a sec 75? Thanks
  15. No the screen stays blank all the time but I can here the os start up. I have Googled it and the laptop, an Asus is reported to have this issue, something with the motherboard.
  16. Thanks for that and so it seems I can return the item to Laptops direct as it is not fit for purpose. What would be best to de here, return the laptop to the seller via recorded delivery before making my claim with credit card company under sec 75? Thanks
  17. Hello A week ago I had delivered a new laptop from Laptops direct. I paid by credit card in case I had issues with the dealer. Less than a week later the screen went blank. The operating system still boots up just no screen. I have been through the laptops direct process the first thing I had to do was speak to an IT person in India.. Can I turn it on and off was one of the tips I got. I then contacted customer service online and filled out a form in which I explained the above. They say it takes up to 3 days for them to decide what to do. Today I got an email from them asking me again to do some home fixes as the pc may not boot up due to static (they haven't read my explanation) I have asked politely that they deal with this properly and I am told someone will call.. they haven't. I will give them a chance to resolve but I would like to know. 1. Do I have to accept a repair only or can I ask for a new laptop? 2. Can I ask to send back the laptop for refund? 3. How can my credit card people do to help me here? Thanks all
  18. Sorry Andy.. feeling dim So, dispute whole claim, What is 'put them to proof' how does that work? Thanks
  19. Thanks Andy, So my aim is to enter a defence form to either dispute the whole claim or make counterclaim with the PPI in mind. But the requested paperwork available from MKDP may help or hinder my defence. Would you suggest just making the defence with the paperwork I do have? Thanks again
  20. UPDATE: I have received a letter from my request to MKDP for the documents and original agreement. The letter has come from Keynes Collections (First time I have heard of these) The letter subject is MKDP LLP V Yourself. I wonder are Keynes part of MKDP? If MKDP are taking me to court and I wrote to them why are Keynes getting involved? I note that even though the letter head is under the name of Keynes Collections, it is actually signed by MKDP LLP, Add to this the contact email address is [email protected] COMPELLO GROUP. Maybe this is nothing but feel as if a smoke screen is in place as I have had Compello chasing me over this before. the letter says at this time they can't fulfil my request for documents and so they need to go back to the original creditor. They state this may take up to 8 weeks. what do I do in terms of the court paperwork I have now? Can I ask that the court action is set aside until paperwork is received and I can assess the contents? Thanks
  21. Good idea Citizen and that will take away the 'lost in mail' possibility Thanks
  22. Sorry Andy, Feeling dim. Are you saying I should not submit defence until the last date I need to?
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