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  1. well, i dumped sky... after cancelling my multiroom / hd package, i was no longer allowed to use the paid services (download movies etc)... called them up and was rude to me, so i cancelled it... my broadband is on a free linerental deal until the end of jan. so i will move then... i paid 20 quid for a new aerial, and a signal booster, and now use freeview - along with online services i can view all my shows (including new sky1 stuff ) even if i download every ep of the programs i watch on sky1 and pay for them, it comes to about 5 quid a month... still a massive saving.
  2. @babyd85... you are wrong on that IF the earnings are below 200 AFTER the "RC discount" he goes to reduced rate: so £5 for first 100, then 15/20/25% for remaining... so following your example: 150 left over he would pay £5(for 100) plus 15% of £50. = £5 + 7.50 = 12.50 actually, i believe I Am wrong too on this, for reduced rate the %'s are higher... i believe 19% ffor 1 child between 100 and 200... (check csa website)
  3. oh right sorry, i thought i was clear, COUPLE allowance is 112 /week on jsa/esa, SSP is less than this. (85/wk) my WTC is 22/wk so 22+85 = 107/week this is still 5 a week less than esa/jsa. i called up esa line, and told them i wished to claim income support for families on low incomes, was told by three people i needed to claim esa then back it IS. until i got to a lady on ESA line that said, since im considered working (SSP means im still working) i can claim IS until i work 16 hrs or more a week or SSP ends then it becomes ESA. (im hoping ill be back in work WELL BEFORE the end o
  4. thats seems more realistic then for hb payments... bear in mind that it depends on the scheme the case is on though, he could well be on the CS1 scheme, "we" dont know and if so the new husband could infact INCREASE payments in that case... (sick i know) CS2 payments onlyget effected by more kids beng added bear in mind you can shop anybody for benefit fraud, and only have to give vague info. they investigate. when i first got with my wife somebody shopped me for fraud but nothing came from it because i was straight as a die... but i knew who did it and returned the favour...
  5. but that 52 quid a week is on top of the state benefits, housing benefit and so on too... BTW: maybe i didnt make it clear with what i said, but some PWC's do make a point of not spending the cash on the kids and go out drinking every week. leaving kids with family/friends ETC
  6. hi guys... I have Glandular fever, and have had it before... last time i had it i was in college, and although i attended, for about 2-3 months my lecturers thought i was drunk whilst in class because of the state i was in (sleepy, no concentration, ETC ETC) now, i had a weeks holiday last week from work, and as you could guarentee, fell ill whilst on holiday. dr said i can expect to be feelin like crap for about a month (which i enlightened him to my previous two episodes of glandular fever)... told by my employer that i should get about £70 / wk in SSP. (he doesnt deal with
  7. it only effects the payments if you or your partner recieve child benefit for a child... or if another government body IE housing benefit has noted the need to support the child via a "relevant element" being added to your claim (hope thats clear?)... when my daughter was born csa wouldnt take her into account until i recieve CB (her mom is not "UK citizen") so only i could claim, despite having the birth cert etc and both me and her mother living together it wouldnt change until 6 weeks after birth when CB was in place (********s eh)
  8. depends on the system... CS1 - is based on both PWC and NRP household incomes / needs CS2 - is a straight 15% of total income (including tax credits - which replace income support for child element - despite income support being a relevant benefit) CS3 (not in place yet) will be a precent of gross income (BEFORE TAX) (12% for 1 child, [and i believe 16% for 2 kids not sure about the 3 or more one off top of my head) for wages below 800, then the precentages drop for 801 + wages (something like 9% for one kid...) so if you earn 900, you pay 12% of 800, and 9% of 100 ... there
  9. i know this is a dead thread, but.... £5-800 - this is 5,800 a month? i work a 40 hour week, and take home about 220 a week... thats less than a grand a month... LHA rates here are quite high - £150 a week for a 2 bed. I get just a bit a week HB (two kids) and no CTB. no where near 400... i would shop them... even if my wife and i both worked 40 hr weeks i doubt we would see 5800 a month... btw: hb takes into account CTC/WTC / childcare costs ETC... r u sure that ex isnt supplying nursery fees to hb people, despite WTC paying up to 80% of them?...
  10. no. if you dont have the right type of cover, the police can contact the insurance and say "is this person covered for work in connection with their business" if they say no, then they do not have insurance. On my Certificate for both my car and bike , it states if i do or do not have cover for commuting, business etc... on my car it states i have business cover, commuting and social ddomestic pleasure. it also states that this cover is for proposer only (me) on my bike it states i have cover for SDP, it then states for commuting to a fixed place of work, as noted on my pr
  11. heres a list of channels http://www.ukfree.tv/compare11.php
  12. @SC867 DO NOT BELIEVE THAT... Freesat does not have 5* fiver etc... they are in contract with sky... lots of freeview channels dont show on freesat yet (i have a sky pay once watch forever, and complained to sky, they offered to include them for £10 a month) I said nah, your ok, ill just use freeview or remote eye off my other sky boxes )
  13. middxx... hi mate, hopefully this will help you in connecting your phone... ON THE PHONE! go into menu / settings... then into "wireless and networks" then click on "tethering and portale hotspots" NOW PLUG IN YOUR USB CORD TO LAPTOP/ PHONE the option "USB TETHERING" will now be available... simply check it... now on your "pull down menu" (top of screen, drag down the notification pane) there will be the option "USB CONNECTED" select this, and it will open a little screen with a droid on... then on the bottom of there is "connect storage to PC"... clic
  14. i believe that 4g will use the same network towers as 3g, and will mean greater signal in rural areas (hence the gov support) - not a lot of work on the side of the operators, but lots of benefits... most of the tech will revolve around new handsets... and "firmware upgrades" to existing network equipment...
  15. Thanks guys for your input. @Human Writes... Very detailed, and i failed to notice the adjudicator was infact a solicitor Cheers for that. I have sent a SAR request to orange in the post and via email, the DPA act states any written request is valid, and request for payment cannot be used to extend the 40 day time limit. (or the request of further information). the cheque that i sent was not cashed, although the RM tracked item was delivered. So i called and paid over the telephone to a CS rep. and made them note on the notes that it was a SAR request fee via card. (so in essence,
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