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  1. I got a letter from OFT today also, saying that I might be required to answer questions at the tribunal.
  2. Hi Brigadier, no payment plan was ever made in 6 years. Do they ever read their letters at all? When I get a few minutes I will be ringing OFT and updating. I will be sending a short letter refering to my letter in Nov 2013 and providing them with a copy of it and mentioning that i made a CCA request in Jan 2011 and sent the the fee of £1.00.
  3. They said the ammount to be paid to date is £1.00. The only £1 is a postal order I sent for my CCA request in 2011 when HFO Services started chasing this account. In this follow up letter can I point out that they've had their licences chopped by the OFT?
  4. Great news about TR, HFO & Roxburghe. Anyway an update for you on this thread. Turnbull Rutherford contacted me again recently and I sent them the Stat Barred letter as the account became SB in Nov 2013. Today I get a letter from Turnbull Rutherford, here is what it says: Dear DC76 We act for HFO and refer to the outstanding debt owed to them. According to our records you have defaulted on the repayment agreement that was previously agreed and set up. We appreciate that this may be a simple oversight on your part and would therefor request that you contact us
  5. Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! My heart bleeds. HFO Capital, HFO Services, Roxburgh, Turnbull Rutherford should have been stripped of their licences long ago. Had a letter from TR 3 weeks ago regarding a now SB'ed account!
  6. Next time the witch turns up or any Debt Collector turns up, all your wife has to do is tell them to leave at once or the old bill get called. Report to TS/OFT etc.
  7. You've got a letter for another person....ask for a copy of ARC's complaints procedure and inform Trading Standards.
  8. Firstly stay off the phone to these leeches, if they phone state ' in writing only' & put the phone down. I would check your credit files on Equifax Credit Reference Agency, they do a 30 day free trial. When did you take the account out? If you haven't made any payment or acknowledged the account in 6 years then it's Stat Barred. If you're certain its over 6 years send them the Stat Barred letter which can be found in CAG Debt Collection library.
  9. I've had dealings with this foul company, on the phone they are very pushy - stay off the phone to them, if they call tell them in writing and put the phone down, if they're stupid enough to phone back, just repeat 'in writing' & put the phone down. They said to me that they had written to me 4 times but had no response but that was rubbish. Their telephone chimps are pushy & argumentative but are clueless on Consumer Law.
  10. Just to add, personally, there is no point in starting letter tennis with this company right now. You don't know what its for, they haven't told you, they're trying to get you to call them, so they can get you to pay towards a so-called debt that you don't know anything about. Stay off the phone to them!!! If they phone, like I said before tell them to get lost & to put everything in writing then put the phone down. If they do come back with anything then they'll will need to prove that you owe it. For now sit back & relax.
  11. If nothing is showing on your file, don't worry, I wouldn't bother with a CCA request. If you do by chance get a visit by a Doorstep Agent just tell him to get lost or you will call the old bill to have him removed and give him/her the doorstep letter from the library. Sit tight, don't worry. DC
  12. Cheers DX100UK, just had a look at two other threads about this company. Its just they're based in Corby in Northants and I'm certain that they is another Debt Collection Agency based in that area too. Are they part of any of the larger DCA companies?
  13. If nothing showing, personally I wouldn't worry. Ignore the idiots. If they phone just tell them to get lost or words of your choosing! Please remember that Debt Collection Agencies have no legal powers what so ever.
  14. I think DX100UK means by trashed i.e your Credit File have defaults recorded or adverse data being entered onto the file etc.
  15. Has anyone ever heard of this company? Short & sweet, a mate got into trouble with credit/store card in 2005, heard nowt since 2006 and knows for certain that he has had no correspondence with OC since 2006 and is stat barred. Stat barred letter has gone off today, just wondered who this company are. Registered Office: Jubilee House, 32 Duncan Close, Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Northampton, NN3 6WL. Reg No 041111298
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