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  1. Hi My garage door (up and over) is old and knackered and came off the runners, broke where the cable attaches and got stuck in an open/half hanging way about 4 weeks ago. I text my LL twice and got no response so I emailed him along with his wife moaning about it being ignored and the fact it's full of our things such as bikes, tools, two freezers full of food and anyone can just walk in and take what they like and that as the back door from the garage to the garden was also broke an couldn't be secured, everything in my garden was also open to theft. This prompted a response and she got back to me. It then took almost a week to get someone out to manage to close it, not fix it though, but I pointed out this wasn't just to be left as I have loads of possessions in there and the kids can't access there bikes or scooters it was still urgent. This was about 10 days ago and not heard anything else from my LL's and a few days ago the door started to cave in again, so I've now text her twice and tried to call but had no response. The high winds today are pushing it to the point where it's going to collapse and quite frankly I'm pi**ed off as it's now leaving all my possessions open to theft, insurance is invalid as they're not secured and still no answers from my LL. I've emailed them to advise if I don't hear from them within 48 hours I will get someone round to either repair or replace the door myself and then bill them for the costs. Am I within my rights to do this as I'm at a loss what else to do. Thanks Lisa
  2. Apologies if this is in the wrong area but wasn't sure where else to post. My sister died in August 2016 and as she died without a will everything was left to her husband. Now here comes the complicated bit......She had bought her house from the council at a large discount before she met her future spouse and lived there with her two teenage children. A few years later she got into huge financial trouble and was struggling to pay the mortgage so when she got with her husband he took over the finances and sorted out the debt and it became a joint mortgage. A few years later and she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer so her life insurance was cashed in and the majority of the house was paid off, leaving some over to enjoy the final few years of life for my sister. Fast forward to now and her Widower has literally cut off her two children (now adults and with their own families) sold the house for £260k which is around £30k under it's market value and moved on without even informing my niece so she could go and clear the loft of all the very precious family mementos which were in there. He is now threatening to take her to court claiming she owes him £6k, which he gave her as a gift just after my sisters death to pay off her debts, stating that it was actually a loan. There is nothing in writing or evidence of my niece agreeing to it being a loan. 1st question, can she just ignore his demands for the repayment of the £6k if there's no written or signed agreement it was a loan 2nd question, was he legally allowed to sell the property on without informing my Neice and Nephew knowing there were a large amount of their personal keepsakes in the house? Thanks for any advice
  3. Just had a scrawny, unkempt individual knock at my door claiming to be from Resolve Call Credit. I have no idea who this company is and have never received a phone call, email or as far as I know, letter, from this company. He wouldn't tell me what it was in regards to until I'd give him security details, to which he was told to "go away" or words to that affect, as I wasn't going to disclose my personal details to a complete stranger who knocks at my door and won't tell me why He posted a letter through with contact details and that this is the first visit. Now do I contact the number on the letter or just ignore it, as I really can't think what it's for. I'm just worried if I do call them it could be in regards to a very old statute barred debt and by doing so means I will be acknowledging it. It doesn't bother me if they knock everyday, they will be told the same thing everytime.
  4. It is a public highway. TBH I don't think they'd care about any damage as I'm assuming they've been taken in part exchange so the dealers already got what they want out of them
  5. Its Ken Brown Motors who are a big Kia dealer. Photos have been taken and I've reported a few to the DVLA and also the local council as abandoned vehicles as some have been there a few weeks now
  6. Hi. Just wondering if anyone can confirm what a dealerships legal responsibilities are regarding the cars they've taken in part exchange? Basically a local dealer has taken to parking over 10 cars, which are all untaxed and some no MOT, on a narrow no through road which leads to a very large and busy school. Its been going on for a few weeks now and causing huge congestion problems at school run time as cars are unable to pass to and from the school. Want to confront them but obviously would like to know how the law stands first Thanks
