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  1. Also where on the form shall I add the point that I want no enforcement action to take place until the application is heard ? thanks again.
  2. Hi there. I have been a long time admirer of this site but not really posted before. I have received a CCJ from BOS for a credit card debt, this has come from my county court after they originally tried through the Northampton courts but took too long to reply when I asked for CCA, default notices etc. I got a letter from my local court asking for me to attend a hearing but got it 2 days before the hearing so couldn't attend due to work (I did ring them to advise this). However as I wasn't there it was counted as no defense so now I have the CCJ. I have a N244 form to fil
  3. cheers pal, scales tipped.
  4. Sent off CCA requests to a few of my creditors and the day they are due to me is approaching (Mon 17th). This morning I get a letter from Moorcroft (Argos) to inform me that they have been in contact with Argos and I have to request my agreement from them instead, they have returned my quid PO. Is this right or shall I ignore it and send the next stage of the process letter (acc in default) to Moorcroft on Tuesday ?
  5. Boots have for the past few years always give every 3rd item free. ie. buy 9 items and the 3rd, 6th & 9th dearest are free. My wife has worked there for years and says that every xmas people are always putting things through in 3's when there really is no need.
  6. Thanks for the reply, yes sent with a £1 postal order recorded delivery. Will post the agreement later.
  7. Have a debt of over £100 with Studio Catalogue (have others but will post them in other forums). This relates mainly to their ridiculous 'admin charges' as I have only ever ordered about £50 worth of stuff from them (I have easily paid them double that). Anyway the debt was passed onto iQor (via Moorcroft) when started to ignore them over an order I was charged twice for and they wouldn't refund. Could never get them on the phone and emails never answered. I asked for a CCA last week and recieved a blank copy of a CCA with no signatures from me whatsoever. I just wondered what peop
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