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  1. Thanks oldrouge much appreciated. I will see what I can do over the weekend
  2. I've requested a copy of my bill of sale and it was emailed to me 5 mins after my request! It seems it was registered 5 days after I signed it so all seems well there?
  3. I printing the guide out as we speak as easier to read an highlight important points that way so cheers for the link. I thought about asking automoney for a copy of the bos but worried they will know why I want it and if it turns out all above board they will become even harder with collections procedure just to spite me?
  4. Thanks for your reply and I will read that guide (I was already thinking of going down the ccta route so your confirmation of that being an avenue is a great help) regarding the bos I emailed the high Court and they said if I don't have the bos reference number it will cost me £50 for a search, my bos copy supplied at the time of loan doesn't have a reference number on it, any ideas?
  5. Anyone at all able to offer some help with the above please? Many thanks
  6. Hi all this could be a long story but will try the short route January 2016 I take out a £1000 logbook loan with automoney! Silly I know but I wasn't really in control as I took it out during a manic episode of my Bipolar disorder. Paid most months on Time but was 30% short last month and have paid 75% of this month's payment today. They have harassed me day in day out week in week out by text and phone about it all. Today I got a text just saying 'letter in post' which I imagine is a DN. I can probably raise enough to catch up but they have annoyed me so much and have m
  7. No not ESA as I only receive DLA but wondered how people claiming ESA had got on with ATOS when suffering with Bi-Polar. As ATOS will be dealing with PIP in future
  8. Thanks for your info but I knew the rules around the transfer from DLA to PIP, I also know indefinite awards no longer exist. My question is more towards the intervention of ATOS and anyone who suffers from mental illness experiences that they may have had.
  9. Has anyone had any experience of ATOS whilst suffering Bi-Polar? Am worried about the upcoming PIP as myDLA award ends in nov 2013 under DLA rules after my 5 year award and no change in my condition I would have qualified for an indefinite award. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I have a laptop and tv from brighthouse, have had the laptop since April on a 2 year contract and its had problems since day 1 I have 2 weeks ago returned the laptop and said I no longer want it due to problems and affordability. Was told by manager that on this occasion they would accept the laptop back early (thanks even tho its worth £500 and I have paid over £300 already for a load of rubbish). The only clause is that I have to continue to pay the £10 a week whilst it is being repaired (unless it comes back and the repairer says its my fault then they want me to c
  11. Many thanks for that post it has made me feel a lot less nervous than i was, I suffer from Bi-polar you see and things like this really stress me (I was hoping to have my nurse here with me and the assessor but sadly she is on leave). Thanks again
  12. Can anyone advise me what to expect from an insurance buildings assessor visit (company called JHS restoration, sent by LAS claims management) I woke up at 2am on Tuesday for the toilet and heard water in the kitchen which was coming from the ceiling, I turned the water stop cock off and returned to bed to deal with in the morning. I had a football sized hole in my ceiling water on top of my units and a little had got under my tiled floor, also water staining to the bathroom ceiling above the kitchen, my insurance excess is £500 so my wife initially said we should just get a builder
  13. I had them price match a range cooker priced at £999 with currys priced at £799 but i cancelled b4 delivery
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