  7. Hi Not sure this is the correct place to post this so apologies if not. I arranged for my car to be collected for scrap through a company called removemycar.co.uk, who are rated very highly. A local salvage company contacted me and arranged to collect the vehicle on the Friday (14th) and the payment of £148 would be transferred to my bank the same day by BACS. When the car was collected the man left a receipt also stating on it the price and how it was to be paid and advised that once he was back with the car the payment would be processed. No payment has been made yet and all I'm getting is excuse after excuse. First it was "the payment went through on Friday by BACS" Called my bank to check on Monday and they couldn't see any payment waiting to go into my account. Called them back "oh the girl who does the payments is off sick today but it will be done by instant transfer tomorrow (Tuesday)" so they obviosly lied to me about it being paid on friday Tuesday came no payment by the end of the day. Spoke to them today, "oh we've been having problems today but it will definitely be getting paid into your account within the next hour" as of yet nothings gone in and so it goes on. How would I pursue this if my worst fears are correct and they're trying to pull a fast one and not pay me? I have the email from the removemycar website confirming the amount to be paid, plus the receipt from the salvage company, but who do I go to to chase my money? Feeling very annoyed by it all as the salvage company has great reviews yet for some reason are just taking me for a mug
  8. Hi I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who is at the end of her tether regarding the treatment she is receiving from the local Council. Long story short, she has been placed in temporary accomodation along with her 5 kids aged 2-14, having had to leave the emergency accomodation she was put in after her senile old father threw her and the kids out on the street one night. The house has the bog standard set up of front door, back door from lounge to the garden and a side door. She has only been given keys to the front door meaning she has very difficult access to the garden, but what worries her most is if there was a fire or they had to get out the property quickly the only way out is the front door which wouldn't be much use if that was blocked by a fire. She spoke to a woman at the council this morning who in a nutshell said "oh well we try not to give keys out to the back doors you'll just have to manage and if you had to escape you'd just have to try and get out the window instead"!!!! Surely this can't be right? If she's paying rent to stay in a property surely she has the right to access and exit it through all it doors? Any advice appreciated as they talk to her as though she's some kind of ****** chavvy single Mum which she's far from being. Thanks
  9. Hi Asking for a friend Can someone please confirm that a straightforward passport renewal doesn't need a counter signature. There's no change of name or much change to appearance so from what I can see just need to fill forms out and supply new pictures? They've got an appointment at the passport office on Wednesday so just want to make sure everything is correct before travelling up there. Thanks
  10. Its with Equita. The car is a 54 plate Peugeot 206 and not in great condition. I have emailed the council today pointing out I refuse to give the Bailiffs anything and the situation with my children etc, But I wanted to know where I stand in regards to whether my car is seen as being vital so cannot be seized
  11. Hi Can someone please advise whether my car is exempt from being seized by Bailiffs for a debt of £1700 when it's only worth about £400-£500. It's also vital as my role as carer for my two autistic children, it's not an official disability car but I'm their registered carer and need it to take them to appointments and to and from school as public transport is a no go due to their condition. As I understand vehicles with a value less that £1350 that are needed for work are exempt, does my role as a carer put me in this category? Thanks Lisa
  12. Thank you, I might as well wait a few more weeks and save myself a tenner Would the following details be sufficient: - My full name and D.O.B My ex husbands full name and D.O.B Address which was repossessed Dates mortgage ran from/to
  13. Hello I need to make a Subject Access Request to NRAM regarding the house repossession we went through back in 2011. I've looked on their website and it's very vague what I need to include. The mortgage and property was joint with my ex husband so does he have to agree to me doing this? I need these details urgently as my local council won't let me go on their housing register until I can prove the house was repossessed and not sold for profit. Thanks for any help Lisa
  14. It was the Council who refused the £20 a month and even though they have a LO it wasn't the court that set this amount this was what myself and the council came to an agreement over
  15. In relation to my previous posts I did follow up on the advice given which has led to the Council requesting a financial statement, which brings me on to this query. As for not continuing with the payments, the council flatly refused to accept the £20 a month and advised me that I had to deal with the Bailiff company, to which I told them no as the Bailiff company won't accept £20 a month and wanted the whole balance and no less. The council a short while ago got back to me advising that they will accept £20 a month but I have to pay this to Penham Excel, who I refuse to have anything to do with.
