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  1. I emailed SP via their customer services enquiries asking why BCW had been in touch when the bill had been settled. They [customer services] replied to me via email. Does this count as "in writing"?
  2. Thanks, citizenB. How much money can be transferred by F P's in one go?
  3. Do you mind if I ask how you know the ''invovement of the DCA has been stopped''? I ask because SP claim a late payment of my final bill ''crossed'' with their contacting a firm called BCWgroup [debt collectors]. SP have told me that BCW were informed about this mix-up and that I should hear no more about it. But I can't help worrying - I only have SP's word for this. Anecdotal evidence is that once these people get their teeth into you they won't let go! I don't want to wake up a few months down the line and find BCW still after me, with increased costs even though the bill has been paid.
  4. Does anyone know the current limit for Faster Payments by this bank?
  5. A & L (Santander I suppose it should be called now).
  6. Hi people! Can anyone direct me to the best place to enquire about direct debits please? I've just found a direct debit payment on my bank statement that I don't recognise. Thanks!
  7. I'm trying to think what I would do myself if I were in this position and came up with the following suggestions: Phone them and explain nicely that I've just returned home after however many months away at college/working away/or whatever to find that I'd unknowingly left my account overdrawn by 20 quid and unfortunately, not having had access to my account details in that time, have unknowingly accrued lots of charges on the account. THEN ask them [again nicely] if there was any way they could let me off with some of those charges, as it was purely an oversight on my part that caused it to happen and it has come as quite a nasty surprise. They may say push off, or you may get lucky and they may make a courtesy repayment of one or two of the charges. Whatever the outcome, don't get shirty with them, you don't want to get into a slanging match; after all, you'd only be trying on the 'off-chance'. Then, if I could afford it, I'd pay off the o/d so that the charges stopped. But I wouldn't hang about on this cos those charges have a life of their own and can multiply like it's going out of fashion! Chance of getting your money back by going through the claiming system is only likely at the moment if you are suffering from financial hardship. As I say, this is only what I'd try myself. Hope it gives you some food for thought. Good luck.
  8. Don't want to be a party-pooper, but it usually takes 4 working days to clear a cheque - Friday to Wednesday sounds about right to me.
  9. If this was happening to me, I'd probably run it by the Citizen's Advice Bureau just to see where I stand. Wouldn't like a black mark against me or debt collection out to squeeze me if it wasn't my fault. I'd probably also have a look at my experian report - cost £2 last time I looked - to check there was nothing on there already because of the o/d account. Good luck dude!
  10. I think that switching your account with them should not affect any claim you might make in the future, as it would be 'account specific' - in other words you would be claiming the charges they've made to you on this account, and then if necessary any charges they make on the new account. As long as you keep all your statements with the charges and account number/s you should be ok. And probably better off if you aren't receiving extra charges for not funding the account by £500 on a monthly basis. Anyone else suggest differently?
  11. Hi, 'HF'! Just had a quick peek at abbey myself, but spotted nothing specific - which threads in partic should I be looking out for? And are they only paying out in 'Hardship' cases, do you know?
  12. Hi, Its WAR. Have you read through the FAQS thoroughly? It should tell you all you need to know in there. May I suggest you give them another read through? - just so you are sure you know the procedure and feel confident in your claim. It should also help with your query about interest.
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