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  1. No the bar was cash in hand and variable, working for tips (a cocktail lounge), I have written it all down though.
  2. I work full time but needed some extra cash for christmas 2009 so I called inland revenue in aug 09 to say I was going to work the odd Saturday night at a bar for extra money. I did the odd night until march 2010. Life took over and I kind of forgot all about it until today. I got a letter from inland revenue asking me to fill in a tax return online. Will they think I've worked there all this time? I'm worried I will be landed with a massive bill, help! Any advice greatly received xx
  3. They say they have sent one but I can guarentee they haven't and as they don't send letters via recorded delivery what's to stop them saying they have and charging for both a letter and a visit.
  4. This is the first correspondance we received! So what can I do? Do I have to pay it?
  5. My partner got a sppeding ticket a little while ago and for various reasons completely ignored/forgot about it. Anyway, while we were all in bed this morning someone from Marsdens posted a letter through our door asking for over £400. My partern called this morning and asked for a breakdown of costs, obviously there was court fees, the original fine, £75 for sending the fine to a bailiff and £200 for them to hand deliver the letter!! Now I dont mind paying all of the fees etc but I think £200 to post a letter is extortionate. I had no previous correspondence from Marsdens, no letter thro
  6. I got a letter today telling me I've been overpaid for year 2007/2008. Is there not a time limit within which they have to tell you of this?? This was 2/3 years ago!! I'd love to get in touch and tell them they didn't contact me within the specified time period (if there is one!) Karen x
  7. :-xI have had a listing for a pop up tent removed. A company called tanning cubicle co (apparently the rights owner) have said I cant sell it. 1) the tent is not made by this company, infact is not made by any tanning co, and was not listed as such - is just a pop up tent. 2) even is it was one of their tents, can you never sell it, you have to keep it forever? 3) I've now lost all my bids, how can I be compensated? What are my consumer rights, my auction was flying and now I;ve lost the lot because this company have contacted ebay - no questions, no warnings - help
  8. I was selling a pop up tent and spray tanning machine on ebay. I have lots of bids and it was going very well until today. I recieved an email saying my listing has been removed as the rights owner someone called the tanning cubicle co has said I can't sell my tent. 1) the tent is just a pop up tent, not made by them, or even mader by a tanning company. 2) even if it was would I have to keep the bloody tent forever?? 3) what rights do they have to stop me selling someone elses product? advice please re my consumer rights. I am very angry and even if I prove I can sell it
  9. To cut a long story short - I went on holiday to Portugal last year and took my mobile contract internet dongle thingy (as I had to top up my euro cash card online) and the children (unbeknownst to me) racked up a £2000 bill watching films etc online. I think that as my usual bill was around £50 per month and this bill was £2000 for 2 weeks, that Orange should have a duty of care to have informed me when it got to say £200 maybe?? I called them on my last day on holiday because of a fault and this is when I found out about the bill. Can I fight them in any way??? Is there any legal
  10. The renewal doesn't have a part on it (that I can see) to add a partner, it only has spaces for earnings and alot of notes. I'll have to ring them and then they'll ask all kinds of questions and I'm worried.
  11. I probably put that wrong, he looks after our children so that I can work full time, I can earn more than he can so it makes sense for him to stay at home instead of me. I don't have an issue with that, I'm only concerned about what will happen to my tax credits, I'm quite happy with our arrangement.
  12. He has enquired about benefits but because of the amount I earn and the fact that his contributions aren't enough for him to claim contribution based benefits then apparently he's not entitled and is dependant on me which is anoying as I think the tax credits will penalise me for keeping him!
  13. forgot to add. got a letter a few days prior to the renewal pack asking me to call them when I renew instead of just sending it back "to check I was being paid correctly", I didn't think anything of it at the time. Do they know?
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