  16. Hi Quick bit of advice needed regarding filling out financial statements which has been requested by my ex local authority. Basically we have outstanding council tax debt with North Herts Council from around 6+ years ago. they got a court order and we was paying this off at £20 a month which we agreed with them. About a year ago they decided that they wasn't going to accept £20 a month any more and wanted £40, well we told them this was unaffordable and payments ceased. This has now escalated to Bailiff levels so we contacted the Council to say we weren't going to give the Bailiffs anything and that it's in their best interests to take the debt back and accept the original payment of £20 which was all we could still afford. They said we had to fill out a financial statement so we visited CAB who gave advice and provided the forms to send them. filled these in and emailed them off and the council have come back saying these forms should have been filled out by CAB themselves (never had to do that in the past) and they are not accepting what we sent them! Personally I think they are just being bloody minded, so they've been told as it's school holidays and I'm on my own all day with three kids, two of whom are Autistic, and the fact my Husband has moved out as we've now split up, this won't be possible till September. Is this correct that CAB have to do this form? Thanks Lisa
  17. I thought maybe the court would be the best place trouble is it was such a long time ago I can't remember which county court dealt with it
  18. HI I had my house repossessed in March 2011 and have lost all the documents from the mortgage company and court with the details on and urgently need these so I can go on my local councils housing register. The annoying thing the homeless prevention team at the same council were given copies of this at the time so they could help me and my family in getting a new home but the part that deals with putting you on the housing register says they can't speak to that department to get these details, they need to see the documents for themselves (just being bloody awkward if you ask me!) Would I be able to obtain these from the court or the land registry or do I need to get in touch with my old lender (Northern Rock?) Thanks
  19. I did tell them when I phoned to try and get my payments back on track but the woman I spoke was completely disinterested and said there was nothing she could do as it was with the Bailiffs now.
  20. Hi I have an outstanding liability order for old council tax owing from about 7 years ago. I fell behind with my repayments to the local authority who issued it so they set the bailiffs on me! He has only ever knocked on my door once somehow claimed that he's visited three times now to bump up the charges, when he did knock I told him he wasn't coming in and and I had nothing to give him. He pointed to my 14 year old Picasso on the drive and said he was taking that (he would be lucky if it fetched £100 at auction) i pointed out that it's needed to get my two Autistic sons to and from school safely. He mumbled something and walked away. Both my boys are in receipt of DLA, Mobility element and care element. I called him later on and offered a monthly repayment of £20 which is all I can afford as we're on a low income and receive benefits to help with rent, council tax etc, but he said that's not acceptable and I have to pay in full (£3000+). I've now received a letter stating their vehicles with ANPR camera are out and about and will take my car whenever or wheever they see it. As I explained to them before this is a lifeline for my boys to get to school and go out, surely it's not allowed for them to take this from me, do they have to take into consideration that it's used for children with disabilities? Any advice appreciated as I intend to call Penham tomorrow but want to know where I stand Thanks Lisa
  21. HI. I put on a claim to transfer part of my tax allowance to my husband as I'm not in full time employment and haven't been since having my first child 13 years ago. From what I can gather this will be back dated for three tax years, the current one included and should be for just over £200 per tax year? My husband received a cheque today for tax year 2015/2016 only and for the amount of £122, much less than expected. He's consistently been in full time employment so not sure how they've come to this conclusion, also will the other years be worked out separately, would that be the normal way of doing this? Thanks Lisa
  22. The police came to see my niece regarding the vile and threatening messages last Saturday and we spoke to them regarding the nuisance he's causing at the grave and was told that they didn't think there was much they could do about it! They are going to "have a word" with him tomorrow (Tuesday) and warn him off of making any more contact with my niece or he'll be arrested and they'll also try and warn him off about the grave, but again said if he continues to interfere with it we'll have to seek a civil injunction as there's nothing they can do unless he damages it, (I wish I knew then what I know now!) I find it so annoying and also worrying that these authorities that are supposed to be there to protect and help the public either just can't be asked and fob you off at the first opportunity or are so uninformed regarding various rules and laws they fail to do their duty correctly! If it wasn't for this brilliant forum and the wealth of knowledge about literally everything you need to know helping people like me, so much more injustice would take place
  23. Thanks for all the advice it's all really helpful. I've come to the conclusion I'm going to email my local authority and include relevant documents regarding the law in relation to the local authority cemetery order and also the guide for burial ground managers and point out it is their duty to progress my complaint and take whatever relevant action, otherwise I will escalate as appropriate.. Just out of interest do you know if its them or me who would get the police involved? Thanks
  24. Thank you for this it makes very interesting reading, especially the document Burial grounds: Guidance for Managers as it clearly states that local authority cemetery's have to be aware of the law and follow the Local Authorities’ Cemeteries Order 1977. What's now really pee'd ne off is that I've spoken to my local authority three times in regard to this matter and each time I've been fobbed off that there's nothing they can do, but it clearly sates in the order that rule 18 d "No person shall wilfully interfere with any grave or vault, any tombstone or other memorial, or any flowers or plants on any such matter" After reading this I'm now of the understanding that the local authority have to take some kind of action? I really need to know exactly what rights we have before I call them back tomorrow demanding something needs to be done.
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